Some time ago Erajaya Active Lifestyle launched a line of premium IT devices for smart homes. One of them is the IT Smart Air Purifier S130. Curious how the performance of this air purifier? Check out his review as follows.

IT Design Smart Air Purifier S130

The IT Smart Air Purifier S130 comes with a minimalist cylindrical design. The body color is white. So, it is very easy to harmonize with various interior styles at home.

Its height is about 38 cm with a diameter of 19.5 cm. Quite compact and space-saving in the room. Ideal for rooms measuring 16 m2 such as bedrooms, work/study rooms, and living rooms. To access the air purifier filter section is also very easy. Users only need to rotate the cover that is at the bottom of the body.

Meanwhile, for navigation, you can rely on a round panel above the body. The panel is equipped with touch buttons. The sensitivity is very good with the touch of a finger. On this panel, apart from the power button, there are also buttons to access the features and modes it carries.

Indeed, there is no LCD screen on the IT Smart Air Purifier S130. Instead, as an indicator rely on a ring of LED lights. This LED light ring will change color according to the air quality in the room. Thanks to the LED indicator ring and the panel, you can use this air purifier with or without the built-in app.

IT Features of Smart Air Purifier S130

The IT Smart Air Purifier S130 brings quite complete features in its price class. For fan speed mode there are three options namely Auto, High and Sleep. Then there is a timer feature with two options of 4 hours or 8 hours.

The interesting feature of the IT Smart Air Purifier S130 is the presence of UV-C support which effectively kills viruses and bacteria up to 99.9%. So, the ability to clean the air is getting better. For the filter itself carries a three-layer filtration system. The first layer is pre filter, the second layer is HEPA filter, and the third layer is activated carbon.

Pre filter is useful for filtering large particles such as dust and hair. The HEPA filter can filter 95% of particles down to 0.3 microns such as smoke, mites, allergens, to droplets containing viruses. Meanwhile, activated carbon is useful for absorbing unpleasant odors including benzene, formaldehyde, and other harmful gases.

To measure air quality in the room, the IT Smart Air Purifier S130 relies on sensors. The air quality indicator will be displayed through a ring of LED lights on the top panel of the body. Blue indicates very good air quality, Yellow is not good and Red indicates very poor air quality.

You can access the air quality indicator and select the mode from your phone from anywhere, relying on the IT Smart application. This application is available for iOS and Android operating systems. With a note, the IT Smart Air Purifier S130 is already connected to the WiFi network at home. Through this application you can also get information when the filter should be replaced.

Another advantage is that when connected to WiFi at home, the IT Smart Air Purifier S130 can support Google’s smart home platform. So, you can access it together with other devices in the Google smart home ecosystem and controlled via voice commands with the help of Google Assistant.

IT also added child lock support. So, the buttons cannot be touched by children if they are activated.

IT Performance Smart Air Purifier S130

To test the IT Smart Air Purifier S130 we installed this air purifier in the bedroom. From our tests the ability to clean the air is relatively fast. The suction power is quite strong. It takes about 3 minutes to get rid of unpleasant odors in the room on the High fan setting mode. In this mode the fan speed is very high. So, the sound is louder.

Daily use if you don’t want to be disturbed by the sound of the fan, it is advisable to use Auto mode. At the time of sleep we try to use Sleep mode. In Sleep mode, the sound of the cooling fan is very quiet. Barely soundless. Will not disturb sleep.

Then what about the resistance of the filter? As long as using this air purifier non-stop for about a month, the filter life has left 57% as we saw from the application. So, the estimate for filter replacement is about every 2-3 months. It should be emphasized that this calculation is quite relative and can be different for each user because the air quality and the size of the room in each house are not the same.


The IT Smart Air Purifier S130 is not designed for large spaces. However, its ability to clean the air is quite capable. We highly recommend it for those of you who need a compact air purifier for use in small rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms or study/work rooms.

Compact dimensions, minimalist design and quite complete features in its price class are the main attractions of the IT Smart Air Purifier S130. This Air Purifier is also very easy to use. Most importantly, the replacement filter is relatively inexpensive. The filters can also be obtained very easily at all online/offline retail networks of Erajaya Active Lifestyle or via .

Advantages of IT Smart Air Purifier S130:

– Minimalist design
– Very easy to use
– Competitive price
– Quite complete features
– Equipped with UV-C light
– Air quality sensor
– Equipped with child lock feature
– Replacement filter is easy to get
– Supports the Google Home ecosystem

Disadvantages of IT Smart Air Purifier S130:

– A bit noisy in High mode
– Not equipped with an LCD screen
– Child lock mode can only be accessed via the application.


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