The Galaxy A54 5G comes in a variety of colors, reliable specifications and flagship-flavored features

Samsung recently released their A series of smartphones , some of which are the Galacy A54 5G and A34 5G. This article will discuss or review the Galaxy A54 5G device. What are the advantages and what’s interesting about this phone? Let’s look at the review of the Galaxy A54 5G.

Series A is an interesting series of Samsung mobile phones to always look forward to. Not only because of the specifications, price or features in it, but usually this device comes with a design that refers to the design of high-end Samsung devices. For this year’s A series, the design resembles or feels the design of the Samsung S23 or the lowest variant of the S series. 

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G comes in a variety of attractive colors and with attractive specifications. In this article, I will try to share the experience of using this device in several scenarios, daily use, gaming and photos. 

Attention-grabbing design 

As I mentioned above, one of the advantages of this Samsung premium mid range series is in terms of design. Not only the choice of colors but the overall execution of this device gives a premium and tempting feel to own. 

The unit I use is black. The appearance of the rear design is glossy with camera layout elements and the execution of the overall cellphone  layout resembles the lowest variant of the Galaxy S23 series.

Of course there are some differences in terms of finishing and also materials, but when held or placed upside down. The Galaxy A54 5G in design and appearance is no less attractive than the flagship series. 

The screen for the A54 5G series comes with 6.4 inches, slightly wider than the S23. The back of the A54 5G comes with a glossy appearance that is very reflective of objects and of course a magnet for fingerprints. 

The edges of the cellphone don’t feel boxy even though it’s a bit thick because it’s embedded in a slightly curved part. The rest of the design looks quite plain, especially in the rear camera layout . The camera area comes with 3 cameras and a flash light. The left side of the cellphone is plain while the right side has the volume and power buttons. The card slot is at the bottom with speaker ports, type-c and mic jacks . 

In terms of color, I suggest not buying the black one ( graphite) because it feels flat and minimalist (unless you really like it and are looking for the impression of a cell phone with a color like this). Because the segment that this phone wants to target is young users, the choice of bright colors will feel more fun and be even more similar to the S series. If you want the same color as the S23 series, you can choose the Lime color.

The display of the front screen of this smartphone is decorated with a screen with not too thin bezels , but clean enough. There is one front camera with a design, which is also similar to Samsung’s flagship series with the Infinity-O design, so that the overall screen display feels clean and feels full. 

Discussion about the screen and support for entertainment features 

I will start discussing specifications regarding the screen. The Galaxy A54 5G comes with a 6.4-inch screen, which feels quite wide actually when used for everyday use. This rather wide screen is suitable for regular access to social media, watching content and productivity. 

The screen quality of the Galaxy A54 5G comes with Super AMOLED FHD + 2K (1090 x 2340) which is comfortable for daily activities or watching movies and also playing games. For the convenience of scrolling social media content, reading the web or scrolling other content, it is supported by the highest refresh rate of up to 120Hz. The color depth that the screen can display from this device is up to 16M. 

For those of you who like to take photos or make videos, the combination of the A54 5G screen size with its specifications makes it easier to enjoy wider and clearer photos. Editing using fingers is quite helpful because the screen is slightly wider than the size of similar cellphones in its class  .

Still related to the screen, the A54 5G is also fun to use as a viewing tool or entertainment activity. In addition to good screen quality, the presence of stereo speakers with support for Dolby Atmos on this device adds excitement and comfort to watching content. 

When combined in terms of design, screen quality and stereo speakers , this device is a fun tool for watching content. Support from a 5000mAh battery also provides additional facilities, so you can enjoy content longer because the battery is large enough for its class. 

Mid-range specification support is quite good

Speaking of specification support, the Galaxy A54 5G uses an Exynos 1380 processor which is quite reliable in its class. The results of testing the Antutu benchmark application give the number 513,197.

This device on the domestic market, at the time of this writing, only carries one variant, namely the 8GB/256GB variant. Support for RAM and storage space is quite ideal for the middle class. Powerful enough for various activities, wide enough storage space that also supports photography activities, complementary facilities for the 50MP camera carried by the device. 

As a feature of middle-class devices, of course, Samsung does not forget to embed a microSD ( dual SIM hybrid) slot that can support up to 1TB of memory cards. These additions are usually quite sought after by the middle market segment who make their main device the main mobile computing . 

One of the advantages offered from this device which is also quite tempting is IP67 support which provides additional peace of mind during use. Features that add to the premium feel and complement the modern minimalist design of the A54 5G. 

Camera specs and sample photos

Entering the discussion which is usually one of the main attractions of a mid-range device, namely the camera. The Galaxy A54 5G carries the typical specifications of the A series from Samsung which are quite reliable for photo and video activities. 

The Galaxy A54 5G has 3 rear cameras and 1 front camera. The main rear camera comes with a 50MP feature, there is OIS, then there is a 12MP ultra wide lens and the last is a 5MP macro camera . For the front camera there is 32MP which is also quite reliable for selfie photos. 

One of the advantages that the A54 5G brings is the interface, including the camera application, which is similar to Samsung devices in the flagship class . Even though it’s not as complete as the S23 Ultra, for example (no Expert RAW feature), important features such as PRO settings and Samsung’s signature eraser feature already exist on the Galaxy A54 5G.

With camera application features that are similar to flagships , users can maximize taking photos from the software side. Now, from the lens side, users can use the 50MP setting to make it easier to adjust the crop or use Samsung’s typical ultra wide lens to take objects so they feel wider. 

For the results themselves, this device can take photos quite well. In bright conditions during the day or also at night. The results of the photos can be directly shared on social media or you can also touch up the photos in the default camera application – because the default editing application is quite complete, then share them on your favorite social media. 

As for video recording specifications, the Galaxy A54 5G can record UHD 4K (3840 x 2169) @30fps and 240fps HD slow motion and is also equipped with VDIS and auto framing.

For some results or sample photos of the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, you can see the following:

Daytime photo

Dim light photo

Black and white photo

Close-up product photo

Daily use and gaming experience

Comes with a minimalist design, the A54 5G gives a comfortable impression when used. Without an additional casing this device appears with a modern and luxurious impression. Indeed, the glossy appearance on the back will be a finger print magnet , but the impression of luxury is quite a shame not to show it off. 

The front of the screen appears with a flat impression at the edges, even though the bezel is quite thick, this deficiency can be covered with a good screen quality. Even in direct sunlight. 

For daily operations, this device provides a pretty good experience. From the feeling of being held, the placement of the buttons to the computational ability as well. Switching applications, accessing social media and browsing the internet can be handled fairly well without significant problems. 

To play games yourself, the Galaxy A54 5G is also comfortable to use. Good screen quality adds to the fun of the game, battery support and processor support each other for a reliable playing experience. I tried the CODM game , the maximum settings that can be obtained are Frame Rate: Max, Graphics Quality: Low, and Frame Rate: Very High, then Graphics Quality: High.

One additional feature that makes playing games complete is the presence of stereo speakers . These sound-related facilities are important because when playing with two hands the lower speakers are often covered by the hands. The presence of speakers facing the front can keep the gaming experience awake . 

In the box package that I got, an XL prepaid card was also available. According to the segment it wants to target, a complete package of a reliable device complete with a cellular card. Open the box, you can just use the device for everyday life.

Conclusion of the Galaxy A54 5G review

As a middle class device, the Galaxy A54 5G has fairly even features. Can be used for everyday computing, playing games, good photos and contemporary designs. Some of the features and facilities it brings are also similar to the flagship, especially from the overall appearance of the design. 

For photo activities, the camera and processing of the device can also be relied on in its class. The camera application from the operating system it carries is also quite capable and complete, again like a flagship. Features to add filters from photos that have been edited , remove objects to pro mode , are available.

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G is a complete package of contemporary mobile devices in its class. As has become a tradition, the A series from Samsung can steal attention with the characteristics it brings.

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G sells for USD $405. It is available in several colors, namely Awesome Lime, Awesome Graphite, Awesome Violet and Awesome White.


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