The Vivo and ZEISS collaboration continues through the Vivo X80 Series line . This year Vivo also presented Dual-Chip technology. While still offering a series of exclusive features from ZEISS. Can the vivo X80 series repeat the success of the previous vivo x70? Check out his review as follows.

Premium design

Of the two available Vivo X80 series variants, the model we are reviewing below is the Vivo X80 Pro. The most premium version. Same design. The difference is, the Vivo X80 Pro only has one color, namely Cosmic Black. 

Entering the flagship class, the design looks very premium. Quite large with a screen size of 6.78 inches. The screen panel design is slightly curved on the left and right. Makes it more comfortable when gripped despite its large dimensions. This smartphone is also splash and dust resistant.

The back panel of the body is coated in a matte Cosmic Black color. Thanks to the matte color coating, the body surface does not feel slippery. It’s also not easy to get dirty with finger prints. In the sales package you will also get a protective case covered with a cool black leather material.

At the back of the body can be found the camera module in a fairly large box frame. This area comes with a shiny material. So, prone to getting dirty with finger prints.

Turning to the right side of the body can be found the power and volume buttons. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the body there is a USB-C port, speakers and a dual SIM card slot that supports 5G. One that is absent is the 3.5mm audio jack port.

Brilliant screen

vivo X80 Pro comes with an OLED display panel. The screen resolution is 3200 x 1440 pixels. However, through the settings menu the resolution can still be lowered to 2400 x 1080 pixels if needed.

The screen is very pleasing to the eye. Looks sharp. The color is brilliant too. No wonder considering that the color accuracy of the screen has been calibrated to the Delta E standard of less than 1. To boost the color and contrast on the screen, Vivo also provides a Visual Enhancement feature.

This screen already supports HDR10. That is, the maximum screen brightness level can be at least around 1000 nits. That way the screen will still be seen clearly even in very bright lighting conditions.

Like other flagship smartphones, the screen supports high refresh rates. Most optimal at 120 Hz. But, to save more battery, 60 Hz options and Smart Switch are still available. From our tests, for daily use it is more ideal to choose the Smart Switch option. In this option, the refresh rate will automatically be set according to the usage scenario and battery power. In addition, with a touch sampling rate at 300 Hz the screen feels very responsive to the touch of a finger.

There is also a fingerprint sensor on the screen. The fingerprint sensor area is quite large. The response with the touch of a finger is also quite good. The screen lock can be unlocked quickly when the finger is attached to the fingerprint sensor.

Camera with ZEISS Optics

vivo X80 Pro comes with a four-camera configuration. Among them are the main camera with Ultra-Sensing GNV sensor with a resolution of 50 megapixels and equipped with OIS, 12 megapixel Gimbal Portrait Camera with 2x Optical Zoom lens, 48 ​​megapixel wide-angle Camera, and 8 megapixel Periscope Camera with 5x Zoom capability.

The Vivo X80 Pro camera department is also supported by the Vivo V1 + chip. This chip will serve to support processing and improve image quality. Including, color, sharpness and noise control in dim conditions.

From our tests, the Zeiss Optics sensor and lens collaboration on the camera is quite satisfactory. The main camera can provide sharp photos. The dynamic range is wide and the noise control in dim conditions is also good.

Autofocus performance feels fast in all lighting conditions. However, sometimes it is less consistent in certain scenarios. We look at the autofocus system, it will prioritize face detection. So, for setting the focus point manually, make sure to press the desired focus point area for a while so that the focus and exposure are locked first before pressing the shutter button.

Overall, the vivo X80 Pro camera feels more mature and fun to use in capturing daily moments. 


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Fast performance

vivo x80 Pro is powered by Dual Chipset. These include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and the Vivo V1+ chip. The chipset is supported by 12GB RAM with 4GB extended RAM features. Meanwhile, the storage space is available with a capacity of 256GB. The operating system runs Funtoush OS 12 which is based on the Android OS 12.0.

With these top-class specifications, its performance does feel very fast. Barely feels lag. Its large RAM allows multitasking feels smooth. Its large storage space is sufficient to store all documents, up to high-resolution photos and videos. The fast specifications also allow high-resolution video editing to be done very quickly.

For gaming it is also very reliable. vivo provides features to adjust its performance. There are three options to choose from. Among them are Battery saver, Balanced and Performance.

We tested it by playing the game Genshin Impact. In Performance mode, the vivo X80 Pro is able to deliver top-notch gaming performance. Even at Highest graphics settings and 60 fps settings, the gameplay still feels stable and smooth.

The thermal management is pretty decent. Thanks to the Ultra Large Liquid Cooling Vapor Chamber cooling system it carries, its performance can indeed be kept stable. However, the body surface temperature still feels hot. Especially when playing games. It will be less comfortable when used to play games for a long time.

Enough battery all day

vivo X80 Pro carries a battery with a capacity of 4700 mAh. For use that is not too moderate the battery still lasts all day. Vivo has also prepared support for the 80W fast recharge feature. For charging from 0% to full recorded time of about 40 minutes.


As the current flagship smartphone, the Vivo X80 Pro does bring a series of high-end features. Including, a camera with ZEISS Optics and fast performance relying on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.

Like the previous generation, the Vivo X80 Pro still prioritizes the camera sector. This updated camera and lens configuration has proven to be very adequate for shooting in a variety of scenarios with good results.

Another advantage is in the screen sector, a long battery life and the ability to recharge the battery very quickly. The performance is also quite fast. Although the impact in some scenarios such as playing games, the rear body will feel hot.

vivo X80 Pro is sold at a price of USD $1,076. This smartphone can be glimpsed for those of you who are eyeing a premium flagship smartphone with a complete camera configuration, fast performance and long-lasting battery to support daily activities.

The advantages of vivo X80 Pro

– Fast performance
– Good photos and videos
– Brilliant screen
– Wide and responsive fingerprint sensor area
– Long battery life
– Fast battery recharge

Disadvantages of vivo X80 Pro

– Thermal management is not optimal
– The camera module area is prone to getting dirty with fingerprints
– Autofocus on the camera is prone to miss focus


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