To make a portable keyboard, some vendors used a folding design. However, on average, wireless keyboard products with folding designs have less robust design qualities and less comfortable keys. Now with the trend of keyboards with fewer keys, various manufacturers are implementing compact designs that fit in a bag.

One of them is Logitech. After releasing the compact K380, Logitech brought out the MX Keys Mini. This is a mini version of Logitech MX Keys which is a full-sized keyboard with arrow keys and a numpad. So the MX Keys Mini key size is still the same as the MX Keys, but with a reduced number of keys making the keyboard more compact and easy to carry around.

Logitech MX Keys Mini Design

Logitech MX Keys Mini comes with a luxurious design. The position of the keyboard will be higher at the top, thus providing a more optimal typing angle.

Each key of the keyboard feels solid when pressed, with good response to fingers. The depth level of the keys when pressed is also quite deep, deeper than most laptop keyboards, making it more comfortable when used for long typing. From testing, we can also type quite fast with this keyboard even though the distance between the keys is quite tight.

There are a variety of shortcut keys , including emojis that make it easier to chat . Unfortunately, some of these shortcut functions cannot be used on all devices.

MX Keys Mini Connectivity

The pairing process is also very easy. Simply press the 1, 2, or 3 button until the light flashes and connect via Bluetooth or the built-in dongle that can be plugged into the computer. You can also switch between connected devices by pressing the following button next to the Esc key.

For information, MX Keys Mini can be used on gadgets with Android OS, iOS, Windows and MacOS. You can connect it to 3 devices at once, without having to re-pair. For example, once the Bluetooth connection on the cellphone is active, the MX Keys Mini can immediately connect if it has been paired with the cellphone before.

Charging the battery can be done easily via the USB Type-C port here. Unfortunately this port is only for charging and cannot be used to connect a keyboard to a USB port on a computer.

With a backlight, the battery is claimed to last up to 10 days. Without the backlight on, the battery will last even longer and can last up to five months. Keyboard backlight can be adjusted up to 6 brightness levels. There’s even a sensor that detects when your finger approaches the button to automatically activate the backlight. This feature is useful for those of you who like to type in a dark room.


With an official price of 1.7 million rupiah, the Logitech MX Keys Mini includes a premium-class wireless keyboard. However, we think this price is still commensurate with the quality and features it offers. Especially considering that this keyboard can also be used with gadgets that have a variety of operating systems. Luxurious design, comfortable buttons, complete connectivity as well as durability and ease of charging the battery are the main considerations for recommending this product.

Pros of Logitech MX Keys Mini
+ Aesthetic, robust and compact design
+ Comfortable keyboard keys with ample key travel
+ Supports connection to 3 devices at once
+ Easy pairing process
+ Long battery life
+ Convenient battery charging, with USB Type C port
+ Key backlight keyboard can be set

Disadvantages of Logitech MX Keys Mini
– The distance between keys is a bit tight
– Weighs 500 grams, relatively heavy for some users
– Cannot be used with cables
– Does not support Unifying Receiver
– Some shortcut keys are useless for some devices

Who will the Logitech MX Keys Mini be for?

Students and students

For those who do online teaching and learning processes or often do assignments on computers and cellphones, MX Keys Mini will be very useful. The ability to connect to multiple devices at once will make the learning process more practical and efficient when you have to type on different devices. The design is also sturdy enough for even the careless user to use.

Office workers

If you’re one of those workers who rely on their phones to communicate, especially via messaging apps, MX Keys Mini will be very useful because it can speed up this activity. There’s even an emoji shortcut to make chatting more fun. Support for different devices also makes it easier to interact on different devices.


To answer DMs or messages that come in on the cellphone, MX Keys Mini will be very helpful compared to if we have to type answers using the virtual keyboard on the cellphone.

Content creator

Content creators who love a clean and minimalistic workbench will love the MX Keys Mini’s design. With its compact design, this keyboard doesn’t take up much space on the desk. Its functionality is also relatively still adequate for graphic designers and video editors.

Writer and journalist

For writers and journalists who need to write anywhere and anytime, the MX Keys Mini can also be a mainstay. Especially if the user is lazy to carry a laptop that is burdensome. With your phone and MX Keys Mini, you can write your masterpieces conveniently and quickly while on the road.


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