Ubisoft is about to launch its first guitar learning app called Rocksmith+. Through this application, users can practice acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass directly from their smartphone. What are the features like?

Rocksmith+ features

The Rocksmith+ application is equipped with features that can detect notation, provide real-time feedback, and various tools for practicing. According to Ubisoft, users can access more than 6 thousand songs in the library, which will continue to be added every month.

Real-time feedback means the app will continuously track and analyze its user’s training performance, while providing recommendations to help improve skills efficiently. Meanwhile, other training tools consist of a Riff Repeater to repeat certain parts of a song and Adaptive Difficulty to adjust the level of difficulty.

Rocksmith+ can be downloaded by Android and iOS users starting June 9, 2023. For your information, previously this application was already available for PC. Reportedly it will also be present on PlayStation and Xbox, but there has been no leak regarding the launch schedule.

If users need an application for tuning their guitar or bass, Ubisoft has another application called Rocksmith Tuner which is claimed to have professional level accuracy. Users can directly connect their musical instruments or use the microphone on a smartphone.

Rocksmith+ subscription prices

Yes, even though it can be downloaded for free on the Play Store and App Store, to be able to fully enjoy the Rocksmith+ service, users must pay a subscription fee. The price is US$15 for 1 month, US$40 for 3 months, US$100 for 1 year. Relatively expensive, but Ubisoft provides a 7-day free trial.

First impression

For those who like to play music or who just want to learn to master guitar or bass, of course Rocksmith+ is an interesting application. The features are complete, and we can practice at any time. Even so, the subscription price which is quite expensive might be a consideration for those who want to try it. It’s quite natural because the music library is very large, there are more than 6,000 songs.


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