One other series from Xiaomi’s latest smart TV series that launched in mid-2022 in Indonesia is the 65-inch Xiaomi TV P1E. Yes, it’s the largest TV in their lineup, and once again offered at a low price even though it’s not yet the cheapest.

Curious as to what the advantages are? Come on, just take a look at our review!

Super wide TV 

In fact, there is not much to talk about the design of the 65-inch Xiaomi TV P1E. The design concept is modern-minimalist with the dominance of black as on most other Xiaomi TVs (besides the Q1E of course). The bezel is quite thin and the material used is still plastic, both on the middle frame and on both legs.

Because this TV has two supporting legs (double-stands) that are placed on the left and right ends of the body, of course you must prepare a wide table to accommodate it. Its length reaches 1458 mm or almost about 1.5 meters, and weighs 18.4 kilograms. It takes at least two people to facilitate the initial setup, especially when installing the legs. If you want to install it on the wall, the wall mount size is 300 x 250 mm.

Although made of plastic, the two supporting legs are able to support the Xiaomi TV P1E 65 inches firmly, aka not easy to shake. The process of installing the legs was easy and fast. This TV has only one physical button which is located below the Xiaomi logo, adjacent to the white LED light.

On the back, you’ll find the PCB cover with a row of ports facing either side or down. Yes, there is no rear-facing port which means you don’t have to worry about having trouble connecting cables when the TV is too close to the wall.

The Xiaomi TV P1E 65 Inch has three HDMI ports (1 supports eARC), two USB 2.0, Composite In (AV), CI slot, Ethernet (LAN), antenna, optical digital audio output, and a 3.5mm audio jack. For wireless connection, there is support for Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi 2.4/5GHz.

Just for additional information, inside the package you will find a 360 degree Bluetooth remote control with much more complete buttons for easy access to various settings. Even though the new remote is bigger in size and has lots of buttons, we actually like it more because it feels practical. Oh yes, the remote requires two AAA batteries which you have to provide yourself.

4K resolution and HDR support

Unlike the 55-inch Xiaomi TV Q1E which adopts a QLED (Quantom Dot) panel, the 65-inch Xiaomi TV P1E still uses a standard panel with an average brightness level. The resolution is definitely UHD 4K with a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz.

The 65-inch Xiaomi TV P1E has a DCI-P3 color gamut of 78 percent with a color depth of 1.07 billion (8-bit + FRC). Images are presented sharp with a fairly good color presentation. It can’t be called special, but it is sufficient to enjoy a variety of entertainment content.

One thing that is the main selling point of this TV is obviously its size. 65 inches feels so solid when placed in the living room and watched together. Suitable for those of you who are looking for a large screen TV at pocket-friendly prices.

What needs to be underlined, because the screen is large, the ideal viewing distance between your position and the TV is at least 2.5 – 3 meters. Think again if the room in the house is too narrow, because it will be less comfortable to view this TV from a closer distance.

Just like other new Xiaomi TVs, the 65-inch Xiaomi TV P1E is supported by MEMC 60Hz, HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision technologies. MEMC is useful for certain content such as football matches, so that movement looks smoother. However, for content such as movies, we recommend that MEMC be turned off as it will take away the cinematic feel.

One thing that should be appreciated is the wide viewing angle, reaching 178 degrees both vertically and horizontally. Watching from a slightly sideways position (not right from the center) doesn’t notice any annoying discoloration.

Xiaomi TV P1E seen from the side

In short, for a TV for 9 million rupiah, the visual quality offered by the 65-inch Xiaomi TV P1E is still relatively good. It depends on which side you judge it from. If it is pitted against Q1E, it is clear that the P1E panel is still not as good. But if the priority is jumbo screen size, we haven’t found anything important to complain about from a visual perspective.

Standard audio

Not only a matter of visuals, the audio sector is also fairly standard. Once again we emphasize, standard here does not mean bad. But honestly if you have to compare with the Q1E, the P1E’s built-in speakers are still below the quality.

After looking at the spec sheet, it turns out that this TV relies on two 10W + 10W speakers. The resulting sound sounds quite loud, but the bass is thin. Just to accompany watching series, Korean dramas, TV broadcasts or sports matches is more than enough. But if you want an atmosphere like in a cinema, you can add a soundbar or home theater system.

HDR settings for PlayStation 5

When paired with the PS5, the problem that had appeared on several previous Xiaomi TVs we encountered again on the 65-inch Xiaomi TV P1E. That’s right, HDR. Even though this TV already supports HDR, by default the PS5 console will detect it as a non-HDR TV.

There are several steps that must be taken so that the HDR function of the Xiaomi TV P1E can be active for the PS5. First turn off HDMI Control in Xiaomi TV Settings, re-enter the HDMI input connected to the PS5, press the Set button on the remote then change the HDMI Mode to HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 2.1. Don’t forget to use the PS5’s built-in HDMI cable or one that supports HDMI 2.0 and above.

The HDR quality itself is not satisfactory. Even so, it is still sufficient to produce slightly better image detail and contrast, especially in dark areas. One of the games we tried was Demon’s Souls. For the uninitiated, the feel of this game tends to be gloomy with the game environment being mostly dark. The comparison between HDR off and on is more or less as below:

PS5 HDR disabled

Android TV 10 and broadcast DVB-T2

The 65-inch Xiaomi TV P1E is a device equipped with a Cortex-A55 quad-core CPU, Mali G52 MP2 GPU, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. Remember, this is a 65-inch jumbo TV which means it will demand more power, which is 160W.

Performance feels agile when switching between applications or browsing settings. The operating system is Android TV with a switchable interface to Patchwall. Because it is based on Android, of course you can download various applications and games from the Google Play Store.

Please also note that the 65-inch Xiaomi TV P1E already supports DVB-T2 digital broadcasting. What we like is that the search process for both analog and digital TV broadcasts is very fast. In about 1 minute, this TV managed to catch dozens of broadcast channels from various local TV stations.


For those of you who are looking for a 65-inch TV under 10 million rupiah, the 65-inch Xiaomi TV P1E deserves to be an option that must be considered. Even though there are products from other Chinese brands that are cheaper, at least the big name Xiaomi can be your guide in terms of quality and after-sales service.

For those who are interested, the 65-inch Xiaomi TV P1E is sold at a price of Rp. 9,499,000. This TV can be purchased through , Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, BliBli, Akulaku, and JD.ID, or offline at the Xiaomi Store, Xiaomi Shop, and Erafone.

Just a suggestion, if you want a jumbo screen, please choose the 65-inch P1E, but if you want visual quality that is more pleasing to the eye, we recommend the 55-inch Q1E. Just adjust which one suits your needs.

Xiaomi TV P1E 65 inch is suitable for:

  • Family: One of the pocket-friendly 65-inch TVs. Perfect for families looking for the ultimate home entertainment device to enjoy together.
  • Users who want to enjoy digital TV broadcasts: Xiaomi TV P1E already supports DVB-T2 digital broadcasting, so no additional STB is needed.
  • PS5/XSX Gamers: Even if it’s not 120Hz, those of you who have the latest generation of consoles (PS5 or Xbox Series X) but don’t have a 4K TV can shoot this TV.
  • Movie buffs: This 4K TV already supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. The size is also jumbo, like presenting a cinema screen in the house.

Pros of Xiaomi TV P1E 65 inches:

  • Super big screen, fun to watch with family
  • Image quality is quite good
  • 4K resolution, and supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  • Based on Android TV 10, can download many apps from Google Play Store
  • DVB-T2 digital broadcasting, no additional STB needed
  • Ports are quite complete
  • The new remote feels more practical
  • Attractive price, although not the cheapest

Disadvantages of Xiaomi TV P1E 65 inches:

  • HDR Game mode does not automatically activate when connected to PS5, and how to turn it on is also a bit complicated
  • Because it’s not a single-stand, you need a table that’s more than 1.5 meters long
  • Standard speaker sound for a TV size of USD $
  • HDR Game mode does not automatically activate when connected to PS5, and how to turn it on is also a bit complicated
  • Because it’s not a single-stand, you need a table that’s more than 1.5 meters long
  • Standard speaker sound for a TV size of USD $
  • HDR Game mode does not automatically activate when connected to PS5, and how to turn it on is also a bit complicated
  • Because it’s not a single-stand, you need a table that’s more than 1.5 meters long
  • Standard speaker sound for a TV size of USD $609

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