Realme’s IoT ecosystem is getting more complete. For home entertainment other than the realme Smart TV, the realme Smart TV Stick is now available . This device can be the easiest and most economical solution to convert your old flat screen TV into a Smart TV. Curious as to what? Check out his review as follows.

realme Smart TV Stick design

realme Smart TV Stick comes with a very compact design. So, it can be easily carried anywhere. At first glance the design looks like a USB Flash drive. On the body can only be found a micro-USB port for charging and an HDMI connector. According to realme, this device has passed various toughness tests. That way it can be relied on for long term use.

In the sales package, realme also completes it with a remote control. This remote control is very light. Energy intake relies on two AAA batteries.

Various shortcut keys to access multimedia applications are also available. In addition, this remote is equipped with a microphone. It is very useful to call the Google Assistant virtual assistant for voice command control.

As a smart device, the realme Smart TV Stick supports WiFi connection to connect to the network and Bluetooth 5.0. Through a Bluetooth connection you can connect it to other devices such as keyboards.

Features of realme Smart TV Stick

The features are quite simple. Running the Android TV operating system version 11 you can enjoy all the benefits of the Google ecosystem. From the Google Assistant virtual assistant, Chromecast for screen sharing from smartphone to TV screen, to the Play Store app store for adding apps. realme Smart TV Stick can also enter in the Google Home smart home ecosystem.

Realme Smart TV Stick performance

How to use realme Smart TV Stick is very easy. You just need to plug it into the HDMI port on the TV. Then, connect the microUSB cable to the power adapter. Another option if your TV has a USB port available, the USB cable can also be plugged into the TV to take power.

In addition to the realme TV, the Smart TV Stick can also be connected to other devices that have an HDMI port. Such as monitors, projectors, to laptops.

Keep in mind that the realme Smart TV Stick doesn’t have an Audio port yet. So, just make sure all the devices you want to connect are equipped with built-in speakers. Especially for use on laptops, additional devices are needed, namely USB HDMI capture.

for specifications, the realme Smart TV Stick is powered by a quad-core Cortex-A35 chipset. The chipset is supported by 1GB of RAM. Meanwhile, the storage space is available with a capacity of 8GB. This storage space will be directly used around 4GB for the Android TV operating system.

These specifications are sufficient to run the Android TV operating system. At least navigating and opening and closing apps feels pretty smooth. The simple interface of Android TV is also very easy to use. On your home page it is possible to install frequently accessed applications.

The remaining 4GB of storage space is also still enough to add a variety of favorite multimedia applications that can be downloaded via the Play Store.

For realme display, the Smart TV Stick only supports image output up to Full HD 60 Hz resolution. It’s a shame that it doesn’t support 4K resolution yet. However, one plus point is that the realme TV Stick supports HDR10+ content.


Smart TV prices are getting cheaper. For example, entry-class Smart TVs with the Android 11 operating system and HDR on the market are currently sold at prices starting from 1.8 million Rupiah. Well, this is where the advantages of the realme Smart TV Stick are. With a selling price of 500 thousand Rupiah, the realme Smart TV Stick can easily convert your old old flat screen TV into a Smart TV with the Android 11 operating system and supports HDR10+. Its compact design also allows this device to be easily carried anywhere.

Pros of realme Smart TV Stick:

– Compact design
– Easy to use
– Runs Android 11 operating system
– Supports HDR10+
– Supports Chromecast
– Low price
– Equipped with remote

Disadvantages of realme Smart TV Stick:

– Does not support 4K yet
– Average performance


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