Rode’s collection of microphones is growing. Its newest product, NT-USB+ , offers sound recording quality equivalent to a professional studio-grade microphone. Ideal for anything from creating podcast content to recording music.

Rode NT-USB+ features

The NT -USB+ wheel is an updated version of the previous NT-USB. Carrying USB connectivity is very easy to use. Once plugged into the USB port this microphone can be used immediately. The connectivity it carries is also current by relying on USB Type-C. So, it can be connected to almost any PC system with a USB Type-C port. Or, it can also be used on smartphones to iOS and Android tablets.

To capture sound the NT-USB+ carries a studio-grade condenser capsule with a cardioid pattern. In addition, this microphone is also supported by ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp features and high-resolution sound conversion from analog to digital to present crystal clear sound recordings. Moving on to the body, there are two volume control buttons. One to control the main volume and one other button to monitor the volume of the sound to be recorded.

Another feature, the NT-USB+ is equipped with a pop filter and feet to place it on the table. This microphone also supports APHEX sound processing through several Rode applications such as Connect, Central, and Reporter.

Price and availability

The NT-USB+ is currently available and retails for US$169.


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