Samsung announced the presence of the Bespoke Jet . This cordless vacuum cleaner is not only beautiful but also the most advanced from Samsung.

Features of Samsung Bespoke Jet

The Samsung Bespoke Jet looks premium with a modern minimalist design. The weight is very light. Only 1.44 Kg. The color choices are also interesting. There are three color options namely Misty White, Midnight Blue and Woody Green.

The performance of the Samsung Bespoke Jet relies on the latest Samsung Digital Inverter motor. The weight of this motor is 47 percent lighter than the motor used by the Samsung Jet 90 cordless vacuum cleaner. Its suction power of up to 210W is also the strongest among other Samsung vacuum cleaners.

The way the Samsung Bespoke Jet works is also unique. Besides being able to clean dust and dirt, this device can also circulate clean air into the room. Similar to an air purifier or air purifier. So, while cleaning the room you can immediately get clean air. To perform cleaning the Bespoke Jet is equipped with a Multi-Layered filter system. This filtration system is able to capture dust and dirt up to 99,999% then filtered through a five-layer filtration system to produce clean air that will be flowed into the room.

Bespoke Jet is equipped with a dock called the All-in-One Clean Station. When the Bespoke Jet is returned to this dock, the battery will be recharged automatically. Users are also possible to empty the storage bin for dust and dirt that has been sucked in by the Bespoke Jet. Interestingly, all Bespoke Jet components including the filter system are removable and washable.

For battery life Bespoke Jet can be used up to about 1 hour. Samsung also provides a backup battery option for an additional uptime of up to about 1 hour.

Another feature, Bespoke Jet is equipped with a screen panel that can display up to 28 languages. This vacuum also supports removable Flex Tool, Crevice Tool, Pet Tool and Combination Tool modules to suit various usage scenarios. Additional accessories Spray Spinning Sweaper equipped with a water tank is also available to mop the floor.

Samsung Bespoke Jet price

With all its sophistication, the Samsung Bespoke Jet is sold at a price of US $899. 


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