Olike there are quite a few TWS or wireless earbuds. The prices also vary, but are still very pocket-friendly. Olike HERO T9 is one of them. This TWS steals the show with its premium appearance. Curious about the quality of TWS at a price of USD $18? Check out his review as follows.

Olike HERO T9 design

The Oile HERO T9 comes with an oval-shaped protective case. Premium aura can be seen from the body color. The glossy body is coated with a midnight blue PVD coating. It’s quite rare to find TWS 200 thousand with this layer. At first glance, this design reminds us of the TWS Neo made by vivo.

The protective casing material is made of plastic. The protective case or earbud module is very light in weight. Overall the design is pretty solid. Although it feels a bit less sturdy in the hinge area of ​​the cover. Keep in mind that the design is not yet dust or splash resistant. So, you must be vigilant for use during sports or outdoors. Its shiny body is also prone to getting dirty with finger prints.

In the protective case there is only one USB-C port for charging the battery and one indicator LED. There are no buttons on the protective case.

Features of Olike HERO T9

With a selling price of USD $18, we really didn’t expect there to be many features in HERO T9. In this TWS can be found several standard features of TWS. Such as automatic pairing, smart control, and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity.

Pairing the Olike HERO T9 is very easy. Only need to open the lid then all devices can immediately detect its presence to connect. This TWS is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

Meanwhile, the smart control function can be found at the very top of the stem or stem. This function is very easy to navigate. Tap once to pause and play the music you want to play. Double tap on the left earbud module to go back and twice on the right earbud module to advance to the next song. The response with the touch of a finger is also very good.

It’s a shame that the smart control feature can’t be customized. One plus point is that the smart control also supports volume control. Triple tap on the left earbud module to decrease the volume and on the right earbud to increase the volume. Another feature, Olike HERO T9 supports Siri virtual assistant and Google Assistant when connected to iOS and Android devices.

Olike HERO T9 . audio quality

For sound reproduction, the Olike HERO T9 relies on a 13 mm sound driver. For testing the Olike HERO T9 we connected it to the Huawei P50 Pro. Music is played via Spotify with very high streaming quality.

To test how detailed the Olike HERO T9 is, we played Billy Jean – Susan Wong. In this song Susan Wong’s vocal voice can be heard clearly and clearly. But it feels a bit thin. Sound control at high frequencies is quite good. Does not make the ear spicy or cause annoying hizz effects. Sound separation is quite good. It’s not too detailed and the staging effect is also not too pronounced. However, for the bass sound in this song, we think it feels powerful.

Switching to a rock genre song, we played Toxicity – System of down. In this song, Olike HERO T9 is again able to present a clear vocal sound. The screams of the vocalist, Serj Takian, even though it feels a bit thin are still quite comfortable on the ears. So are all the accompanying instruments. Can be heard quite clearly from the sound of guitar shreds, bass, to drums even though it lacks detail.

Lastly is the bass sound test. We played Hot In it – Tiesto ft Charli XCX. In this song, we can feel the thumping sound of the Olike HERO T9 bass which must be applauded. Feels very powerful. Even so, the vocal sound can still compensate and still sound clear and clear. One note that our powerful bass is indeed very vulnerable. In some songs, it might feel too boomy and dominating. But, for some people who like bass sound, we believe the Olike HERO T9 will be very easy to spoil their ears.

For multimedia testing, when we use it to play games or watch movies, there is still a little delay. However, it doesn’t really interfere with the overall viewing or gaming experience. For gamers who are concerned with accurate sound quality, this is not the ideal choice.

From our overall test, Olike HERO T9 has a bright sound character with priority on clear vocals. Fortunately balanced by voice control in the high sector is good. So, don’t torment your ears. In addition, this TWS can also produce powerful bass sound.

Olike HERO T9 . Battery

Olike HERO T9 can be used up to about 4 hours to listen to music. Classified as average for its price class. This protective case is also equipped with a 300 mAh battery.

Conclusion Olike HERO T9

The Olike HERO T9 are TWS wireless earbuds that are quite attractive in their price class. This TWS is not equipped with many features. But, Olike managed to design it with a premium TWS design, clear vocal sound quality and powerful bass. The price of Olike HERO T9 is in the range of USD $18. Quite commensurate with the quality offered. HERO T9 Suitable for lovers of rock, pop, dance and electronic music. Also still reliable for multimedia connoisseurs and casual gamers.

Advantages of Olike HERO T9:

– Premium design
– Powerful bass with clear Vocals
– Light weight
– Type-C Connectivity
– Smart Control feature makes it easy
– Compatible with almost all devices
– Easy
pairing – Bluetooth 5.3 Connectivity

Disadvantages of Olike HERO T9

– The closing hinge feels less sturdy
– Not yet equipped with durability features – Does
not support fast recharge
– No active noise canceling feature
– Body prone to dirt
– Smart Control cannot be customized


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