Have you ever heard of a brand called OASE? For those who don’t know, OASE is the sole distributor for OPPO accessories. Even so, OASE also has a line of products from their own brand that are arguably quite interesting, such as smartbands, Bluetooth speakers, and what we will discuss in this article, OASE Watch H12W.

One thing we like about the OASE Watch H12W is the relatively cheap price. With a pocket-friendly official price, this smart watch is equipped with a fairly complete feature set in its class. Like what sophistication? Come on, just take a look at our review.

OASE Watch H12W design

Speaking of design, the OASE Watch H12W appears in a quite casual and sporty style, and is similar to modern round watches in general. At first glance, this smartwatch looks minimalist but still puts forward a masculine impression thanks to the dominance of deep black, so in our opinion it is more suitable for men to wear. Fortunately, OASE also provides a silver color variant which should be more ideal for women.

The OASE Watch H12W only has a crown that functions as a Back button. You will do more of the smartwatch control system via the touch screen. The body size itself is fairly standard, 42mm, with the right thickness so that it doesn’t look bulky when attached to your wrist.

For the body material, OASE relies on Zinc Alloy which is lightweight but still sturdy and doesn’t make the exterior look cheap. The strap uses rubber material, which is actually quite reasonable for a cheap smartwatch, but unfortunately it becomes a dust magnet, making it easy to get dirty.

The good news is that you can easily replace these built-in straps with any of the most popular third-party straps on the market. The strap sizes are standard, so we make sure you won’t have any trouble finding a replacement. Removing and attaching the strap is also very easy, you don’t need any tools.

Please also note that the OASE Watch H12W is a watch with an IP67 rating, which means it is resistant to water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain or even keep wearing this smart watch when you shower.

OASE Watch H12W display

Turning to the screen discussion, the OASE Watch H12W uses a touch screen with a size of 1.3 inches which has a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. The images that are presented on the screen are classified as standard according to the price. In terms of sharpness, color quality, and response to touch, it cannot be compared to the screen on a smartwatch over 2 million rupiah. But as far as we tested it, we thought the screen on the OASE Watch H12W was quite ideal.

What’s more, you can still change the watch face design according to your taste. There are two ways to change the watch face on the OASE Watch H12W, namely directly through the settings on the watch or through an application called FitCloud Pro which provides more watch face options.

OASE Watch H12W features

We really appreciate OASE’s move to bring so many useful features to a watch that costs less than 1 million rupiah. Just imagine, the OASE Watch H12W is equipped with a heart rate sensor, an SpO2 sensor to measure oxygen levels in the blood, monitor sleep quality, and a feature to measure blood pressure.

It’s interesting to see that the OASE Watch H12W offers so many features to support a healthy lifestyle. We can’t be sure of the accuracy of features like the SpO2 sensor or the blood pressure meter. Even so, at least the presence of these features can be an early detection before you next consult a doctor. Just for additional information, normal blood oxygen levels are around 95 to 100 percent. If it’s below that, it means you have a lung disorder.

Standard features such as step counter, distance and calorie burn are also available. You can also activate several sport modes such as Walking, Running, Hiking, Cycling and so on. You just have to choose according to the activity you want to do.

Just like smart watches in general, the OASE Watch H12W can also be connected to a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. When connected, you can control the currently playing music as well as display incoming notifications on the smartphone on the OASE Watch H12W screen.

Regarding the FitCloud Pro application that we mentioned above, you will be presented with a daily recap starting from how many steps you have taken, the distance traveled, the number of calories burned, monitoring heart rate from the lowest, average, to the highest, to blood pressure report.

From this application you can also set many other features, for example an alarm when sitting too long, a warning to drink diligently, and much more. The FitCloud Pro application can be downloaded on devices with the Android and iOS operating systems for free.

OASE Watch H12W battery

OASE explained that the battery capacity implanted in the OASE Watch H12W is 180 mAh. During testing with various active features and always connected to a smartphone, this smartwatch can run for about 9 or 10 days. Durability which we think is very satisfying.


As an inexpensive smartwatch with a price of around 800 thousand rupiah, we consider the OASE Watch H12W to be one of the best options in its class. The design is quite okay, and in terms of features it is quite complete such as a heart rate sensor, SpO2, to blood pressure. The long-lasting battery is also a plus in itself.

The advantages of the OASE Watch H12W:

  • Pretty good design
  • The choice of watch faces is quite a lot
  • There is a SpO2 sensor to measure the oxygen level in the blood
  • Equipped with a Blood Pressure measuring feature (blood pressure)
  • There is a heart rate sensor
  • The battery is quite durable
  • Waterproof with an IP67 rating
  • It’s easy to replace the built-in straps with third-party straps

Disadvantages of the OASE Watch H12W:

  • The built-in strap is easy to get dirty and dusty
  • The FitCloud Pro application can still be improved because there are some settings that are quite difficult to access

The OASE Watch H12W is ideal for: Casual users. Users who adopt a healthy lifestyle. Sports fan. Users who are looking for a full-featured, affordable smartwatch.

The OASE Watch H12W is less than ideal for: Women who want to appear more feminine.


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