Competition in the smartphone market is indeed relentless and even heating up. Seeing these conditions, Realme as a smartphone brand is always optimistic to always present quality products and have strong specifications, for example by bringing the realme 10 to the market.

After seeing the success of the realme 9 series and also the realme Number series which are certainly in great demand by smartphone users, realme through realme 10 will again bring leap forward technology to consumers and impress users through the breakthroughs in this smartphone.

Is you curious about what makes realme 10 really the phone you have? Let’s see!


Performance is one of the important parts that must be known before owning a smartphone. Realme 10 itself has a performance that certainly doesn’t need to be doubted. This manufacturer even uses the tagline “Beat the Competition”, because performance is one of the things they want to highlight the most in realme 10.

This realme smartphone will also provide a gaming experience in its class, this is evidenced by the embedded powerful and sophisticated processor for gaming and is still the best at this time, namely the MediaTek Helio G99 chipset.

In addition, in realme internal testing using the AnTuTu benchmark, realme 10 is claimed to be able to reach up to 400 points, which of course has never been achieved by other smartphones in its class. realme tested using devices with 8GB+8GB variant | 128GB and the result is 400,084.

The use of Helio G99 is a very appropriate breakthrough, because it is able to provide maximum gaming experience and of course can minimize lag. For example, when playing PUBG games, the Helio G99 chipset is the only one capable of supporting 40 fps in balanced mode.

This chip is also able to minimize the waste of battery power when playing games. This is thanks to the 6nm technology owned by the Helio G99.

Another performance that this phone has also lies in the selection of the type of storage. If other smartphones still use eMMC a lot, realme 10 offers UFS 2.2 for faster data read and write speeds. This technology ensures faster app launches, more FPS in mobile games, and smoother file opening.

Unlike realme 9, thanks to the use of LPDDR4X RAM and eMMC storage, realme 10 can be 50% faster during cold launch, and 40% faster during hot launch.

Another thing that makes realme 10 really suitable for games is the dynamic RAM sector which reaches 16GB, the initial RAM is 8GB with the option of adding 8GB of RAM. 8GB + 8GB dynamic RAM itself already supports 15 applications running smoothly simultaneously.

If you feel that the RAM is still lacking, you can also add external memory which was originally 256GB with additional options of up to 1TB for storage space without a hitch.

Super AMOLED screen

Most smartphones in this segment use LCD screens. Unlike the others, realme 10 comes with a super AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz. This makes this phone capable of providing vivid colors and a better contrast ratio.

When testing the screen during the day and night, realme 10 showed good visibility thanks to the brightness and contrast ratio reaching 4 million to 1. For the best display in its segment, this display panel supports a refresh rate of 90Hz and a brightness level of up to 1,000nits which is capable of supporting brightness adjustment. 4096.

In addition, the instant touch response rate can reach 360Hz. The high level of touch response also provides more value when playing games, because it provides fast touch response. No less important, the screen is also equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which is scratch resistant.


Realme 10 comes with a camera that is not much different from other smartphones. But there is one thing that is different, realme presents a camera that is quite unique and elegant.

On the back, realme embeds a 50MP Color AI sensor which functions as the main camera. Underneath there is a 2MP B&W camera sensor that can help the main camera. While on the front there is a 16MP sensor that functions for those of you who like to take selfies in any conditions.

When trying to take photos at night or in dark places, it must be admitted that the image quality of this realme 10 does not disappoint. The reason is that with the night mode feature with ProLight technology, the camera shutter speed in normal mode increases by 121% when taking pictures at night.

If you look at the embedded features, it turns out that realme also supports photography quality. Features such as Dual view video, Time Lapse, or Slo-mo can help users who really like to create photographic content.

Here are the camera results from realme 10

Contemporary luxury design

If you can see from the picture above, you must be very impressed, isn’t it with the back of this realme 10? Let alone you, I, who reviewed this phone, was also very interested in the design of this realme 10. Why would you be interested? Because the design that this phone brings has a luxurious and contemporary design.

The back of the phone has light spots with a gradient on the bottom lighter and the top darker. This design is inspired by the famous movie “three body problem”, in which light particles can hit stars at the speed of light.

Realme also combines the Atom Coating process and the UV-nano printing process, realme 10 wants to realize a 3D texture with dynamic wavy light effects with 6 layers of coating for the Rush Black variant that I am currently reviewing, besides that there is also another variant, namely Clash White.

Not only has a design that can hit the stars, realme 10 is also the thinnest of the products that realme has launched globally. How not, the thinness of this phone is only 7.95mm and weighs 178g which makes realme 10 comfortable to hold for a long time.

Realme 10 is also the only product in its class that has been certified by TUV SUD Fluency Rating A, which makes this phone have an uninterrupted durability for 3 years.

This smartphone has also gone through rigorous testing for around 40 commonly used applications including instant messaging applications, camera, Youtube, Instagram, Whatsapp, and others.


For the interface, realme comes with the latest version, namely realme UI 3.0 which is based on Android 12. The interface of this mobile phone also allows users to explore the capabilities of this device.

There is a Simple Mode feature which is very useful for elderly users. In addition, there is also realme Lab to try some experimental features such as Dual Mode Audio, DC Dimming, and others.

When playing games, realme 10 also provides a number of features from the left side of the screen. This feature is one of the things I like the most in the realme 10 series, which is the Touch Optimization feature. The reason is, this feature has always been my mainstay when playing games, such as setting sensitivity calibration, to blocking incoming calls while focusing on playing.


The battery is an important part of the cellphone, the article is very useless if a smartphone has the most advanced features and capabilities if it is not accompanied by sufficient battery capacity. Fortunately, realme is equipped with an adequate battery capacity of 5,000mAh.

With this capacity, the endurance of realme 10 when standby can be up to 688.14 hours, 38.28 hours of battery life for phone calls, and 58.62 hours for non-stop music streaming.

In addition, realme also provides 33W SUPERVOOC charging. This makes us not have to worry about running out of battery. The reason is, with this feature, charging the cellphone from 0% to 50% only takes 28 minutes, whereas from 0% to full or 100% it takes up to 70 minutes.


After I tried using this realme 10 for a few days, and there was one thing that really impressed me, namely in terms of camera features, and design.

realme itself in my opinion is the best in its segment, because it has super gahar performance such as the Helio G99 processor, sharp screen up to 90Hz AMOLED, and a very elegant and impressive design.

If you want to have this cool smartphone, realme 10 is available in two memory configurations and you can get realme 10 (4GB+4GB | 128GB) through Flash Sale starting 11 November 2022 exclusively on for IDR Rp2,499,000 or around USD $161.

Meanwhile, realme 10 (8GB+8GB | 128GB) can be obtained through Offline Pre-order on 9-17 November 2022 at Erafone Store and for IDR Rp. 3,199,000 or around USD $206 and will be available


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