Hybrid work systems and hybrid schools make people need a compact device to support these activities. One of them is an All-in-One (AIO) type computer, to fulfill a variety of practical needs in one place. And Acer has just presented its newest option through the Aspire C24-1700 & C22-1700 series.

Present as the newest option, of course, these two Acer Aspire C Series variants already carry the latest generation of Intel® Core™ Processors, namely the 12th generation for maximum performance for work, school and creators who need to create their best work. Appear in a new design that is more suitable for various home and office interiors.

Not only performance is superior, the latest Aspire C Series also offers high flexibility for memory enhancements. As well as being able to display good visuals through a number of improvements given to the screen. Plus, the comfort factor and eye health are not to be missed. Making it really suitable for different types of users.


As previously mentioned, the Acer Aspire C Series this time comes in two different screen sizes. However, by design, they are identical and different from the previous generation. From the front, it looks like a normal monitor, and not a device with all the hardware integrated.

The material also looks quite classy and sturdy, including the integrated monitor holder. The screen part of the Aspire C Series can be tilted up and down, from -5 to 25 degrees. So that it is suitable for those of you who have various levels of table and chair heights, no need to use additional tools such as special screwdrivers.

In our opinion, the use of black is also a pretty smart decision. Because this is a neutral color, it is suitable to be placed in various types of spaces with different interior decorations. The compact and thin design also makes the Aspire C Series can be placed in the corner of a table, or a surface that is not too large. aka more space efficient.


One of the most important parts of an AIO device, of course, is the screen. Because it is integrated with each other, so of course it must be of high quality. There are two Aspire C Series series that Alomaki friends can choose for the most suitable screen dimensions, namely 21.5 inches and 23.8 inches.

Both of them use IPS panels, so they can provide maximum color saturation and wide viewing angles—no need to worry about colors changing when viewed from a certain angle. The resolution is also high enough to reach full HD, and what makes it even more premium is the almost non-existent bezel around it.

With a very high screen-to-body ratio at 91%, the visuals displayed on the screen of the latest Aspire C Series feel more immersive. Besides looking premium, this thin bezel also makes the overall dimensions more compact, so it doesn’t take up much space. Well, in addition to panels that have quality, Acer provides a number of security features for the eyes of its users.

Namely through technology Acer BlueLightShield ™ and Acer Flickerless. The first technology is automatically able to reduce blue light exposure, so that the eyes are not easily sore or tired even when used for a long time. While the second serves to make it more comfortable on the eyes, especially when using low lighting.

Ports & Connectivity

Even though it brings a compact and thin design, it doesn’t mean you have to use additional accessories to simply connect the Aspire C Series with other devices. There are plenty of hidden USB ports, plus other I/O that a computer should have; HDMI port, LAN port and 3.5mm audio jack.

For USB itself, there are at least 4 USB-A ports provided, and 3 of them already have the USB 3.2 standard. And one more port that is relatively modern, namely USB C 3.2 Gen 2, can be used to connect devices such as the latest smartphones and tablets today. The options are quite complete right?

Every purchase of the latest Acer Aspire C Series, also includes a body-colored wired keyboard and mouse. Both of these accessories are comfortable enough for everyday use. And Acer provides a special clamp at the bottom of the monitor, so that cables can be stored neatly in one compact section.


Both the Acer Aspire C22-1700 & Aspire C24-1700 are equipped with 12th generation Intel® Core™ Processors, with options up to Intel® Core™ i5-1235U Processors and Intel® Iris™ X e graphics. The processor is equipped with up to 10 cores and 12 threads, and is built with the Intel® Core™ i7 Processors process. Use the world’s first hybrid architecture, making it faster and more power efficient.

This is achieved through a combination of P-core and E-core CPU cores, each specifically designed for performance and power efficiency when running light applications. When you need maximum compute, the performance increases by up to 43% over the previous generation. For the needs of content creators, it is still quite reliable with a built-in GPU option that is no less powerful for light video editing.

Another plus is in terms of upgrades. Using the type of DDR4 3200MHz dual-channel RAM, Aspire C Series users can increase the default RAM capacity from 8GB to 64GB if necessary. Not only that, it also includes an M.2 PCIe SSD slot up to 1TB and HDD up to 2TB. Making it flexible and can be adjusted according to needs.

More Features

Compatible with modern work systems, the latest Acer Aspire C Series also supports the Wi-Fi 6E standard that supports the 6GHz band for fast frequencies, and Bluetooth 5.2 for fast and stable connection to accessories such as wireless earphones. Although the bezel above is very thin, Acer can embed a quality webcam.

With a 5MP resolution, the Acer Aspire C Series’ built-in webcam is practically equivalent to a premium class separate webcam accessory, has a wide enough viewing angle and supports videos up to 1080p. And flanked by two microphones that already support the noise reduction feature. So it’s perfect for in-person virtual meetings.

Want more privacy? No need to cover the camera with duct tape. Because the Aspire C Series webcam is equipped with a physically integrated cover. You can slide the cover if you really don’t want to be seen, without the need to press special keys on the keyboard or unplug the USB port when using additional accessories.

By default, the Acer Aspire C Series also runs the Windows 11 Home operating system. Provide an easier-to-use interface, including for running multiple applications at once through the Snap Layouts feature. Not only hardware, the software is also the latest.


For the price itself, the Acer Aspire C22-1700 is priced from USD $553. Meanwhile, for larger screen options, you can choose the Aspire C24-1700 with prices starting at USD $576. Every purchase of this latest Aspire C Series, consumers will get a bonus Office Home & Student 2021 application for free.

The price is quite affordable for an AIO device that looks stylish, has a screen and a capable camera for modern work needs, as well as the latest processor from Intel®. Can be used as one of the best options today, including use among students to casual gamers.


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