Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) in 2020 is one of Acer’s mainstays to fight in the thin and light laptop segment. Not only does it promote a compact design, this laptop is also more attractive with specifications, features and what is very tempting is the durability of the battery which is very durable. Curious about the abilities of the Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52)? Check out the reviews as follows.

Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) Design

The design of the Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) is lightweight thanks to its magnesium alloy material. This also makes it look premium.

Overall, the dimensions of the Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) are relatively compact with a screen panel measuring 13.5 inches. The design also feels very solid and sturdy. This laptop weighs only about 1.19 kg, light and will not burden the bag when invited for mobility. With a body that is only 15.9mm thick, the Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) also doesn’t take up much space in the bag. Its compact and lightweight dimensions are clearly ideal for users with high mobility.

Although the body is slim, Acer does not sacrifice the connectivity port. The connectivity port it carries is complete, including USB-C port support with Thunderbolt 3, which we rarely find on laptops in its price class. The USB-C port can also be used to recharge the battery. Another connectivity port that it carries consists of two USB-A ports, HDMI and a 3.5mm audio jack. One that is absent is the SD memory card reader slot which might be quite a hassle for some users who still need it.

Screen Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52)

Shifting to the screen sector, the Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) carries a 13.5-inch IPS screen panel with a resolution of 2K 2256 × 1504 pixels. In addition to the high screen resolution, the screen panel also adopts a 3: 2 ratio. With a 3: 2 screen ratio, the screen area looks wider when displaying content when compared to a laptop panel in general with a 16: 9 ratio. It is very convenient to use for work such as processing spreadsheet documents with long tables or enjoying multimedia content. In addition, the screen hinge can also be opened completely flat on the table surface.

We are very satisfied with this Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) display panel. The colors are also highly accurate by supporting the Adobe sRGB 100% color coverage standard. Enough to support content creation activities such as editing photos or videos. The screen brightness level is also very good. So, there is no need to worry when used in very bright lighting conditions.

Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) Display keyboard and trackpad

In the keyboard sector, the Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) carries a chicklet-style keyboard. The keyboard keys he carries are quite comfortable to use for typing with a fairly fitting distance between the keys. Complementing the keyboard, Acer presents a white backlit light. There are two options for the dark level of the backlit keyboard lights that can be adjusted according to taste.

Just below the keyboard we also find a fingerprint sensor that can be used as a security and a trackpad area. The trackpad area of ​​the Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) is quite large. The trackpad is also very responsive to the touch of a finger. On the trackpad, the left and right click buttons become a single unit. The two trackpad buttons are quite comfortable to press, even though it’s a little noisy when pressed. Acer also presents the F7 shortcut key which functions to deactivate the trackpad area.

Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) Specifications

In the specification sector, the Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) is available with two 10th Generation Intel Core processor configurations, Intel Core i5-1035G4 and Intel Core i7-1065G7. The Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) unit that we reviewed below uses an Intel Core i5-1035G4 processor. This laptop system is also supported by the performance of the Intel Iris Plus integrated GPU. The RAM sector is supported by 8GB and there is NVMe PCIe SSD storage space with a capacity of 512GB. The benchmark results are as follows.

For daily productivity testing, creating documents, surfing the internet and enjoying multimedia content specifications with the Intel Core i5-1035G4 is more than enough. The performance feels very fast, almost no lag when opening and closing applications or doing multitasking. Unfortunately, there is no RAM upgrade option or slot to increase storage on this laptop. So, you have to be satisfied with the standard configuration.

For the needs of this laptop creation content is also quite reliable. Supported by Intel Iris Plus, whose performance is a little faster than Intel HD, editing photos to simple videos can still run quite smoothly. Playing games that don’t require heavy graphics performance such as CS: GO, DOTA: 2, to GRID 2 to just fill your spare time is also quite capable at minimum graphic settings. This is understandable because this laptop is not a gaming laptop.

Battery for Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52)

Another advantage of the Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52) is its thermal management and very economical power consumption. The cooling system is classified as silent with excellent thermal management. The surface of the keyboard can remain comfortable to use without the annoying sensation of warmth. Meanwhile, the battery life is quite above average.

To support our daily productivity, typing documents in notepad, browsing, occasionally watching content on Youtube while connected to WiFi, turning on the power saver mode, without a backlit keyboard and 30% screen brightness, the battery can last up to almost 13 hours. This means, carrying this laptop all day long you don’t have to worry about the battery running out quickly.

Price of Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52)

Laptops in the thin and light category are indeed being excellent. Unlike at the beginning of its appearance, laptops in the thin and light category are now able to appear with fast performance and increasingly long battery life. These two advantages can be found on the Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52). With a selling price in the range of US $ 895. This laptop is not only compact but also offers very reliable performance and battery life. The stunning 2K 3: 2 display and USB-C port support with Thunderbolt 3 are also a plus. This laptop must be considered and is suitable for daily productivity needs or creative content that is not too heavy for users with high mobility.

Excess Acer Swift 3 Water 2 (SF313-52)
+ is compact and lightweight design
+ 2K Screen 3: 2 very indulgent eye
+ Performance toned
+ fairly quiet performance
+ battery is very durable
+ Equipped with Thunderbolt USB-C 3
+ fingerprint sensor support Windows Hello

Weaknesses of Acer Swift 3 Air 2 (SF313-52)
– Not upgradeable
– Trackpad is a bit noisy
– speakers are less powerful
– Not equipped with an SD memory card reader slot


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