The smartphone battle in the middle class is getting more exciting. This time it’s realme’s turn to launch the realme GT Master Edition. Apparently realme still carries the same premise, which is to offer smartphones with above average specifications at relatively affordable prices.

And this is proven again with the realme GT Master Edition which carries the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chipset, 256GB of internal memory and 65W SuperDart Charge for super fast battery charging.

What are the capabilities of realme GT Master Edition like? Here’s our review.

Realme GT Master Edition
design There are two design concepts that realme offers. The first is a gradient blue design, while the second is a gray suitcase-style design. The physical appearance of the blue color variant that we reviewed is quite attractive, with a glossy finish that does not absorb many fingerprints.

From an ergonomic point of view, the realme GT Master Edition is comfortable to hold. Turning up the volume or unlocking the screen with a fingerprint can be done easily with one hand. The default case included in the sales package is also quite good. The material is not slippery so it is safe to use if you have sweaty hands.

The quality of the screen display is also good, as is the response of the screen when navigating menus or playing games. Not surprising, considering that the realme GT Master Edition has been equipped with a Full HD + AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz. This screen quality is felt when playing Full HD videos or playing games filled with bright colors like Genshin Impact.

realme also provides color temperature settings and Eye Comfort features for those who like to stare at the phone screen for a long time. It’s just that the ambient light sensor is sometimes too aggressive to dim the screen in some light conditions, so we have to manually increase the screen brightness .

In addition to a responsive screen, realme also embeds a fingerprint sensor which is fast and quite accurate as long as your hands are not dirty or wet.

Realme GT Master Edition performance

With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778 5G chipset, the realme GT Master Edition is able to provide performance above the average cellphone in its price class. Its performance is above smartphones that use the Snapdragon 720G chipset, with smoother gaming performance.

Games like Genshin Impact can run pretty well in the Highest setting, although there are stumbling blocks in some scenes. Lower the setting to Medium or Low, the game will run smoothly. For games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, this phone can run smoothly on High settings.

To be commended, the body of the realme GT Master Edition only feels a little warm. Whether used to record videos or play games for a long time, the body just warms up a little in the hand.

Battery life is also good. For daily use with social media access and Whatsapp quite often, browsing and taking pictures occasionally, the battery can last about 14 hours. The record time is decent for a battery with a capacity of 4300mAh.

Realme GT Master Edition camera quality

realme GT Master Edition comes with 3 rear cameras. The main camera with a 64 megapixel Omnivision sensor, an ultra wide camera with an 8 megapixel Sony IMX 355 sensor, and a 2 megapixel macro camera.

In ideal light conditions such as daylight outdoors, photos from the main and ultra-wide cameras are excellent. In addition to sharp, the photos taken also have good detail. Like other camera phones, the ultra wide camera is below the quality of the main camera, but still very much worth sharing on social media. But sometimes the exposure is too excessive so the black color will look gray. This of course can be easily adjusted using exposure compensation.

Color reproduction is quite mature, with primary colors that look vivid. It’s just that sometimes the saturation of red and green is too high. But again that’s our opinion who prefers a neutral color reproduction.

Here are the photos of the realme GT Master Edition without editing.

51419005711_e4acd4d967_o 51419267093_d533dbd3e9_o 51683680063_a4ce409c52_o 51682627392_e6d5dcbe14_o 51682625637_f26c7bdc5b_o 51419003046_dd89903654_o

Close-up photos are also good, with sharpness and mature colors. Even photos with 2x digital zoom are still very adequate for sharing on social media, as long as the lighting is good.

51419267528_abe3286c7d_o 51684306485_2cb21ecb81_o

The results of selfie photos and videos are also okay, with good sharpness at an optimal focus distance. Here’s an example of the results.


For video, the recording from the rear camera is very good. realme GT Master Edition has been equipped with Ultra Steady which can reduce the effect of hand shake when recording videos. The results are quite effective even though the quality will decrease when in the darkest light conditions. Here are the results of the realme GT Master Edition video without editing.


Switching to dim light conditions or at night, the photo quality of the ultra wide camera drops dramatically. You can use Night Mode to take better night photos with the main camera. Even realme also includes the option to adjust camera settings such as ISO, shutter speed, White balance and focus manually in the Night Mode menu. With the help of a tripod and a low ISO setting, the results of the realme GT Master Edition night photos are very good. The detail in the image is reduced, but at least the photo is clean enough from annoying noise.

Here are the results of the night photos of the realme GT Master Edition directly from the cellphone.

51684308945_6f7e73eb57_o 51684308475_bc42635afa_o 51684090134_11208cf527_o


With the GT Master Edition, realme proves that expecting flagship-class features on a 5 million smartphone is not a dream in broad daylight.

When viewed, not many features are sacrificed. Apart from the chipset type, only the telephoto camera and video features are far from the flagship smartphone. Other aspects such as the screen, photos, 5G support and the amount of internal memory owned by Realme GT Master Edition can already match flagship phones with prices above 10 million rupiah.

The advantages of realme GT Master Edition
+ Specifications above the average of its competitors in the same price class
+ Very good photo results, especially in ideal light conditions
+ Good video results, with effective stabilization
+ Night Mode with manual settings for better night photos good
+ Very good and responsive screen display
+ Very fast battery charging
+ Very competitive price for 256GB memory version

Weaknesses of realme GT Master Edition
– Ultra wide camera photos are not good at night
– In some conditions, the red color in the photos looks too ripe
– The suitcase version design will feel strange for some users
– The screen brightness sensor often makes the screen too dim to see

So, who is the realme GT Master Edition suitable for?

realme GT Masters Edition is more than adequate for use students and students who have sufficient funds to buy them. Everything you need, from recording videos, doing research on the Internet, to playing games, can be done comfortably on this phone. We recommend choosing the version with 256GB of internal memory for those who often record videos.

Office workers
For office workers who need a responsive phone in the 5 million price class, the realme GT Master Edition is definitely one of the best choices. The battery life that can last more than 12 hours makes users do not need to carry a power bank, as long as they don’t work overtime.

Photography enthusiasts
Realme GT Master Edition camera capabilities are good and above average in its class, and have been equipped with a manual setting feature. The good photo results also make it suitable for mobile photographers who need a cellphone with qualified photos for social media.

For those who like to play games and want to be able to play games comfortably without demanding that the graphics settings have to be right-aligned, the realme GT Master Edition can be an option. In addition to the 120Hz screen, its performance is also more than adequate to play modern games. 256GB of internal memory also gives you the flexibility to install dozens of games without fear of running out of storage space. For hardcore gamers who demand more, we suggest you choose the realme GT Neo2.

The front camera that is capable of recording Full HD videos makes the realme GT Master Edition suitable for vloggers and YouTubers. Just make sure you also buy a lamp if you want to use it to record videos indoors or at night.


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