The development of TWS or wireless headphones is not always about sound quality. However, battery life is also being improved. To answer this challenge, Adidas released the RPT-02 SOL . These wireless headphones come with a light-based charging feature. Curious how the performance? Check out the following reviews.

Pros of Adidas RPT-02 SOL:

+ Modular and washable design
+ Long battery life
+ Charging relies on light
+ Sound quality is okay
+ EQ feature is available

Cons of Adidas RPT-02 SOL:

– Slightly heavy
– On-ear design is easy to detach for intense sports activities
– Does not feature active noise cancellation or ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)

Specifications of the Adidas RPT-02 SOL:

Colour: Night Gray
Headphone Type: On-Ear
Drivers: 40 mm
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Impedance: 32? +/- 15%
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Battery: Up to 80 hours of usage time; 2 hours of charging time
Weight: 256 g
Microphone: Yes
Water resistance: Yes IPX4
App: adidas headphones (iOS & Android)
Port: USB-C

Minimalist sporty design

The RPT-02 Sol comes with a minimalistic design. The color is all black. So, it’s not easy to get dirty even though it’s often used. These headphones are in the on-ear category. This means that the earpad does not fully cover the ear.

On the ear-pad you can find two buttons. The left earpad has action buttons. This button can be customized. Press once to check lighting conditions. Double or triple press can be set for shortcut key to virtual assistant. Or, it can be set up for shortcut keys to apps like Spotify and Adidas Running.

On the right are the 4-way navigation buttons. Up and down to decrease and increase the volume. Meanwhile, front and back to go forward or backward to the songs in the playlist.

This button also functions as an on/off and pairing button. For pairing, you only need to press the button for a few seconds. Wait until the indicator light turns blue and the headphones are ready to be connected to your smartphone, tablet or PC.

On the headband you can find a Powerfoyle layer. This layer functions to absorb light and convert it into energy to supply power to the battery. Adidas has also pinned a three-circle-shaped indicator to find out the lighting conditions. Another alternative for charging can rely on the Type-C port. This port can be found on the right side of the earpad.

Modular design and washable

As headphones intended for sports, Adidas chose fabric material for the headband and earpads. When used, it feels cooler when compared to leather materials such as headphones in general.

You also don’t have to worry about sweat or water splashing on these headphones. This is because the body design is water and sweat resistant with an IPX4 rating.

Another interesting feature is its modular design. The inner layer of the headband and earpads which are made of cloth can be easily removed for washing. So, you can stay hygienic even though you are often exposed to sweat during sports.

Quite comfortable to use

Overall the RPT-02 SOL feels very sturdy. Its weight, which is around 256 grams, is not the lightest. However, it is still quite comfortable to use for sports or to accompany daily activities.

Given their weight and on-ear design, these headphones aren’t for all sports. From our tests less than ideal for sports with intense range of motion. The reason is, these headphones will easily be detached from the head. RPT-02 Sol is more suitable for casual sports with a low intensity level. Like for example, walking, jogging, stationary bikes, Yoga etc.

The sound quality is satisfactory

Sound reproduction of the RPT-02 SOL relies on a 40mm driver. To test it we connected these headphones to the Huawei Mate 20 smartphone.

The pairing process to a smartphone is relatively easy. You only need to download the Adidas Headphones Adidas app from the Play Store or App Store. After it’s installed, you only need to follow all the instructions in the application for the pairing process.

To test the sound quality we play various types of music. First, we played HUSH – Weird Genius & Yellow Claw ft. Reikko remix version of Feel Koplo. In this song RPT-02 Sol we give a thumbs up. We can enjoy the sound of a powerful bass thump without dominating the vocal sound. Various electronic instruments, drums and tambourines which are characteristic of Koplo music in the background can also be heard very neatly and clearly.

Continue to the song Psychosocial – Slipknot in this rock genre song, RPT-02 Sol is also still reliable. The screams of the vocalists, guitar effects, bass and drum beats can all be heard clearly without dominating one another and making the ear feel spicy.

Lastly, we listened to Raisa’s song – Comfort is not enough. In this song, the RPT-02 Sol is again able to present a sound that is comfortable to the ear. Raisa’s vocals sound very clear. Backing vocals and backing instruments can also be heard clearly.

In short, we were very satisfied with the sound quality of the RPT-02 SOL. Above the average of most sports headphones. In general, headphones for sports only prioritize functions and features. The sound quality is standard or tends to be dominant in bass sound.

The RPT-02 SOL is not like that. These headphones are capable of producing clear and powerful sound. The sound character is neutral with a very balanced composition of bass, mid, high. Making it ideal for listening to a wide variety of music.

The voice character doesn’t match? Don’t worry, the EQ feature is available in the application. Adidas provides six EQ preset options (Adidas, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic, Vocal Boost) and one custom option. So, it can boost its sound performance to match the ear capacity of each user.

In this application, Adidas also directly integrates the navigation button which is connected directly to Spotify. So, it’s more practical when playing music on Spotify, all controls can be via the Adidas application. One thing that is quite unfortunate is that these headphones are not equipped with an active noise cancellation feature or ANC (Active Noise Canceling).

Long lasting battery

Then what about the battery life? The RPT-02 SOL offers a total usage time of up to 80 hours. During testing, we never ran out of battery at all. This is because the Powerfoyle panel, which is a light cell material in the headband, will constantly absorb light and charge the battery.

Sunlight or room lights can be absorbed to be converted into energy. So, you don’t really need support for the fast charging feature like other headphones. In short, as long as the headband is exposed to light you don’t have to worry about the battery running out quickly. The battery power can also be monitored directly through the application on the smartphone.


The Adidas RPT-02 SOL is the answer for those of you who are looking for headphones with a long usage time. Admittedly, thanks to the Powerfoyle technology that this headphone carries, it does offer a usage time above the average wireless headphone in general.

The sound quality is also satisfactory. For those of you who are concerned with cleanliness, the modular design that can be removed and washed is also an added value. Making it even more ideal for sports friends and everyday activities.

With a selling price of USD $237,99, we recommend the Adidas RPT-02 SOL for sports fans and anyone who needs wireless headphones with good sound quality and doesn’t want to bother recharging the battery.


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