Apart from gadgets like tablets, not a few people also need a large screen device for writing or drawing, without the need for all the other complex features. Commonly referred to as a drawing board or digital drawing tablet, the Redmi Writing Pad is released by Xiaomi at a very affordable price.

As the name implies, the Redmi Writing Pad carries a singular function which is designed for digital sketching only, nothing less and nothing more. This device is also not the first digital drawing board released by Xiaomi. Previously, the Mi LCD Writing Tablet has been present, with the exact same functions and a much larger screen at 13.5 inches.

The device can be obtained both online and offline at the official Xiaomi store. But for you who are looking for a similar device with similar functions, smaller dimensions, and almost half the price, it’s good to look forward to the presence of the new Redmi Writing Pad released in India.

Have a Sophisticated Stylus Like S Pen

Having smaller dimensions, the Redmi Writing Pad weighs only 90 grams, plus a stylus which is also more than 5 grams. Shown in black with orange accents on a button below the front screen, this device is designed for all users, including children.

Through the 8.5-inch LCD screen on the front, you can use the Redmi Writing Pad to take notes, make shopping lists, draw and all other needs. The screen of this device is claimed to be comfortable on par with writing on traditional paper, with smooth image transitions like conventional LCDs. It is also designed to be safe for the eyes even when used for a long time.

The stylus on the Redmi Writing Pad itself is included in the sales package, and can be attached magnetically to the right side of the device. Users can adjust the thickness of the strokes on the screen, by changing the pressure while writing or drawing. Similar to how the Apple Pencil and Samsung’s S Pen stylus work.

Redmi Writing Pad Doesn’t Support Internet Connection

As mentioned earlier, the Redmi Writing Pad has a very simple function. The doodles created on the device cannot be uploaded to the cloud or saved to other devices such as smartphones or tablets. The only option is to lock the screen via the switch on the side. That way, the content will still appear and not be deleted.

Meanwhile, to delete the image or text on the screen, simply by pressing the only button at the bottom of the Redmi Writing Pad screen. This device uses a plastic body, as well as one replaceable clock battery (CR2016). Claimed to be able to use up to 20 thousand new pages in one use.

Released first in India, the price of the Redmi Writing Pad is very cheap. Namely, only INR₹599. Because it does not have network support, there is no need to automatically go through TKDN certification.


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