One reason many gamers use headphones when playing games is usually to maintain peace at home and around them. But for an exciting gaming experience, these Razer speakers promise even more fun.

The Razer Nommo Pro is a premium speaker with various gaming support features such as an adjustable RGB lighting arrangement, as well as THX and Dolby Audio certifications.

Razer Nommo Pro Design

In terms of design, the Razer Nommo Pro comes with a form that is not mainstream like a speaker box in general. The design of the Nommo Pro subwoofer speaker is thick with the feel of a tube shape. If the subwoofer looks like a big tube, the design of the 2 satellite speakers is like a tube sitting on a stand.

The satellite design is indeed quite compact and doesn’t take up much space on the table, although it is quite heavy. That is 2.35 kg per satellite. Each satellite is provided with a non-detachable paracord cable. This cable is quite thick and not easily damaged, worth the price.

The subwoofer unit is not only big, but also quite heavy. All cables will be centered on the back of the subwoofer, including the power button and power cable. The design quality of the satellite and subwoofer is very good, with a minimalist black color. No need to worry if the satellite speakers look standard, because there are RGB lights that can be adjusted via the application that glow from the satellite speaker stand. So don’t be afraid there will be a tacky impression from the sparkling lights of the speaker.

Razer Nommo Pro . Connectivity

Completeness of connectivity is also impressive. You can connect the speakers to a PC via USB and optical connections for clearer sound or a regular 3.5mm audio jack connection. Also available is a Bluetooth connection to connect it to a smartphone or tablet.

All of this connectivity can be managed via the round-shaped Control Pod. There are two physical buttons on this Control Pod, with a mute/unmute button in the middle and a switch button for selecting a connection. The top of the Control Pod can be rotated to adjust the volume. The volume level will be indicated by the number of small light dots that circle from left to right. turn right to increase, and left to decrease volume.

Razer Nommo Pro sound quality

But what we like most about the Razer Nommo Pro is the sound quality.

This speaker will instantly deliver a wide soundstage with clear sound and deep bass. Playing racing games like Asphalt 9 on a mobile phone that is connected via an audio jack, becomes much more exciting and fun. The sound of the roar of a racing car engine is really felt to the chest. Likewise the sound of explosions when playing FPS games like Valorant and the like. Human vocals also sound clear and clear so that it makes us feel like we are in the game.

Turning to watching movies, the Razer Nommo Pro also managed to turn our small room into a small cinema. We tested it via a USB connection to a PC and the results were very satisfying. The voice of the conversation sounded clear with a fairly accurate position. While the sound of the bass boom also sounded steady and felt in the chest.

However, we recommend that you install the free Nommo Pro application to adjust the bass which is often excessive and out of control. This is very important and felt when listening to songs. This excessive bass boom often covers the details of the singer’s voice in the song. It’s a shame considering the Nommo Pro’s tweeter is tunable for vocal-dominated jazz.

Razer Nommo Pro Conclusion

The Razer Nommo Pro is an example of a speaker designed seriously for gaming purposes. This can be seen from the design and features.

Fortunately, Razer still pays attention to the sound quality which is also suitable for film lovers. With the right settings, the sound quality is also suitable for music lovers. So for users who need cool speakers with good sound quality for their computers, and don’t mind the price, the Razer Nommo Pro can be an option. 

Advantages of the Razer Nommo Pro

  • Unique and futuristic satellite speaker design
  • Subwoofer is very powerful
  • There is an RGB light on the satellite speaker
  • Very good audio quality 
  • There is a Control Pod that makes it easy to access settings
  • Complete connectivity
  • The Nommo Pro app is easy to use

Drawbacks of the Razer Nommo Pro

  • Subwoofer needs extra space
  • Bass is a bit excessive and out of control
  • Audio settings must be through the app
  • Premium price .

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