This camera is very unique. Fully automatic and can be used to take pictures and record videos. Curious how it performs? Check out the following review.

Compact design

Anyone who sees it will think this camera is an IP Cam. It’s natural because we think they are very similar. The difference is, the Powershot PICK has a more compact body design. Carrying the fully automatic concept, there are not many buttons that can be found on this camera. There are only two buttons. WiFi button and Power button.

Then, there is one microSD slot and one USB-C port for recharging the battery. In fact, a camera at the bottom of the body can be found in one hole to attach it to a tripod.

Turning to the lens module, the Powershot Pick uses a movable lens that can rotate 340 degrees. The lens can also tilt up and down up to a 110-degree angle.

The lens has a focal length of 19-57mm with 3x zoom capability and up to 4X digital zoom. This focal distance is quite functional. Wide enough to take pictures in tight spaces and from a distance.

Easy to use

Canon Powershot PICK can be controlled completely via smartphone. To connect to a smartphone this camera relies on a WiFi connection. Before connecting to a smartphone, users must download the Mini PTZ application which is available for iOS and Android. So, different from other Canon cameras that usually use the Canon Camera Connect application.

To connect it to the camera is quite easy. Once the app is ready, press the WiFi button on the camera and follow the steps for pairing. One thing that caught our attention was its ability to connect relatively slowly. In fact, several times our connection failed.

Through the application, in the Settings menu you can set the automatic capabilities. From tracking assist, Auto Shooting Mode, to setting the shooting frequency. You can also adjust the video recording quality to the shooting aspect ratio.

Then, there is a voice command feature to control it with voice commands. There are four commands that can be used. From our tests, the voice command feature is still not consistent. The reason is, you need to pronounce each command correctly and clearly then this camera can execute commands.

Still in the application, switching to the camera window provides options for zoom control, choosing a photo or video mode, adjusting the brightness level, tracking, and a lever to control camera movement manually. Then, there is an option to return the lens to its original position.

The photos and videos are quite good

To take photos and videos the PowerShot PICK relies on a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor with a resolution of 12 megapixels. This sensor is supported by a DIGIC 7 processor. For video recording capabilities, it can be up to Full HD 1080p resolution. With the relatively small size of the sensor, we do not set high standards for the photos and videos.

One thing we appreciate is the face tracking AF capability and Nano USM technology that it carries. Thanks to this feature Powershot PICK can track faces accurately and very quickly. The autofocus system can also directly track and follow the subject even if it is moving.

Not only that, the smart algorithm can also automatically adjust the composition with pan, tilt, and zoom modes with the PTZ mechanism. So, it will be very beneficial for users who like to create vlog content independently. With face-capture technology, this camera can also take candid photos automatically.

Even so, from our testing there are some compromises from this unique camera. First, the zoom capability is a bit slow. Then, at the maximum zoom position the sharpness of the image also decreases. For manual camera control via the application, there is still a slight delay. As a smart camera, Canon has not yet equipped it with internal storage space. Storage space depends on the microSD memory card.

The photos and videos are as follows:

52350355159_8282c2579f_o 52350356224_f3ea5d9656_o 52350282298_cc5a4deb26_o 1080p

Overall the photos and videos are quite good. It can still be relied upon to just be used as content and shared on social networks. This camera is also more ideal for taking photos and videos in good lighting conditions.


The Canon Powershot PICK is a unique camera that is quite fun to use. The fully automatic feature is indeed very easy. Especially for creating content such as vlogs independently. The photos and videos are quite good. With a note in sufficient lighting conditions. Overall some of the limitations are still understandable. It’s natural considering this camera is a new genre and there is still a lot of room to be developed to be even better in the future.

The price of the Canon Powershot PICK is in the range of USD $607. Prices are competitive with action cameras or pocket cameras that offer better photo and video capabilities. With its very practical automatic features, this camera can still be considered, especially for beginners who want to start diving into the world of creative content but don’t know how to use a camera.

Advantages of Canon Powershot PICK

– Automated features make it easy to use
– Fast and accurate face tracking
– The photos and videos are quite good
– Innovative design

Disadvantages of Canon Powershot PICK

– Ability to connect a bit slow
– Manual control is less responsive
– Zoom capability is a bit slow
– Not equipped with internal memory for storage space
– Relatively expensive price


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