For some genres of PC games, the sensation of playing games will be more enjoyable if played on a curved screen or curved monitor . But usually, one thing that hinders consumers when they want to ask for a monitor with a curved screen is the price. Curved screen monitors are generally a bit expensive. But Samsung changed that with the Odyssey G5 C27G55TQW series which is sold at a relatively affordable price, which is in the range of 5 million rupiah.

Samsung Odyssey G5 Desain Design

When we first saw it, we were quite impressed by the design, which is thick with a futuristic but minimalist feel. This impression also radiates from the built-in plastic stand which is slim and looks simple. On the plus side, the Odyssey G5 stand design doesn’t take up much space on the desk and leaves plenty of room to put things in front of the keyboard or under the monitor.

It’s just that, this slim stand is less able to hold the screen so it doesn’t shake when touched by a hard enough touch. Unfortunately, the screen position setting is limited to facing straight ahead.

The design of this 16:9 monitor with WQHD resolution also looks neat and clean, in fact it is almost similar to a regular monitor. This simplicity is also found in the settings. The menu is easy to understand with a modern look to adjust various screen settings.

This monitor has a curved angle of 1000R which is comfortable when used. From testing, running office applications and games remains equally comfortable.

Features of Samsung Odyssey G5

By positioning itself as a gaming monitor, the Samsung Odyssey G5 has been equipped with several useful features for gamers such as AMD FreeSync Premium. With this feature, the monitor will be able to display game visuals at 120 fps and set the display to remain smooth even though the frame rate displayed is still low.

If Freesync is active, some menu options such as refresh rate, response time, low input lag , will be set automatically and cannot be set manually. For the record, to achieve a refresh rate of 144hz, you must use an HDMI or Display Port connection.

As a gaming monitor, there are several modes that can be selected according to the type of game such as: FPS to increase visibility when playing First-Person Shooter games by brightening dark areas on the screen, RTS to increase the color and contrast ratio of the screen and maps when playing strategy games, RPG to adjust the graphic quality of the 3D scene on the screen in AAA or Role Play games, as well as AOS to improve the quality and contrast of the screen image in MOBA games.

In addition, there are other picture modes such as Cinema for watching movies in a dim room, and Dynamic Contrast to make images look sharper than usual. There is also a Black Equalizer feature to adjust the intensity of the black color on the screen. An example of its use, when playing a game and an area is too dark, we can use this feature to make the area brighter so we can see more clearly if there are enemies hiding.

For those who like to linger in front of the screen, there is an Eye Saver feature that can reduce blue light from the screen so that the eyes feel more comfortable even though they stare at the screen all day. This feature is effective enough to make the eyes do not get tired quickly when we use it to work several hours.

Complementing the features that are quite complete, the display quality of this monitor is also good. In addition to gaming, the 27-inch Odyssey G5 is also comfortable to wear for work. Color reproduction is quite good, although not ideal for graphic design or photo and video editing.

The viewing angle of this monitor is quite limited, so the visual quality will immediately decrease when viewed from the side. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on the user.


For a gaming monitor with a price of 5 million rupiah, the 27-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 is relatively affordable. Especially if you are after a gaming monitor with a curved screen.

Supported by a fairly complete array of gaming features, this monitor is worthy of being relied upon as a gaming monitor for your PC or laptop.

Pros of Samsung Odyssey G5:

  • Futuristic and minimalist curve design
  • Good display quality
  • Refresh rate 144Hz
  • Support FreeSync
  • Complete gaming features
  • Relatively affordable price

Cons of Samsung Odyssey G5:

  • Slim stand easily sways when touched
  • The quality of the display decreases when viewed from the side
  • Limited screen position setting

Specifications of Samsung Odyssey G5 27 inch

Specification Samsung Odyssey G5
Max Resolution WQHD (2560 × 1440) 16: 9
panel type VA Flat
Response Time 1ms
Refresh Rate 144Hz refresh rate with low input lag
Brightness Level 250 nights
Support & Features AMD Freesync Premium, HDR 10, Eye Saver, Black Equalizer
Connectivity 1 Display Port, 1 HDMI Port, 1 Audio 3.5mm Port, 1 USB 2.0 Port
Dimension 61.66 x 47.74 x 27.26 cm
Heavy 4.5 kg

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