Rode makes the VideoMicro II microphone official . This microphone will be the successor to the first generation which was released almost 10 years ago.

Features of the Rode VideoMicro II

The Rode VideoMicro II is a shotgun microphone specifically designed for use directly on the camera body or on-camera. There are two things that make this microphone so successful.

The first is its very compact and lightweight dimensions. So, it can be easily installed on all cameras from DSLR, Mirrorless, to action cameras. The second reason is audio quality. This microphone has become the standard for on-camera microphones with audio quality that is equivalent to professional-grade microphones.

These two advantages are still inherited by VideoMicro II. The weight of this microphone is only about 39 grams. Carrying the shotgun microphone design, it can capture sound with a supercardioid pattern. That is, this microphone will focus on capturing sound from the front.

The difference is in the design. According to Rode , VideoMicro II brings a new design. So, the captured sound will be more transparent and natural. The circuit section is also updated so that it is more sensitive and has less sound interference.

The update is then visible in the holder area. The VideoMicro II is now equipped with a HELIX Isolation Mount. Its function is in addition to protection so that it is not easily detached as well as to reduce the effects of vibrations that can cause noise or sound disturbance. For connectivity, VideoMicro II is equipped with a 3.5mm TRS output cable that can be directly used with various camera systems.

Price and availability

The Rode VideoMicro II is currently available and retails for US$79.


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