Large monitors are usually sold at a fairly high price. Like most of their previous products, Xiaomi is again trying to offer a solution through its newest device called Mi Desktop Monitor 27 Inch.

What are the advantages of this monitor which is priced at less than 2.5 million rupiah? Come on, just look at the reviews!

Modern minimalist design

As the name implies, the 27-inch Mi Desktop Monitor has a size of 27 inches. Bigger than Xiaomi’s previous monitor, the 23-inch Mi Desktop Monitor 1C. If you’ve ever seen that other product, you will immediately be familiar with the design of the 27-inch Mi Desktop Monitor.

I think the design is more towards modern minimalism. The body is quite slim and the material feels sturdy, especially on the stand or legs which use metal material, complete with rubber underneath so it doesn’t move easily. The dominant color is black with a matte finish that is not easily soiled by finger marks.

If you look at the specification sheet, the 27-inch Mi Desktop Monitor weighs around 2.7 kilograms. It’s natural because it’s big. But for me, this monitor still feels light and very easy to move. What is certain is that you must prepare a table that is rather wide to accommodate it. The legs themselves are fairly slender so they don’t take up much space, but they are able to support the monitor steadily.

When first taken out of the box, the Mi Desktop Monitor 27 Inch offers the convenience of attaching a stand. Very easy but still have to use a screwdriver. Please note that once the legs are attached, you can only adjust the angle of the monitor up and down. The height cannot be tampered with.

How about the bezel? Thin at the top, left, and right. As with most other monitors on the market, the bottom bezel is thicker and has a single indicator light on the right. In the off state, I’d expect these top and side bezels to be very thin. But apparently, there are still black bars that are only visible after turning on.

Complete with ports and buttons

Mi Desktop Monitor 27 Inch has 1 HDMI 1.4 port, 1 VGA (D-Sub) port, 1 3.5mm audio jack port, and a port for power. It’s nothing special. Although limited, for me personally, it is actually sufficient. If you want to connect two devices via an HDMI port, you can purchase an accessory called an HDMI switcher.

All ports are located on the right rear. Parallel to some of the ports, there is a power button that also functions as a joystick to access various settings. Unfortunately, there is no cable management feature which in my opinion will make this monitor more tempting, especially if you want your desk to look neater than cable interference.

Oh yes, there is one free HDMI cable in the sales package.

Panel IPS 75Hz

It should be underlined, the Mi Desktop Monitor 27 Inch is not a gaming monitor. The target use is more for everyday use for productivity and entertainment. That’s why you shouldn’t expect to find high refresh rates and low response times here.

Interestingly enough, the 27-inch Mi Desktop Monitor has adopted an IPS panel. The resolution is Full HD aka 1920 x 1080 pixels. By default, the refresh rate setting is at 60Hz. But apparently we can increase it up to 75Hz through the settings in Windows. Well, maybe there are those who don’t know, this 75Hz refresh rate can only be achieved if you use the HDMI interface.

For everyday use, a monitor with a response time of 6ms for me is quite satisfactory. The brightness level is also fairly good, and the colors presented are pretty good with a 100 percent sRGB color gamut. For standard photo and video editing (not professionals who need perfect color accuracy), the 27-inch Mi Desktop Monitor is still ideal.

The viewing angle is also fairly wide, 178 degrees. I didn’t notice a significant drop in image quality when looking at it from the side, up, or down. That way, when I use it for work or watching movies, I don’t have to be perpendicular to get a good view.

For me, the 27-inch screen size also provides a more pleasant working experience. I can immediately open several application windows at once on one screen, so multitasking feels smoother. It’s okay for gaming too. The 75Hz refresh rate is sufficient when you want to play AAA games.

It should also be noted that the 27-inch Mi Desktop Monitor offers several modes that you can access via the joystick on the back. There is also a Game Mode, which as far as I can see, only increases brightness and contrast. Worth a try is the Low Blue Light Mode. Quite helpful so that the eyes do not get tired when working. According to Xiaomi, the Eye Protection feature on this monitor has received TUV Rheinland certification.

Cheap 27 inch monitor

Yes, the 27-inch Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor is included in the cheapest 27-inch IPS monitor on the Indonesian market today. Not the only one in its price class, but still a tantalizing option to consider. The 27-inch Mi Desktop Monitor is ideal for those of you who have a limited budget, and want a large entry-level monitor as the main desktop screen or an external screen for a laptop.

For those who are interested, the 27-inch Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor is sold at a price of IDR 2,499,000.

Pros of Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27 Inch:

  • 27 inch IPS panel
  • Refresh rate 75Hz
  • 100 percent sRGB
  • Minimalist design, perfect for modern workspaces
  • Eye Protection feature so your eyes don’t get tired
  • Relatively cheap price

Disadvantages of Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27 Inch:

  • Ports are a bit limited
  • It would be more interesting if there was a built-in feature to tidy up the cables

Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27 Inch is suitable for:

  • Students: With a wide size, this monitor is suitable for doing school/college assignments.
  • WFH Employees: Sometimes working from home with a small laptop screen makes you tired quickly. Mi Desktop Monitor 27 Inch can be an ideal external display option.
  • Casual gamers: The 75Hz refresh rate is still okay for casual gamers. For competitive games which usually require high fps, 75Hz is a bit lacking.
  • Content creators: For simple photo and video editing before uploading to Instagram or YouTube, the 27 Inch Mi Desktop Monitor is more than enough.

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