Previously, Lenovo already had a laptop with a carbon fiber material. The laptop is the ThinkPad X1 Carbon which is present for the business / commercial segment. So, following the success of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Lenovo has now launched the YOGA Slim 7i Carbon. Carrying the YOGA Slim 7i Carbon carbon fiber material has also succeeded in becoming the thinnest and lightest YOGA variant. Plus the support for the 11th Generation Intel Core and the standardization of the Intel EVO this laptop really stole the show. Can YOGA Slim 7i Carbon be the champion in the thin and light laptop category? Check out the reviews as follows.

Lenovo YOGA Slim 7i Carbon design

Very compact and light. That was the first impression when we met YOGA Slim 7i Carbon. The weight of this laptop is only about 966 grams. Very space saving and easy to carry around. Ideal for users with high mobility.

This laptop’s carbon fiber material can be found on the cover. Meanwhile, the other parts of the body carry magnesium-aluminum material. Besides being lightweight, the body design is also tough. Unmitigated, its toughness has even succeeded in meeting MIL-STD-810G military standards.

Although thin and very light the overall body design feels solid. It looks premium with the entire body covered in Moon White. With a white coated body, it is undeniable that the body is prone to dirty. It must be cleaned frequently so that it looks good. Unfortunately, there is only one color variant available.

Entering the connectivity sector, not many connectivity ports can be found on the body. This must be tolerated considering the very thin body design. USB-C connectivity is standard on this laptop. On the left side are two Thuderbolt 4 USB-C ports that support DisplayPort and Power Delivery. Meanwhile, on the right side there is a USB-C 3.0 Gen 1 port. In the sales package, Lenovo also includes a USB-C 3-in-1 hub converter accessories that carry USB-A ports, HDMI, and VGA ports.

Lenovo YOGA Slim 7i Carbon display

Shifting to the panel area, the screen panel measuring 13.3 inches has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. The color also supports the 100% sRGB color coverage standard. As a result, the visuals on the screen look very sharp and spoil the eye. Its accurate colors are also ideal for enjoying multimedia content to content creation needs such as photo and video editing. With a 16:10 aspect ratio, the screen area does look wider when compared to other laptops with the same screen size.

The screen panel brightness level is also very good. With the standard Dolby Vision 300 Nits, the screen panel is not abstinence in very bright lighting conditions. Another feature of this screen is that it has received TUV Rheinland certification. So, it is very safe for eye health.

Lenovo YOGA Slim 7i Carbon Keyboard and TrackPad

Entering the keyboard area, the YOGA Slim 7i Carbon carries an ergonomic keyboard. Although the body is compact, the size of each button is quite large and fits perfectly. Each button is also not too flat with the body. With a key travel of about 1mm the keyboard has proven to be comfortable for long typing. To accompany you to work in dim conditions, the keyboard is also equipped with a white backlit light.

Meanwhile, for the mouse trackpad, the trackpad panel area is quite large and proportional. The response with the touch of a finger is also very good. The left and right buttons are also soft and not noisy when pressed.

Lenovo YOGA Slim 7i Carbon features

YOGA Slim 7i Carbon brings a number of interesting features in its class. Call it like a webcam that has been equipped with privacy protection features. That way the webcam can be deactivated when not in use.

Like other Lenovo laptops, the YOGA Slim 7i Carbon is also equipped with the Lenovo Vantage. Through Lenovo Vantage you can do many things. From updating the system, setting up the keyboard, camera, microphone, to performance settings with the smart Lenovo Q-Control feature. Lenovo Q-Control can also be accessed via the FN + Q shortcut key. There are three setting options available, namely Battery Saving, Intelligent Cooling, and Extreme Performance.

At Lenovo Vantage, there is also a Rapid Charge Boost feature to speed up battery recharging. Also present is Conservation Mode to limit battery charging to a certain percentage to protect the battery when the laptop is used while it is constantly plugged into the power adapter. We also found the Flip to Boot Feature. If enabled, this feature allows the laptop to automatically start up when the laptop is opened. No more pressing the power button.

One thing that is absent from this laptop is a fingerprint sensor. Instead you can enjoy a series of smart Lenovo Smart Assist features that are very capable to protect privacy and security. Lenovo Smart Assist makes use of a smart infrared camera with ToF (Time of Flight) sensor and Glance technology from Mirametrix.

All of these smart features can be accessed directly via the Glance application from Mirametrix. We were also very impressed with this smart array of features. The reason is, the performance is very responsive and manages to provide a different usage experience and feels more sophisticated.

For security, the Lenovo YOGA Slim 7i Carbon supports touchless login. This infrared camera has the ability to detect the user’s presence in front of the laptop. Only need to activate the Presence Detection feature in the Glance application. With Windows Hello support then you can log into Windows with face detection. If you move away from the laptop, the screen will automatically be locked.

For privacy protection in Glance, the Privacy Guard and Privacy Alert features are also available. Privacy Guard will automatically make the screen display blurry or blurry when its smart infrared camera detects the presence of other people peeking at the screen. Then, the Privacy Alert will immediately notify the user the screen is being peeped.

For those who frequently work with external monitors, Glance also provides a Windows Snap and Smart Pointer feature. This feature is useful for moving the position of the running application window and the mouse cursor from the laptop screen to the external monitor by simply looking. Then, the Smart Display feature will automatically blur the screen when the user is not facing the screen. Also present is the Posture Warning feature which will send a notification to the user if the posture is incorrect when using this laptop.

Lenovo YOGA Slim 7i Carbon performance

The Lenovo YOGA Slim 7i Carbon that we received carries the specifications of the 11th Generation Intel Core processor, Intel Core i7-1165G7, 16GB RAM and storage space with M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0x 4 NVMe SSD which has a very large capacity of 1TB. Another compromise of the thin and light body design is that the user is not allowed to upgrade. For the results of this laptop benchmark as follows.

For daily use testing, the overall performance of the YOGA Slim 7i Carbon feels tight. The start up time is very short. We are satisfied with its almost lag-free performance. Multitasking can run very smoothly and smoothly. Very adequate for standard computing needs such as running Microsoft Office productivity applications, browsing to conducting video conferencing when we use it for WFH.

The graphics performance is quite surprising. Relying on the Intel Iris Xe, YOGA Slim 7i Carbon can be relied on for computing needs that require extra graphics performance. For example, for editing photos and videos. When trying to edit videos, video editing in the Adobe Premier application is still adequate up to 4K resolution. For gaming too. Although we don’t recommend it because it is not a gaming laptop. Games that don’t really need heavy graphics performance like Valorant when we tried it were still running quite smoothly.

The YOGA Slim 7i Carbon carries stereo speakers from the Harman manufacturer. The audio sector is also equipped with Dolby Atmos features, which are ideal for enjoying multimedia content. However, when trying it out, the sound output of this laptop is quite standard and feels a bit underpowered.

Then what about thermal management? Very satisfying for a thin and light laptop. By activating Battery Saving mode for daily productivity needs this laptop feels very cold, does not heat up quickly and is not noisy. Intelligent mode can also be used on a daily basis. However, in some scenarios, the sound of the cooling fan will sound a little noisy when the computing load is a bit heavy. It is quite reasonable considering that this feature will automatically optimize the performance of the cooling fan to adjust the computing load so that the laptop remains cool and stable.

Lenovo YOGA Slim 7i Carbon battery

The battery life is also very satisfying. Please note that one of the Intel EVO standards is a mandatory battery life of above 9 hours. For the use of typing documents, browsing and occasionally watching content on Youtube from our tests, the battery can last up to almost 10 hours. The settings used are using FN + Q Battery Saving mode, activating the battery saver feature in Windows Power Mode, 30% screen darkness and deactivating the location, Bluetooth, and backlit keyboard features. With the durability of the battery which is very durable, you don’t need to worry that the battery will run out quickly when used outdoors.


Lenovo has once again succeeded in utilizing carbon fiber material. Not only very compact and lightweight, this laptop is also tough. The performance is also fast with the support of a very durable battery. Made it quite a standout in the thin and light laptop category earlier this year. The features it carries are also complete, including Thunderbolt 4 port support, a very attractive screen with 100% sRGB color coverage standards and smart features for security and privacy protection.

This makes the YOGA Slim 7i Carbon able to offer a different user experience and is ideal for a wide range of computing needs from productivity to content creation. The selling price of the Lenovo YOGA Slim 7i Carbon with Intel Core i7 is in the range of USD $1,309. It is relatively expensive but commensurate with all the advantages it brings. We highly recommend this laptop for users who are highly mobile and need a laptop that is compact, fast and has a long battery life.

Lenovo YOGA Slim 7i Carbon is suitable for: Professionals, Students, Programmers, Office Workers, Young Executives, Content Creators
Lenovo YOGA Slim 7i Carbon is not suitable for: Gamers, Students

The advantages of Lenovo YOGA Slim 7i Carbon
+ Very compact and light
+ Sharp QHD screen and supports 100% sRGB
+ Fast performance
+ Large storage space
+ Very durable battery
+ Equipped with Thunderbolt 4
+ Keyboard comfortable to use
+ USB-C Charging

Lack of Lenovo YOGA Slim 7i Carbon
– Not equipped with SD memory card slot
– There is only one color option
– Body color is prone to dirty
– Limited connectivity


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