With prices starting at USD $229 for the 6GB RAM variant and USD $242 for the 8GB RAM variant, the realme 9 4G completes the realme 9 Series lineup, which currently includes 4 types. The price and specifications put it above the realme 9i and below the realme 9 Pro and realme 9 Pro+.

Here are the realme 9 4G specifications:

Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 680
Internal memory 128GB
Screen Super AMOLED 6,4 inci Full HD+ 1080×2400 pixel, 90Hz
Rear camera 108MP ProLight Camera Samsung HM6 Sensor + Super Wide Camera 120° 8 megapixels, macro camera 2 megapixels
Front camera 16 megapixel
Battery 5000mAh with 33W Dart Charge
Dimension 160,2mm x 7,99mm x 73,3mm
Weight 178 grams

With its specifications, the realme 9 4G offers a fairly fast performance and a reliable camera. But what about the reality on the ground? Here’s a review of realme 9 4G from YANGCANGGIH.COM.

realme 9 4G Design & Display

Pros of design & display of realme 9 4G

  • Ergonomic design that is comfortable to grip

Having a 6.4-inch screen and a body width of 73mm, the realme 9 4G body is still slim for a modern Android smartphone. The body is comfortable to grip and operate with one hand though.

  • The body does not heat up for long enough use

We’ve been trying to play games and watch videos for some time on this phone and have never felt any overheating.

  • Screen quality is very good

The Super AMOLED screen with Full HD + resolution owned by realme 9 4G is capable of displaying sharp visuals with good color reproduction.

Weaknesses in realme 9 4G design & display

  • Ordinary design aesthetics

From the physical side, there is nothing special about the design of the realme 9 4G which is still similar to other types of realme phones (outside Narzo).

realme 9 4G performance

The advantages of realme 9 4G performance

  • Fast chipset for most users

Relying on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chipset which has a 6nm manufacturing process, the realme 9 4G has a performance similar to the Snapdragon 662 with more efficient power consumption.

  • Long battery life

We tested the battery life with PCMark and the results were very satisfying. realme 9 4G can last more than 18 hours, with a Wi-Fi connection. For daily use with normal usage patterns such as playing videos and playing games occasionally, calling and chatting , and accessing social media, realme 9 4G will be able to be used for about 15 hours.

Lack of performance of realme 9 4G

  • Not optimal for playing games with the highest graphics settings

In some games, it feels sluggish when playing at the highest graphics settings. But if the graphics settings are lowered, the game will run smoothly.

  • Sometimes there is a crash or lag when running some applications for the first time

There are some cases of hiccups or lags while navigating the app list and running apps.

realme 9 4G camera

The advantages of realme 9 4G camera

  • Photos taken outdoors in ideal light conditions are good

In bright light conditions outdoors, the photos look very good with excellent sharpness and detail. For indoor conditions with sufficient light, the photos are also satisfactory even though noise starts to appear in dark areas.

52125806243_a6dbd14670_o (1)



  • The front camera is capable of taking good selfies

Selfie fans will love the front camera, although the Beauty effect looks quite aggressive. The selfie photos from the front camera are also quite adequate when used indoors. The following is an example of a realme 9 4G selfie photo.


  • Good video results, as long as there is plenty of light


  • The video results from the front camera are okay and ideal for vlogging

Just like the selfie photos, the video results from the realme 9 4G front camera are also satisfying. Even in low light conditions as the following video results.

VID20220414175035 - ALomaki.com

Disadvantages of realme 9 4G camera

  • The results of macro mode photos are not okay, with faded colors

Just like other phones in its class that have a macro mode, the photos in macro mode with a size of 2 megapixels are not okay. The colors are faded with annoying noise. It is recommended that you use the main camera mode and do cropping .

  • Detailed photos in night conditions and dim light conditions are drastically reduced

Even when using Night Mode, photos in dark night conditions look reduced with significantly reduced noise and detail.


  • Portrait mode is only effective in ideal lighting conditions

Portrait mode can indeed be used indoors or in dark conditions, but the results will be much lower than if used in bright light conditions.


  • Ultra wide photos far from the main camera

The ultra wide camera in realme 9 4G class phones is only effective in ideal light conditions, such as daylight outdoors. So we were not surprised when we saw the results of the ultra wide photos of the realme 9 4G which were much different in quality when juxtaposed with the photos from the main camera in the same conditions. Distortion is also clearly visible, especially if the photo is taken from a less than optimal angle.



For some users, especially in small cities, 5G connectivity is still not a priority. So don’t be surprised if the realme 9 4G will still be an interesting phone to have.

Performance and long battery life will be features that users will like, especially for those who rarely take pictures at night. Even the realme 9 4G is also quite capable of being used as a vlogging device for social media. With a price of 3.3 million rupiah, the realme 9 4G is one of the smartphones that has the best balance of performance and price.

Who is realme 9 4G for?

Mobile gamer

The realme 9 4G performance will satisfy most mobile gamers who don’t have to run all the games on the highest settings. But for gamers who want the best performance, there is still a much faster realme GT2 Pro.

Students and students

For students and college students who need a smartphone to search for information, watch Youtube, record photos and videos and play games, realme 9 4G can be relied on. It’s just that, make sure you set expectations according to the price offered.

Influencer & Youtuber

The ability of the realme 9 4G camera is quite capable, as long as it is in ideal light conditions. For content creators who need a good camera, both for photos and videos, they will be able to rely on it as long as they have capable supporting devices such as lights and other accessories.

Public users

The ease of use of the realme 9 4G will also make it suitable for ordinary users such as parents who don’t fiddle with gadgets or users who need a smartphone for communication.

Photography and videography enthusiast

realme 9 4G is not the best choice for users who are concerned with video and photo quality. It is recommended that you choose realme 9 Pro+ for more satisfying photo and video results.


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