Last year RODE launched its first headphone called the NTH-100 . To complement these headphones, RODE now presents the NTH-Mic microphone.

Features of the RODE NTH-Mic

The NTH-Mic is a boom microphone with the same quality as a broadcast microphone. With a very compact design and a high-quality condenser capsule, the NTH-Mic can support natural and highly detailed sound reproduction. The design has also been optimized so that the position of the microphone is ensured that it can capture sound clearly.

That way, when the NTH-Mic is plugged in, it can make the NTH-100 look like a professional-grade headset. More optimal for the needs of broadcasts, podcasts, streaming, gaming, to creative content. Or, it can also be used for video conferencing.

The presence of NTH-Mic is not alone. RODE also launched the NTH-100M headphones. The specifications are the same as the previous NTH-100 headphones. For sound reproduction, the NTH-100 relies on a 40mm dynamic driver. These drivers were specially developed to deliver highly accurate sound across all sound frequencies. In addition, these headphones are also supported by the FitLok feature as a headband locking system. Thanks to FitLok, users can adjust the headband more easily to fit their head. The difference between the NTH-100M and the standard version of the NTH-100 is that the NTH-100M is already sold as a package with the NTH-Mic.

RODE NTH-Mic Price

For users who already have the NTH-100 headphones, the NTH-Mic can be purchased for US$59 and the price for the NTH-100M is US$189.


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