After some time ago reviewing Pavilion Gaming 15-DK1064TX, now we are back with another variant of Pavilion Gaming 15. The variant that we will review below is Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX. The difference is in the specifications. The HP Pavilion Gaming 15-DK1064TX carries an Intel Core i5 10th Gen configuration with an Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU. Meanwhile, the HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX with an Intel Core i7 10th gen and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU. Check out the reviews as follows.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX design

In the design sector, the HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX and the HP Pavilion Gaming 15-DK1064TX still come with the exact same design. The connectivity port it carries is still the same.

Overall, the minimalist design of the HP gaming laptop 15 is quite interesting. The placement of the connectivity ports it carries is also very good because it is easy to reach and does not interfere with one another. The connectivity port is also complete in its class.

On the right side there is an audio jack, two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports and a port for a power adapter. While on the left side there is an HDMI port, USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A, RJ45, USB 3.1 Gen 2 type-C and an SD memory card slot.

The keyboard he carries is the same. We still find a full size keyboard and a large mouse trackpad area. The keyboard is very comfortable to use. For typing in dim conditions, there is also a green backlit light that can be adjusted for the brightness level. The mouse trackpad area is also very responsive to the touch of a finger. The left and right mouse click buttons even though they are designed to blend into the trackpad are still comfortable when pressed.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX screen

Entering the screen sector, the HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX still maintains the 144 Hz screen that the Pavilion Gaming 15-DK1064TX carries. The 15.6-inch IPS screen panel has Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

For gaming with a Full HD screen and a 144 Hz refresh rate, we think the screen is more than enough. Visuals during gaming sessions can look smoother. Very convenient for games with the racing genre or FPS. The color on the screen is also quite good. So, it is still ideal for enjoying multimedia content. For content creators who don’t really care about color accuracy, this screen is still reliable. Even so, it should be noted that this screen still does not support the 100% sRGB color gamut.

In the audio sector, we also still find speakers from the Bang & Olufsen manufacturer. The sound produced by the speakers remains loud and powerful. The B&O Audio Control feature is also still available to boost sound performance.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX performance

The HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX carries the specifications of an Intel Core i7-10750H and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU. This Nvidia GTX GPU is indeed a class below the Nvidia RTX in Pavilion Gaming 15-DK1064TX. However, in the CPU sector the Pavilion Gaming 15-DK1041TX is superior to the Intel Core i7. The benchmark results are as follows.

Overall the performance is quite satisfying. Daily computing needs such as processing documents and browsing are more than sufficient. For the need to create content, editing photos and videos is still adequate.

The gaming performance is also not bad. At least it’s still reliable for AAA gaming. Some game titles such as Rise of Tomb Raider, Red Dead Redemption 2, Deatstranding can still run quite smoothly on medium to high graphics settings. For FPS games that are not too graphic-hungry like Valorant at high settings, you can still get an average fps of 117 FPS and Apex Legends in the range of 66.5 FPS.

One attraction of the HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX is its very large storage space. This laptop carries a 1TB HDD and a PCIe NVMe SSD with a capacity of 256GB. This huge storage space obviously makes it ideal for both content creation and gaming needs. So, you don’t need to worry about storage space running out quickly considering the size of the files for photos, videos and games, which are currently very large. The RAM sector can also be upgraded with the availability of an empty RAM slot. So, the performance can still be improved.

Thermal management is still the same as its predecessor. Although the fan performance is a bit noisy during intense use and the surface of the keyboard area feels a little warm, the cooling system is optimal enough to keep temperature and performance stable.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX battery

Battery life is quite satisfying. With a screen brightness of 30%, turning on the battery saver option, connecting to WiFi, typing while browsing and occasionally playing videos, the battery can last up to about 7 hours.


Through Pavilion Gaming 15, HP answers the needs of mainstream gamers by offering a wide selection of specifications. The price is still friendly. Combining the performance of the 10th Gen Intel Core i7 and Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB, the HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX, does not offer superior high-end gaming performance. However, the overall performance is quite adequate for casual gaming and competition class games to content creation. With a selling price of 15 million, the 144Hz Full HD display panel and storage space that combines a 1TB HDD and 256GB PCIe NVME SSD are very attractive in its price class. This makes the HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX a must-watch for gamers or content creators with limited funds who are eyeing laptops with large storage space, screens with 144Hz refresh rates and decent performance.

The advantages of the HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX

– The performance is powerful enough for gaming and creating content
– Very large storage space
– RAM can be upgraded
– 144Hz screen
– WiFi 6
– The keyboard is comfortable to use

Lack of HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX

– The cooling system is a bit noisy
– The screen doesn’t support 100% sRGB yet
– Omen Gaming Hub doesn’t offer a performance setting feature

HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX is ideal for: Gamers with limited funds, gamers who like FPS games, beginner content creators who don’t really care about color accuracy on the screen, students, students, office workers who occasionally still like gaming.

The HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1041TX is less than ideal for: Business people, hardcore gamers, professional gamers, professional content creators, gamers who love RGB.


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