Realme introduced its newest 240W fast charging technology which is capable of charging smartphone batteries at high speed. According to Realme, this technology will be immediately available on their flagship device, the GT Neo5 realm.

240W fast charging realme technology

In a press release received by , Thursday (9/2), Realme explained that 240W fast charging technology is capable of providing the fastest charging capabilities in the standard USB Type-C interface. With this technology, users can charge their smartphone in just 30 seconds to make calls for 2 hours non-stop!

The 240W charging technology implements three advanced technologies, including the 240W charging architecture, the industry’s first 12A charging cable, and the world’s first 240W GaN dual mini charger.

Quoting from GSMarena, the 240W charger belonging to the GT Neo 5 realm (4,600 mAh battery) can charge up to 20 percent in just 80 seconds, 50 percent in 4 minutes, or 100 percent in less than 10 minutes. Incredibly fast.

“This breakthrough innovation will provide a new standard of charging in a fast-paced era, as well as a new visual perspective from the performance sector. This step also makes realme the first smartphone brand that dares to translate the concept of technology into mass products so that everyone can immediately experience it,” said Madhav Sheth – realme VP, President of realme International Business Group.

There is no need to doubt about safety because this technology already has TUV Rheinland certification which assesses more than 60 layers of protection, to ensure a safe charging system. The battery is claimed to still be able to offer more than 80% capacity after 1600 charge cycles.

Launched with the GT Neo 5 realm

As mentioned above, this 240W fast charging technology is already present in the GT Neo 5 realm. It is rumored that this smartphone will enter Indonesia in the future and become the successor to the GT Neo 3 realm , although there has been no confirmation or leak regarding the launch schedule. We’ll wait!


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