Smartphone standards in the middle class this year are getting more and more tempting. Moreover, coupled with the 5G trend. vivo T1 5G is one of them. In addition to 5G support, there are quite a few interesting features on this smartphone. Curious about how good it is? Check out his review as follows.

vivo T1 5G design

vivo T1 5G comes with a slim body profile. The thickness of the body is about 8.2 mm. With a 6.58-inch screen panel and an overall 20:9 aspect ratio, this smartphone is very comfortable in the hand.

The back panel of the body is also not slippery. vivo coats it with a Crystalline Matte finish. This coating will not leave fingerprints, dust or scratches. But, just in case we still prefer to use the protective case.

There are two body color choices. Starlight Black and Rainbow Fantasy. For the unit we are reviewing, the following colors are Rainbow Fantasy. It looks beautiful and premium. The color transition effect will appear when exposed to light.

The placement of the button is on the right side of the body. At the top there are slots for SIM and microSD cards. There are only two slots. One microSD slot can also be used to install a SIM card. So, it can be adjusted according to need. If using dual SIM is practical you have to be satisfied with the internal memory which has a capacity of 128GB.

At the bottom of the body there is a 3.5mm audio jack slot, USB-C port and speakers. For the quality of the speakers themselves, in our opinion, less powerful. Enjoying multimedia content or playing games is more fun when using TWS or headphones.

Vivo T1 5G screen

The 6.58-inch screen it carries comes with a Colorful LCD panel that adheres to a tear drop style. The screen panel supports a FHD+ resolution of 2408 x 1080 pixels and a P3 color gamut. Display on the screen looks sharp and rich in color. One feature that is absent is the screen panel does not support high refresh rates. However, in our opinion it is not very important. The reason is, all the movements and transition effects on the interface still look comfortable on the eyes.

Vivo T1 5G features

In addition to 5G connectivity, this smartphone brings quite a lot of features. For security, there is support for a fingerprint sensor that is directly integrated with the power button. This fingerprint sensor feels responsive and can quickly unlock the screen. It is also possible for you to store up to five different fingerprints.

In addition to the fingerprint sensor, there is also a face detection feature to unlock the screen or face unlock. Like the fingerprint sensor, the face unlock ability of the vivo T1 is fast and responsive in sufficient lighting conditions.

vivo T1 5G also pays attention to gamers. It is proven by the presence of the Ultra Game Mode 2.0 feature. This feature provides a profile mode for setting its performance. There are three options available namely Battery Saver, Balance and Performance. In addition, you are also allowed to disable some features such as notifications that can be annoying while playing games.

Extended RAM feature is also available. This feature can be used to increase the capacity of the built-in RAM virtually up to 4GB. It should be noted that the vivo T1 5G is available with two RAM options, namely 4GB and 8GB. For the model we are reviewing with 8GB RAM. So, with the Extended RAM feature, the total RAM can be up to 12GB.

Another feature, NFC support is available. You can also enjoy the built-in features of the FunTouch OS 12 operating system it runs. Like for example dark mode, split screen, App Clone etc.

Vivo T1 5G camera

So what about the camera? vivo T1 5G comes with a triple camera configuration. The main camera with a 50 megapixel sensor, a 2 megapixel Super Bokeh camera and a 2 megapixel Super Macro camera. There is no camera option with an ultrawide lens. The telephoto camera is also not available. But, fortunately there is still the option of shooting with 2x zoom digitally. To be creative, vivo provides a variety of color filter effects and Portrait Light effects.




In bright lighting conditions, the Vivo T1 5G main camera is very satisfying. The photos are quite consistent with the results that look sharp and the colors are quite accurate. HDR feature is also supported. Very useful for taking photos in backlight or backlit conditions. Shooting with the HDR feature, the photos will look a little sharpening effect. The colors also look a little more mature due to the increased color saturation.






Shooting in night conditions there is a Night mode. vivo T1 5G is reliable enough to take pictures in low light and night conditions with photo shots that are quite sharp and minimal noise.





Meanwhile, in Portrait mode, the Super Bokeh camera can still produce photos with a pretty neat bokeh effect. The bokeh effect can also be adjusted with options such as Circle, heart, Triangle, Stars and Pentagon.



To shoot from a distance the photos with the 2x zoom feature are less than satisfactory. Fair enough considering the zoom is done digitally. The photos look less detailed with a slightly excessive sharpening effect.

No Zoom


Zoom 2x




No Zoom 2x at night


Zoom 2x at night


For those who like to take pictures from close range, the macro camera is quite good. The photos look quite sharp and detailed, but the color control is a bit inconsistent.




For selfies, the front camera is equipped with a 16 megapixel sensor. The photos with the front camera are very good. Various color filter effects, bokeh and beauty are also available.


In vivo T1 5G video mode, you can only record videos at a maximum resolution of Full HD 1080 fps. The available frame rate options are 30 fps and 60 fps. The full results of the vivo T1 5G photo without the editing process can be seen on the FLICKR account below .

vivo also provides a Dual-View Video recording option which allows the front and rear cameras to record two videos simultaneously. Unfortunately, there is no stabilizer feature support for video recording yet.

Vivo T1 5G performance

vivo T1 5G is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 810 5G chipset. The unit we are reviewing is the 8GB model with 128GB of internal memory. The benchmark results are as follows.

For everyday use, the Vivo T1 5G is very reliable. Running Funtouch OS based on Android 12, the performance feels rushed. We hardly encountered any lag issues while using it. The Funtouch OS interface is also simple and easy to use.

For gaming the performance is also quite okay. It’s not the strongest. This is understandable because this smartphone is not specifically designed for gaming. Some of the game titles we tried, such as Genshin Impact and Call Of Duty Mobile, can still be played quite smoothly. But, don’t forget to change the performance to Performance mode via the available Ultra Game Mode 2.0 feature.

In the Genshin Impact game from our tests, the vivo T1 5G is comfortable to play at 30 fps settings and low graphics settings. At 60 fps is still possible. But, you will feel the occasional fps drop. Likewise at 30 fps medium graphics settings. For the Call Of Duty Mobile game, the vivo T1 5G can play it on medium graphics and high frame rates.

One thing that really impressed us about the vivo T1 5G is its thermal management. As long as we use it for gaming for a long time, the back of the body doesn’t heat up quickly. The surface of the body only feels a little warm sensation. Very safe and still comfortable in the hand. Gaming performance also remains stable. This was successfully realized thanks to the cooling system with Liquid Cooling technology that it carries. The technology promises heat dissipation capabilities that can lower temperatures up to 10 degrees Celsius. Thermal management is also supported by the Multi-Turbo 5.5 feature which is claimed to be able to optimize network usage, heat dissipation, AI and gaming performance.

vivo T1 5G battery

The battery life with a capacity of 5000 mAh is also satisfactory. For benchmark results using the PC Mark application, the battery can record around 22 hours connected to WiFi, the screen brightness level is 30% and the battery percentage is 100%. In practice, for daily use the battery can still be relied on all day.

Charging the battery is also supported by the Fast Charge 18W fast charging feature. Recharge it from about 5% to 100% in about 2 hours. If only Vivo provided it with fast charging capabilities with a larger capacity, of course it would make it even more attractive in its price class.


Through this smartphone, Vivo offers a mid-range 5G smartphone with quite complete features and very competitive prices. Its performance is qualified for everyday use. Including for gaming. From our tests, the most interesting thing about this smartphone is its excellent cooling system and long battery life. The camera system is also quite good for shooting in all lighting conditions. Although it is not supported by a telephoto or ultrawide camera, the Vivo T1 5G is still adequate for creating photo and video content.

It is undeniable that fighting in the middle class segment, features and competitive selling prices are indeed the determining factors. With a selling price of Rp. 3,399,000 for the 8GB/128GB variant, the selling price is quite commensurate with the series of features it brings. vivo T1 5G can be glimpsed for those of you who need a 5G smartphone with a premium design, long battery life, and a large combination of RAM / internal memory.

Vivo T1 5G advantages:

+ Beautiful design
+ Competitive price
+ Extended RAM features available
+ Adequate performance for everyday use
+ Excellent thermal management
+ Equipped with NFC
+ Main camera photos are okay

Disadvantages of vivo T1 5G:

– Underpowered speakers
– No support for ultrawide or telephoto cameras
– 2x zoom photos are not good
– The second SIM card slot shares functions with MicroSD
– The camera is not equipped with a stabilizer feature

vivo T1 5G Suitable for:

Users who want to switch to a 5G smartphone: With a very competitive selling price and support for Dual SIM mode, the vivo T1 5G is suitable for anyone who is starting to want to experience the 5G network in Indonesia.
Mobile game fans: The gaming performance is decent. With the support of Liquid Cooling technology, this smartphone also doesn’t heat up quickly enough to play games for a long time.
Students and students: A good front camera and reliable performance to support online teaching and learning activities.
Mobile users: Its long battery life is suitable for anyone who is often mobile and lazy to carry a power bank.


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