Infinix Zero 20 is still a very tempting option for 2023. With qualified specifications and pocket-friendly prices, it’s only natural that this smartphone is quite in demand by consumers. Moreover, the Infinix brand has started to rise.

Curious as to what his abilities? Come on, just look at the Infinix Zero 20 review from !

Minimalist modern design

Zero 20 comes in three color choices. The one in our article this time is Space Gray, classic but still puts forward a modern, minimalist feel that is timeless. The finish is matte, perfect for those of you who prefer to look calm.

But if you want to look different, Infinix offers a Green Fantasy variant with textured leather material, as well as Glitter Gold which appears in a sparkling gold color like a bright afternoon atmosphere. Just choose which one is more suitable for your character.

The build quality of the Zero 20 is fairly solid. It doesn’t look cheap at all. The edges or side of the body are made flat, like most of today’s smartphones. On the back, you will find a camera frame that is quite large, but not excessive.

The matte finish on the back cover is slightly slippery but not easily soiled by finger marks. Moving to the front, Infinix has embedded a 6.7-inch screen that still has waterdrop bangs. Of course it would be more modern if the screen had a punch-hole. The bezels around the screen can’t be called thin either.

If you don’t use a soft case, the Infinix Zero 20 still fits quite well in your hand. However, if the default softcase included in the sales package has been installed, it’s a different story. So thick and big. This smartphone has dimensions of 164.4 x 76.7 x 7.98 mm. It weighs 196 grams, quite full.

On the right side there is the volume button and the power button which also functions as a fingerprint sensor. While below the USB-C port, 3.5mm audio jack, and speaker holes. Above there is also one other speaker hole. There are three slots, two for SIM-cards and one specially dedicated for microSD.

90Hz display

As mentioned above, Infinix offers a 6.7-inch screen on the Zero 20. The panel is AMOLED with Full HD + resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate. In the settings, you can choose between 60Hz, 90Hz, or auto switch.

The image quality is quite standard. The brightness level is decent, but not worth mentioning special yet. Meanwhile, the sharpness and color presentation are still typical of 2-3 million rupiah smartphones. For daily use, of course it is enough.

As for the audio business, this phone is equipped with stereo speakers with good enough quality to just accompany you watching videos on YouTube or playing mobile games.

108 MP main camera, 60 MP OIS selfie camera

On paper, the camera configuration offered by Infinix Zero 20 looks very attractive. The main camera behind relies on a 108 MP sensor which is accompanied by a 13 MP ultra-wide camera and a depth sensor. In front, there is a 60 MP selfie camera complete with OIS and autofocus support. That’s the reason Infinix calls this phone suitable for vlogging.

In our opinion, the main camera’s photo results are good. Shooting in ideal or rather minimal light conditions is very suitable for showing off on social media. The details are high, the colors are also natural, aka not exaggerated, and the dynamic range is also okay.

Infinix-Zero-20-Photo-Samples-2048x1536 Infinix-Zero-20-Photo-Samples7-2048x1536 Infinix-Zero-20-Photo-Samples6-2048x1536 Infinix-Zero-20-Photo-Samples5-2048x1536 Infinix-Zero-20-Photo-Samples4-2048x1536 Infinix-Zero-20-Photo-Samples3-2048x1536 Infinix-Zero-20-Photo-Samples2-2048x1536 Infinix-Zero-20-Photo-Samples1-2048x1536

MediaTek Helio G99 performance

Infinix Zero 20 is armed with the MediaTek Helio G99 chipset, 8GB + 5GB RAM and 256GB storage. The additional 5 GB is certainly through the MemFusion feature, aka RAM Expansion, so the total can be up to 13 GB. While 256 GB of storage space is still lacking, you can install a microSD.

The Zero 20’s performance met our expectations. As with other cellphones armed with the Helio G99, its performance is agile and powerful. Multitasking is also smooth. We haven’t found any significant complaints regarding performance while using this smartphone as a daily driver.

For gaming, it’s pretty solid. PUBG Mobile is smooth, Mobile Legends is certainly crushed. Heavy games like Genshin Impact are still fun. With the Lowest 60fps graphic setting, this game can run quite stably in the 40 fps range.

It should also be noted that the Infinix Zero 20 is a cellphone with good temperature management. There was no excessive heat while we were playing games, let alone throttling. The secret, Infinix uses a Liquid-Cooled VC cooling system with a large vapor chamber.

Turning to the battery, the 4,500 mAh capacity might feel a bit heavy. For us it’s not a problem, because the durability is stable for use from morning to night. Charging is also fast. With 45W SuperCharge technology, it only takes less than 1 hour to be fully charged 100 percent.


It doesn’t seem like an exaggeration if we say that Infinix has been quite successful in making the Zero 20 one of the most attractive smartphones in its segment. Everything stands out. Performance is okay, the camera deserves to be in the ranks of the best for its price class, the design is good, and the features are also complete.

For those who are interested, Infinix Zero 20 is sold at IDR 3,399,000 or around USD $225.

Pros of Infinix Zero 20:

  • Modern design
  • Widevine L1 90Hz display
  • The camera is good for shooting in various conditions
  • The leading selfie camera in its class
  • Performance is fast enough
  • Large memory: 8/256 GB
  • Lasting battery
  • Charging 45W, charger included in the box
  • There is NFC

Disadvantages of Infinix Zero 20:

  • The body is a bit thick, especially when softcase is installed
  • Bloatware abounds
  • There is no certainty of an Android update

Infinix Zero 20 is suitable for:

  • Student: Zero 20 has a good design, good gaming performance, and a great camera. The price is also affordable so it is suitable for young people.
  • Mobile employees: With a long battery life and fast charging capabilities, this phone is worth working on a mobile basis. The features are also complete.
  • Photography enthusiasts: For those who like to upload photos to social media, the Zero 20 camera is one of the best in its price class.
  • Vlogger: The front camera is 60 MP and has OIS support. Suitable for those who like to vlog.

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