Not all gaming mice are comfortable to use for productivity. To answer this challenge ROCCAT launched the Kone Air gaming mouse.

ROCCAT Kone Air Features

The Kone Air is designed with functionality and practicality in mind. When not used to play games, this mouse is claimed to remain optimal to support productivity.

This is evidenced by its ergonomic design with rubber grips on the sides and equipped with 9 buttons that can be programmed to suit user needs. So, gamers can adjust each button according to the usage scenario.

Most interestingly, the weight of this mouse can also be adjusted. In fact, the Kone Air is powered by two AA batteries. With two batteries gamers can get a usage time of up to about 800 hours. However, if you want to reduce its weight to make it more comfortable to play games, the Kone Air can only use one battery. With one battery the use time can be up to about 400 hours.

As a gaming mouse, the Kone Air relies on a 19K Owl-Eye Optical sensor paired with optical TITAN Switches on the buttons. Besides being comfortable and accurate when pressed these switches can also withstand up to 100 million clicks. In the connectivity sector ROCCAT provides two options. For gaming, you can rely on a wireless connection with a 2.4GHz connection without lag. Meanwhile, Bluetooth connectivity can be used to support daily productivity anywhere.

Price and availability

ROCCAT Kone Air will be available in November 2022 for US$69.99.


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