The Xiaomi TV A2 Series launches in two size options, namely 43 inches and 55 inches. According to the title of this article, I will review the 43-inch variant which I think is very tempting because it offers 4K UHD resolution and HDR support at a price of 3 million rupiah. But is Xiaomi able to present a smart TV with visual quality that spoils the eye? Come on, just look at the reviews!

Single stand ideal for small tables

For those of you who have been hesitant to ask for a TV measuring 43 inches and above because you don’t have an adequate table, the Xiaomi TV A2 Series might be the answer. For both 43 inches and 55 inches, Xiaomi uses legs with a single stand design that is positioned in the middle and is able to keep the TV standing firmly.

As far as I know, this single stand design has not been found in many cheap TVs. Usually, 43-55-inch smart TVs under 7 million rupiah carry double legs on the left and right ends. That means, you must have a rather long table if you don’t want to install it on the wall.

I myself am one of those people who are lazy to spend extra money to buy a new wider TV table. The TV table in the house is only about 1 meter long, making it difficult to accommodate a large TV with double legs at both ends. Through the Xiaomi TV A2 Series, I now have an affordable option especially when I want to switch to a 55-inch TV.

The 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2 adopts a unibody metal frame and thin bezels. It looks modern minimalist with the dominance of black. On the back, you will be presented with quite complete ports such as 3x HDMI, one of which supports eARC, 2x USB 2.0, 3.5mm audio jack, Composite In (AV), Optical Digital Audio Out, Ethernet (LAN), and antenna ports.

Visual quality is okay in its price class

In my opinion, as a TV with a price of only 3 million rupiah, the 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2 is able to present an unsightly picture. The resolution is 4K aka 3840 x 2160 and is supported by Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HLG, and 90 percent DCI-P3 color gamut. There’s also 60Hz MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) technology for smoother images in fast-moving scenes.

To watch YouTube, Netflix or Disney+, this Hotstar TV is of course compatible with 4K HDR/Dolby Vision content. However, for content with a frame rate of 24fps such as movies, I prefer to turn off the 60Hz MEMC feature because it makes the movement less natural and actually eliminates the cinematic feel.

In short, the visual quality presented by the 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2 is already above the price. Images are sharp with rich, vibrant colors, though the blacks aren’t as intense as expensive TVs with more sophisticated panels. The upscaling function is not available and is reasonable for a 43-inch TV. Watching 720p or 1080p content is still quite comfortable because the image doesn’t look broken.

You can adjust the color space to several available options, including DCI-P3, to get the color setting that best suits your taste. The viewing angle is also quite wide, 178 degrees, so there is no significant loss of quality when watching with a slightly sideways position.

One other thing that deserves appreciation is the default remote. The buttons are now much more complete and allow easy access to various settings without having to leave the application. For example, while watching YouTube, you simply press the Set button to open the Settings window, then change the required settings such as Network, Device Preferences (including picture mode options), and so on.

A little about audio, two 12W speakers and support for Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD are enough to accompany you to watch your favorite movies. The sound is clear and quite powerful, with bass that is still felt even though it is a bit thin. If you are not satisfied with the internal speakers, the presence of an Optical Audio Out port will make it easier for you to connect this TV to the soundbar.

Cheap 4K HDR TV for PS5

How to support the needs of gaming consoles? I tried to play PlayStation 5 games on a 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2, and the results were quite satisfactory. Since this is a 4K TV, of course the resolution is suitable for most PS5 and Xbox Series X games.

What was a problem was the HDR feature. When I first connected the PS5 to the Xiaomi TV A2, it turned out that HDR did not activate immediately and the PS5 detected it as a non-HDR TV. There are several steps to take. First turn off HDMI Control in Settings, re-enter the HDMI input connected to the PS5, then change the HDMI Mode to HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 2.1. Remember, you must use the HDMI cable that comes with the PS5 or one that supports HDMI 2.0 and above.

After that, the PS5 can detect HDR support on the 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2. But even though I have done HDR calibration on PS5, it turns out that the quality of the HDR Game mode on this TV is in accordance with the affordable price. When I tried to play the game Ghost of Tsushima, the HDR range in my eyes was not optimal and the colors became less accurate.

Finally, I prefer to disable the HDR Game function. Maybe that’s also the reason Xiaomi doesn’t activate HDR immediately once it’s connected to the PS5. Even though the TV from the next brand that I tried the HDR Game mode on immediately turned on.

Even so, for me this deficiency is still tolerable. Even a TV that costs 5-6 million rupiah doesn’t necessarily have a good HDR. To be sure, the 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2 can be an option that must be looked at if you are looking for a cheap 4K HDR TV for playing PS5.

Android TV 10 and DVB-T2 broadcast support

The 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2 is a device armed with a Cortex-A55 quad-core CPU, Mali G52 MP2 GPU, 2GB RAM, and 16GB internal storage. Performance is fast when switching between apps or browsing settings. The operating system is Android TV 10 with an interface that can be switched to Patchwall. Because it is based on Android, of course you can download various applications and games from the Google Play Store.

This TV is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection that allows you to connect accessories such as a TWS, gamepad, or Bluetooth keyboard. In addition, there is also Dual-Band WiFi support which is compatible with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.

Please also note that the 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2 already supports DVB-T2 digital broadcasting. What I like, the process of searching for TV broadcasts, both analog and digital, is very fast. In about 1 minute, this TV managed to catch dozens of broadcast channels from various local TV stations.


The 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2 is one of the cheapest 4K HDR TVs on the market right now. Although the price is pocket-friendly, the quality offered is commendable. Perfect for watching movies, playing console games, and enjoying digital TV broadcasts. Performance is also agile and responsive. In my opinion, the 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2 deserves to be in the ranks of the best TVs under USD $300 at the moment.

For those who are interested, the 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2 (4K) is sold at a price of USD $267.

Xiaomi TV A2 43 inch is suitable for:

  • Users who want to switch to smart TVs: Low prices with good quality are the reasons this product is suitable for those of you who are buying an Android-based TV for the first time.
  • PS5/XSX Gamers: Those of you who have the latest generation of consoles (PS5 or Xbox Series X) but don’t yet have a 4K TV can shoot the 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2.
  • Movie, series, and anime fans: This TV already supports 4K HDR and Dolby Vision on platforms like Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar. An affordable option for both in-room and living room entertainment.

Pros of Xiaomi TV A2 43 inch:

  • Okay design and carries a single stand
  • Agile performance aka not slow
  • Image quality is quite good for its price class
  • 4K resolution and supports HDR
  • Based on Android TV 10, can download many apps from Google Play Store
  • Support DVB-T2 digital broadcast
  • The speakers are pretty solid
  • Ports are classified as complete
  • New remote with more buttons, easy access to Settings without having to exit the app
  • Cheap price

Disadvantages of Xiaomi TV A2 43 inch:

  • HDR Game mode does not automatically activate when connected to PS5, and how to turn it on is also less practical
  • HDR Game mode quality still needs to be improved
  • The 60HZ MEMC feature which is on by default may not be suitable for all content

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