This year’s wearable device ecosystem from Samsung is getting more and more attention. For example , the Galaxy Buds2 Pro which comes with a series of updates to spoil the ears of music lovers. Curious about the features and audio quality? Check out our review below.

Smaller and more comfortable design

At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro looks similar to the Galaxy Buds2 released last year. The earbud modules to the protective case design are pretty much identical. However, if you look closely, there are some differences. First of the dimensions. Galaxy Buds2 dimensions are 15% smaller than the previous Galaxy Buds2. Practical when used, we think the Galaxy Buds2 Pro is more comfortable and fits the ear. By using the right ear tips you also don’t have to worry about this TWS easily slipping off. Even when used to accompany sports activities.

Another difference is in a little touch of black on the surface of the body. For color choices, the Buds2 Pro is still available in three color options, namely White, Graphite, and Bora Purple.

For the unit we are reviewing is Graphite color. The earbud module and protective case are coated in a matching matte black finish. With a matte coating, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro is not prone to getting dirty with finger prints.

One plus is that the design is also waterproof with an IPX7 rating. So, it is safe when exposed to splashes of water or sweat during sports.

Complete features in its class

In its price class, we think the Galaxy Buds2 Pro is not stingy with features. These features can be accessed through the Galaxy Wearable application on a smartphone. To make sure the Galaxy Buds2 Pro fits right in the ear, Samsung provides the Earbud Fit test feature. Navigation can rely on the tap function on each earbud module. The tap function can also be configured through the application.

Then, there is a Neck Stretch Reminder feature to monitor the user’s posture. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro can tell when the user has been sitting down with a bad posture for more than 10 minutes. Then, it will send a notification reminding the user to do a complete stretch with the suggested tutorial.

Active noise cancellation or ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and Ambient Sound features are also available. In our opinion, the active noise cancellation feature is also very good. Sounds from the surrounding environment can be blocked to the maximum. Meanwhile, the Ambient Sound feature allows sounds from around you can still be heard.

Galaxy Buds2 Pro also brings the Voice Detect feature. This feature allows the Galaxy Buds2 Pro to detect the user’s voice and switch from ANC mode to Ambient Sound automatically. Very useful when talking. So, there is no need to remove this TWS from the ear.

Another interesting feature is 360 Audio support. This feature allows users to enjoy music with a more immersive audio experience. For some people this feature is less useful. This is understandable considering that 360 audio content is still limited. However, we are quite impressed with this feature. At least, it can provide a more exciting and different music listening experience.

To pamper the ears of Galaxy Buds2 Pro users, it now also supports 24-bit Hi-Res Audio with the Samsung Seamless Codec. So, you can enjoy streaming music with clearer and more detailed audio quality.

The limitations that we encountered with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro are the 24-bit Hi-Res Audio feature with Samsung Seamless Codec and Audio 360 can only be used on Samsung Galaxy devices. So, indeed all the features and potential of this TWS will be more optimal when paired with a Samsung Galaxy device. Besides these two features, users of non-Galaxy smartphones or other Android smartphones and iPhones can still use the Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

Satisfactory audio quality

Galaxy Buds2 Pro still maintains the formula of a 2-way speaker with a woofer and tweeter for sound reproduction. AKG manufacturers are also still entrusted to mix the sound output.

To test it we connected the Galaxy Buds2 Pro to a Samsung Galaxy M53 5G smartphone. We used the iTunes app and streamed songs with loseless Hi-Res audio quality 24bit/96 kHz ALAC and Normal or flat EQ settings.

The first song is Michael Bubble – When I Fall in Love. In this song, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro managed to immediately steal our attention with a very pleasing sound quality. The staging feels wide, the vocals sound very clear and the separation between each instrument sound in the background also sounds very detailed and neat.

Turning to the song Unchained Melody – Denise King, in this song the vocal sound also sounds very clear. The sound of drums and piano in the background also sounds very detailed. The resulting Bass portion is also balanced. Feels powerful and not too much.

In songs that emphasize bass sound, for example, I’m Good – David Guetta ft Bebe Rexha, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro can still be relied on. For us, the bass sound that is produced still feels powerful and does not cover the vocals. However, for music fans with boomy or powerful bass, the bass character may not be suitable for your ears.

Overall, we think the Galaxy Buds2 Pro is capable of producing a very natural and neutral sound. Not too warm or bright which can make the ears spicy. The bass beat feels quite powerful. Detail and staging is also very good.

In short, the sound quality of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro in our opinion is above the other Samsung TWS averages. Suitable for a variety of musical genres and very safe for anyone’s ears. Even audiophiles.

In addition to listening to music, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro can also be relied on to make calls. The quality of the microphone it carries is also okay. The voice can be heard clearly to the other person when we make a call. The latency rate is also quite low. When used to watch movies or gaming, the sound still sounds in sync with the visuals that appear on the screen.


Bringing quite a lot of features, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro can offer quite a long usage time. As Samsung claims the battery can be up to about 5 hours with an active noise canceling feature.

Average for TWS with ANC. Without ANC the battery life can be up to 8 hours. With the help of the protective case, the total time of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro can be up to 18 hours. Enough to accompany daily activities while working, sports or mobility. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro can be charged via USB-Type C or wirelessly.


Comfortable to use and the audio quality that is very pleasing to the ear are the two main advantages of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. TWS is also not stingy features. The presence of the 24-bit Hi-Res Audio feature with Samsung Seamless Codec and Audio 360 is definitely a plus. Especially for users of Samsung Galaxy devices. Improvements to the ANC feature must also be applauded.

For battery life which is up to about 5 hours with ANC, it is quite average. It’s not the most durable. Longer usage time can still be circumvented by turning off the ANC feature. With a series of improvements to its features and audio quality, we think the Galaxy Buds2 Pro deserves the title of Samsung’s best TWS in 2022.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro:

+ Very comfortable to use
+ ANC feature is getting more and more powerful to ward off noise
+ Audio quality is very good
+ Supports Hi-Res Audio 24 bit and Audio 360
+ Full features in its class
+ Seamless connection for Samsung Galaxy devices
+ Competitive price

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxu Buds2 Pro:

– Hi-Res Audio 24-bit and Audio 360 compatible only with Samsung Galaxy devices
– Average battery with ANC
– EQ no custom setting options

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro is suitable for:

– Music fans: Excellent audio quality makes it ideal for a wide variety of music genres
– Worker: Sound is clear during voice calls or online meetings. In an office environment, the Voice Detect feature will also be very helpful when talking to the other person.
– Movie buffs: Low latency makes it ideal for watching your favorite movies or series.


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