ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) officially introduces ROG Ally. This is a handheld gaming device powered by Windows 11 as well as the latest AMD Ryzen™ Z1 Series processors. ROG Ally is designed as a gaming handheld that can play games from various platforms.

This latest gaming device is also equipped with an intuitive control system, special software, and a touch screen that has a high level of brightness, resolution, and refresh rate. ROG Ally is also designed to be very comfortable to use because it weighs only 608 grams and has an ergonomic body design.

“ROG Ally is a ‘game changer’ tool. Not only is it comfortable to use, ROG Ally is also very powerful, allowing gamers to be able to play their favorite AAA games anytime and anywhere,” said Jimmy Lin, ASUS Regional Director, Southeast Asia.

Play All Games on Windows 11

ROG Ally is powered by the Windows 11 operating system from Microsoft. This means that this gaming device can be used to play all games from various well-known platforms such as Xbox, Steam, Epic Games, EA Play, GoG Galaxy, and Ubisoft Connect.

All games on the gaming platform can also be played on ROG Ally without exception. This capability makes ROG Ally appear as the most flexible handheld gaming device, not only in terms of portability, but also game choices.

Apart from that, ROG Ally will also be equipped with Armory Crate Special Edition (SE). This special version of Armory Crate doesn’t just appear as the control center of all systems in ROG Ally. Through Armory Crate SE, gamers can immediately access all games as well as set profiles for each of their favorite games.

Ergonomic, Compact and Lightweight Design

One of the most important points in a handheld gaming device is the weight and ergonomic level of
the body design. The engineers at ROG have spent a long time designing the ROG
Ally to be easy and comfortable to use.

Comes with a weight of only 608 grams, ROG Ally will not burden gamers either when used or when traveling. ROG Ally also has an ergonomic design with a handle that is equipped with a special texture so it doesn’t slip easily from your hand when in use.

Meanwhile, the triangular design on the back of the hand grip acts as a stand that will make ROG Ally comfortable from all angles of use. Yes! ASUS ROG has indeed designed handheld gaming in such a way as to provide a more optimal feeling of comfort.

The World’s Most Powerful Gaming Handheld

ROG Ally is the most powerful gaming handheld in the world thanks to being powered by the
latest AMD Ryzen™ Z1 Series processor. The processor specifically designed for handheld gaming devices
is armed with an integrated GPU that uses the RDNA™ 3 architecture.

ROG Ally is also equipped with an innovative cooling system called ROG Zero Gravity Thermal System. The cooling system that utilizes two special fans is designed so that the cooling performance remains optimal even though the ROG Ally is used in various positions and usage orientations.

Accompanying powerful hardware, ROG Ally also comes with the support of a quality gaming class screen. Apart from touch screen technology, ROG Ally also features a 120Hz refresh rate screen, Full HD (1080p) resolution, and is supported by the FreeSync™ Premium feature.

This handheld gaming screen also has a brightness level of up to 500 nits, so gamers can still enjoy the best visual offerings in various lighting conditions. Still not tight enough? ROG Ally can also be connected to our external GPU, ROG XG Mobile.

When connected to ROG XG Mobile, ROG Ally can deliver PC-class gaming performance
or gaming laptops. Both casual and AAA gaming, ROG Ally is the best gaming handheld for gamers.


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