The first debut of the Neumann.Berlin headphones began in 2019 with the Neumann NDH 20 product. Now, the second headphone is officially released, the Neumann NDH 30 . For information, the new Neumann NDH30 will soon be officially marketed in Indonesia, and we are one of the first media to review it.

Curious how the sound quality of these headphones that are still relatives with Sennheiser? Check out his review as follows.

Neumann Design NDH 30

Neumann.Berlin has been popular for its professional-grade microphone products since 1928. So, it is one of the legendary brands in the audio world. However, the headphone segment is still relatively new.

The Neumann NDH 30 are open-back style headphones. It looks very premium with a thick retro aura. The black silver color combination he uses reminds us of the NDH 20. The difference is, the NDH 20 carries a close-back style.

These headphones are made of aluminum and plastic. Overall the design is very solid. Its weight is under 400 grams is also very light. The foam padding on the ear pads and head band that it carries is very soft. The design of the ear pads is also flexible. It can be turned inward and folded for easy storage. If the foam ear pad is damaged, you don’t need to worry because replacement accessories are available.

The connectivity port is on the right of the ear pad. Connectivity uses a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack cable. So, it can be connected to all devices from portable music players, PCs, smartphones and tablets that use the 3.5 mm audio jack. The sales package also includes a 6.3 mm audio jack adapter.

Very convenient to use

About the convenience of NDH 30 must be thumbs up. These headphones are very comfortable to use. Thanks to the soft foam ear pads, one positive value is the pressure under the ear area feels not too hard. It also doesn’t feel hot in the ear because the ear pad is covered with cloth material. This is so important that it is ideal for long-term use.

When used, the head band can be adjusted to suit each user’s head size. Both ear pads can cover the ears perfectly. However, it does not automatically ward off sounds from outside. Naturally, considering these headphones are open-back style. One that is absent in these headphones is not yet equipped with an active noise canceling feature.

The sound quality is very satisfying

Not only a matter of comfort, the sound quality of the NDH 30 is very pleasing to the ear. In fact, the NDH 30 is indeed a studio-class headphone designed for monitoring. But, in our opinion, these headphones also have the potential to compete with premium audiophile-class headphones.

To produce sound the Neumann NDH 30 brings 38mm neodymium drivers. The driver can produce sound in the 12Hz to 34,000Hz frequency range. Far below the lower and upper limits of the frequency range that can be received by the normal human ear, namely in the 20 to 20,000 Hz frequency range. So, don’t be surprised if these headphones are able to produce very detailed sound.

The nominal impedance rating is about 120 Ohms. Still ideal enough for use without the addition of a headphone amp. However, it should be emphasized that not all devices can be compatible with this impedance level.

Our first test connected the NDH 30 to a Huawei Mate 20 smartphone. In this test we haven’t been able to enjoy all the potential of these headphones considering the sound that sounds less powerful. Even though the volume is set to the maximum. In our opinion, the addition of an amp will be more fitting to boost the sound when paired with a smartphone.

We only got to enjoy all the potential of the Neumann NDH 30 when we tried it on our HP Omen 16 laptop. Music played from Spotify with Very High streaming quality. First we played Janet Lee’s song – Rose Rose I Love/La Vie En Rose.

One thing that we really admire about the Neumann NDH 30 is the sound quality is amazingly clear and detailed. Vocals and all accompaniment instruments can be heard very clearly and neatly. Likewise when we played After The Love Has Gone – Brian McKnight ft. David Foster. In this live recorded song, everything can be heard in great detail. From the sound of accompaniment instruments, backing vocals to the audience’s applause. One advantage of headphones with an open back style is that you can also experience a wide and quite real staging effect. For the portion of the bass beat, in our opinion, it is very fitting.

Considering this is a monitoring headphone, we don’t set high standards for the booming booming bass sound. Compromise on the active noise canceling feature that has become the standard of some modern premium headphones is also very understandable.


The Neumann NDH 30 are premium headphones that offer two advantages: comfort and sound quality. The features are relatively minimal. But, for the comfort and sound quality there is no need to doubt. As a monitoring headphone, sound reproduction is as natural as possible. If you don’t mind the selling price, which is in the range of USD $705 we highly recommend Neumann NDH 30 for sound engineers and audiophile connoisseurs.

Advantages of Neumann NDH 30

+ Retro design
+ Light weight
+ Very comfortable to use
+ Foldable earpad design + The earpad
foam can be replaced if damaged
+ Excellent sound quality
+ Compatible with various sizes of audio jack
+ Very long audio jack cable

Disadvantages of Neumann NDH 30

– Relatively high price
– High impedance level not all devices are compatible


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