Although originally intended for gamers, the keyboard with mechanical switches has turned out to be a successful device that is also of interest to ordinary users. The sensation of typing that is far superior to ordinary keyboards that use a membrane is one of the advantages that users are looking for.

Not to forget, Logitech provides a suitable partner for Pop Keys, namely the Pop Mouse which has a similar design. This Pop Keys mechanical keyboard is sold at an official price of USD $136.55 , but can be found easily on the market at a price range of USD $94.22.

Here are the Logitech POP Keys specifications

  • Connection Type: Wireless Bluetooth® Low Energy or Logi Bolt (dongle included)
  • Software support : Logitech Options for Windows or later, Logitech Options for macOS 10.8 or later, Logitech Flow
  • Battery: 2 x AAA
  • Switch Mechanical : Brown (tactile)
  • Indicator Lights (LED): Battery LED, 3 channel Bluetooth® LED, LED Caps lock
    12 FN shortcuts including Media Keys, Voice-to-Text, Mic Mute & Snip Screen, 3 channel Easy-Switch, 4 emoji shortcut keys (with 4 extra emoji button to swap) and 1 emoji menu button
  • Dimensions: 321.2mm x 138.47mm x 35.4mm
  • Weight: 779 grams

Logitech POP Keys Design

This mechanical keyboard with a cheerful design comes in two color choices, namely Blast (black and yellow) and Heartbreaker (white and pink). The keys are inspired by manual typewriter keys, with rounded keys.

Its quite heavy weight does make it more ideal for use on a table, rather than as a portable keyboard for users who have high mobility. But this weight also allows him to sit comfortably at the table, without fear of being shifted accidentally.

The gaps in each button are quite tight, making it easy for dust to enter and reside there. But at least you will be able to clean it easily.

This keyboard can not be adjusted the angle of use. For users who like a flat keyboard position, Logitech Pop Keys will feel comfortable. But for those who like the keyboard position slightly tilted, the angle of using Pop Keys will feel less high. Again, this is a matter of user preference.

One interesting thing lies in the column of buttons on the far right. Logitech includes five emoji keys in Pop Keys, which can be swapped. The button replacement process is also very easy. You just hold tight the button you want to replace and pull it.

Performa Logitech Pop Keys

Each Pop Keys key is a pleasure to type on. The sound of tapping each button is not loud, but still clearly audible. For users who are already familiar with mechanical keyboards, the Pop Keys switch character will feel like a Cherry MX Brown Switch.

One thing that is a bit annoying for users who can type fast is the distance between each key that feels narrow. Indeed Logitech wants to make this keyboard look slimmer. But when used, users with rather large fingers will find it difficult to bring out the best typing speed.

For fans of FPS games or other PC games, this keyboard is comfortable even though it doesn’t have features commonly found in gaming keyboards such as NKRO or anti-ghosting keys. As for the durability of the keys, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything to worry about considering Logitech claims that the Pop Keys button will last up to 50 million presses.

Battery performance is also claimed to be able to reach 3 years if not used too often. Pop Keys use regular AA batteries which are easy to find anywhere.

Just like most Logitech wireless keyboards, Pop Keys also supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. You can connect it directly to three devices. Switching between devices can be done by using the Fn key on the upper left side of the keyboard.

Given that this keyboard supports several operating systems, don’t expect you to be able to find a row of shortcut functions on the Fn key like on a laptop keyboard in general. Depending on the type of user, there are some useful shortcuts such as Voice to text , muting the microphone, or taking screenshots on the screen.


Logitech Pop Keys comes as a fun alternative that is relatively affordable in the realm of mechanical keyboards. Indeed, this keyboard does not offer the flexibility to change switches or buttons. However, a sturdy design with reliable connectivity features makes it suitable for ordinary users who want to have a mechanical keyboard with a cute and unique appearance. The tight round keys are not suitable for users who often type for a long time or want to type extra fast. But at least the size is still compact enough to carry around. The price is quite affordable when compared to other mechanical keyboards from well-known brands, but of course with limitations.

Advantages of Logitech Pop Keys

  • Attractive and unique button design
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Comfortable to use typing for a long time
  • The size is compact enough to carry around
  • Complete connectivity, with triple device support
  • The wireless connection process is very easy
  • Uses easy-to-find AA batteries

Disadvantages of Logitech Pop Keys

  • The emoji button is useless
  • The distance between the buttons is too close
  • The weight is quite heavy
  • Typing angle is too flat for some users
  • Less repairable

Who are Logitech Pop Keys for?

Tablet and smartphone users

For those who want to type more smoothly on a smartphone or tablet, Logitech Pop Keys will be ideal. Moreover, there are emoji buttons that are useful when chatting . But for those who want a wireless keyboard with a more compact size, there are other more suitable alternatives such as the Logitech K380 or Logitech MX Keys Mini .

Office workers

One thing to remember about mechanical keyboards is that the sound is sometimes too noisy for an office. If that’s not a problem, Pop Keys will be a convenient mainstay. Of course if you don’t need the numeric keypad.

Gamer PC

For casual gamers who want a mechanical keyboard with a sturdy design, Pop Keys will do the trick. But for those who like to tinker with mechanical keyboards or need a keyboard with adjustable RGB lighting, the Logitech G Series will be more ideal.

Senior High School student

Convenience and unique design are the main attraction for students who want an extra comfortable keyboard for everyday typing. Chatting will also be more exciting with the replaceable emoji buttons.

Public users

Typing comfort and attractive design are the strengths of Pop Keys. For ordinary users who need a quality keyboard with a relatively compact size for typing at the computer, Pop Keys can be an affordable alternative.


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