Present as the successor to the Galaxy A52s, the Galaxy A53 5G has a heavy enough burden to at least match the quality offered by its elder brother. A task that may be complicated for Samsung, because it has already set high standards in the previous generation. If this new product is not better, of course there will be disappointed fans.

Curious as to what the advantages of the Galaxy A53 5G are? Come on, just look at the reviews!

Stylish with a charming new color

I’ve mentioned in a previous hands-on article that the design of the Galaxy A53 5G still carries DNA similar to the previous series. In fact it is. But that does not mean this is a drawback. Because in my opinion, if nothing is bad, why should it be changed? The important thing is not to keep presenting similar designs to future series, so that consumers don’t get bored.

Yes, the Galaxy A53 5G is still stylish and even more charming thanks to a new color called Awesome Peach. It looks fresh, modern, elegant, and not marketable. Combined with a matte finish, the back of the body feels smooth when in contact with the skin.

The slight difference is in the area around the rear camera frame where the curve is now made more seamless, so the impression is more integrated with the body. Samsung calls it Ambient Edge. In addition, although it is not the slimmest and thinnest in its class because it has a thickness of 8.1 mm and a weight of 189 grams, the Galaxy A53 5G is still quite comfortable to operate with one hand and fits into a trouser pocket.

While on the front you will find a 6.5-inch Infinity-O screen with a small punch hole in the middle. The bezels around it are thin except for the slightly thicker chin. At the bottom, Samsung places a USB Type-C port, speaker hole, and SIM-tray.

Please note that the Galaxy A53 5G already has IP67 certification. That means, you don’t have to worry when your phone gets rained on or spilled drinking water. Taking pictures in the pool is not a problem. But when in the water use the volume down button as a camera shutter because the screen is not responsive.

Special screen

Galaxy A53 5G is a smartphone with a 6.5-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED Infinity-O display, which is supported by a 120Hz refresh rate. This flat screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, and has a small punch hole in the top center to accommodate the selfie camera. The fingerprint sensor is also hidden on the screen.

During testing, I found the Galaxy A53 5G screen to be quite special like most other Samsung smartphone screens in the same class. The display is bright (800 nits), sharp, and with rich colors. Use in the sun is not a problem at all.

What is so prima donna is the refresh rate. 120Hz seems to be the new standard for Samsung phones in the mid-range segment. The movement of the image is certainly much smoother and pleasing to the eye. But one thing that makes it less than perfect, there is no Adaptive option which means you have to choose between 120Hz or 60Hz. If you want to stay at 120Hz, get ready to waste more battery.

Talking a little about audio, the Galaxy A53 5G is equipped with stereo speakers that are able to provide loud and clear sound quality. Don’t forget Dolby Atmos and Dolby Atmos for Gaming technologies are provided to provide a more realistic audio experience.

Camera is okay in various conditions

This smartphone has a 64 MP f/1.8 main camera on the back which is supported by OIS. There is also a 12 MP ultra-wide camera, a 5 MP depth sensor, and a 5 MP macro. In addition to promising good image capture in various conditions, the main camera can also record videos up to 4K resolution at 30fps. While on the front, there is a 32 MP selfie camera.

At first glance there are no configuration changes from the Galaxy A52s. The composition is still the same, with the photo quality which in my opinion is still similar. You will again be presented with sharp image capture with high detail, as well as Samsung’s signature color reproduction that is bright and slightly underwhelming when shooting in ideal light conditions.






The ultra-wide camera of the Galaxy A53 5G is also quite good. The color is not pale, the dynamic range is decent, although in terms of sharpness, it clearly can’t match the main camera. For bokeh, the effects of Portrait mode look neat and natural, and are equipped with a series of background effects to make photos more interesting. selfie? Standard only. There are still better in its class.




Switching to low-light shooting, the Night Mode on the Galaxy A53 5G is quite capable of producing bright photos with a night feel that is still like the original. Noise can be noticeable at times, and the image sharpness isn’t as good as some of its competitors. Maybe through a software update, Samsung can improve the quality of its Night mode. Please note, ultra-wide cameras and selfie cameras can also use Night Mode. Not bad even though the end result is below the main camera.




Apart from Night, the default modes are more or less the same as most of today’s mid-range Samsung phones. You’ll find Food Mode if you want to create great food photos without the hassle of setting this up. There’s also Single Take for getting multiple photos and videos at once, as well as a Snapchat-like Fun Mode.




In essence, the Galaxy A53 5G is a phone with a camera that can be relied on to take pictures in various lighting conditions. The videography ability is also quite satisfactory. Full HD 60fps can still be stable and charming, both using the rear and front cameras. If you need a higher resolution, there is a 4K option.

1080p 60fps -

1080p 30fps -

1080p 30fps (night) -

Smooth performance, quite fun for gaming

From the performance sector, Samsung relies on the Exynos 1280 chipset with the Mali-G68 GPU. The embedded RAM is 8 GB and can be expanded through the virtual RAM feature. For storage, consumers are offered two options, including 128 GB and 256 GB. There is a microSD slot but it is a hybrid, aka you have to sacrifice SIM-card 2.

If you pay attention, the Galaxy A53 5G chipset is the same as the Galaxy A33 5G which is cheaper. It’s okay, the important thing is that the performance is smooth and this is a relatively new chipset with 5nm fabrication. Even so, I believe the A53 5G will feel even more special if it gets a faster chipset. Moreover, its predecessor device, Galaxy A52s, uses Snapdragon 778G.

For daily use Exynos 1280 is clearly more than enough. Opening and running various applications feels responsive and agile. Shooting with night mode doesn’t take long. In addition, this chipset is also power efficient. The presence of the Virtual RAM feature will help those of you who like multitasking by opening many applications at once.

Playing games with the Galaxy A53 5G for me is quite fun. Genshin Impact can’t be run with high frame rates, but it’s still quite playable at the lowest settings. New drop frames will appear in crowded battle scenes. For lighter games such as Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile, the A53 is able to run it smoothly without significant problems. Before this article was released, Samsung had also launched an update that promised more optimal performance.

If you ask the Galaxy A53 5G or the Galaxy A52s for performance matters, I will answer depending on how big your gaming needs are. For casual gamers, the Galaxy A53 5G is very adequate. But if you’re a user who prioritizes performance above all else, go for the A52s.

A little about the battery, the Galaxy A53 5G is equipped with a capacity of 5,000 mAh which is able to accompany my activities all day long. The charging technology is 25W, not as fast as some of its competitors and it takes less than 1.5 hours to fully charge. Well, what might make potential consumers think twice or three times before buying is the absence of a charger in the sales box.

Usually, users who upgrade their cellphones by selling their old devices first will include a default charger with the cellphone they sell. If you don’t have a backup charger, it means that you have to spend extra money when you ask for the Galaxy A53 5G. On the other hand, the Galaxy A52s still provides a more complete sales package, including an already installed charger and screen protector.


The Galaxy A53 5G is a fun smartphone for everyone. Its capabilities are balanced in all features, and in terms of design it is easy to make people fall in love. Another plus, this is a device with an IP67 rating which is quite rare in its class.

Apart from hardware adjustments and sales packages that have the potential to be compared to the A52s, I still recommend the Galaxy A53 5G as an interesting option for those of you who have a budget of 5-6 million. The official price is USD $414 for the 8/128 GB variant, and USD $449 for the 8/256 GB variant.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy A53 5G:

  • Cool design, especially for the new color
  • Water and dust resistant with an IP67 . rating
  • Exceptional 120Hz Super AMOLED display
  • Camera is okay in ideal light conditions
  • Good video recording
  • Agile and responsive performance
  • The battery is quite durable
  • Stereo speakers with great sound
  • There is NFC
  • Promised software updates for 4 years

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy A53 5G:

  • Minimum sales package, no charger and screen protector
  • Slot hybrid
  • It would be more interesting if it had an adaptive refresh rate feature
  • Without 3.5mm audio audio port
  • Chipset performance is still below the previous generation
  • The results of Low-light photos may be further improved through software updates

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is suitable for:

  • Users who want to switch to 5G: Galaxy A53 5G can be considered if you want to switch from a 4G to 5G phone.
  • Social media fans: Those of you who like to take photos and upload them to social media can rely on the Galaxy A53 5G camera for good results.
  • Vlogger: The video recording capability is good and stable. Suitable for creating content such as vlogs.
  • Students/students: In terms of price it might be a bit high for most students. But in terms of features, the Galaxy A53 5G is complete to support the productivity and creativity of young people. The design is also modern.
  • Employees: Fairly balanced performance in almost every sector makes this phone perfect for work.
  • Netflix/Korean drama fans: The screen of this phone is very pleasing to the eye, and is suitable for watching content from streaming services such as Netflix in HD quality.

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