The Galaxy A-Series trio, namely A72, A52 and A32, are Samsung’s weapons to fight in the middle class smartphone segment. In this review, we will review one of them, namely the Samsung Galaxy A32. Among the three, the Galaxy A32 is the variant with the most compact dimensions. What are the capabilities offered by the Samsung Galaxy A32? Check out the reviews as follows.

Samsung Galaxy A32 design

Very concise and minimalistic. That was our first impression when we saw the design of the Samsung Galaxy A32. The thickness of the body which is around 8.4 mm is also relatively slim. Its weight is also light at around 184 grams. This makes it very comfortable to hold in your hand. For material, the Galaxy A32 comes with glasstic material which feels quite premium.

The front view of the Galaxy A32 carries an Infinity-U screen with a Super AMOLED panel measuring 6.4 inches. The screen aspect ratio is 20: 9. Just like the older generation Samsung Galaxy A31. The screen frame is quite thin. So, even though the screen panel is large, the dimensions of this smartphone are compact.

On the left side of the body, there is a slot that supports 2 nano SIM cards and a slot for installing a microSD. So, there’s no more need to sacrifice one SIM card to install a microSD. Users can install microSD up to 1TB capacity. Meanwhile, on the right side there are power and volume buttons. At the bottom you can find a USB-C port, a microphone hole and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Turning to the back of the body panel, then the Galaxy A32 looks unique. If you look closely, the camera module design is different from the other Galaxy A-Series. Generally, the smartphone camera module on the back is assembled in one box. This design does not apply to the Galaxy A32.

The design is cleaner because the 3 camera modules consisting of an Ultra Wide camera, a main camera and a macro camera, each of which looks like it is directly attached to the body surface. As a result, the 3-module camera lens protrudes slightly from the body surface. Only a 5 megapixel depth sensor camera and flash are visible embedded in the body.

Samsung Galaxy A32 display

Compared to the Galaxy A31, the Galaxy A32 screen panel gets quite a lot of new features. It can be seen here that Samsung is very adept at responding to market demands. One of the current features it brings is support for a 90Hz refresh rate for a smoother display. The screen also supports 180 Hz touch response which makes the screen more responsive to finger touches and ghost touch free, especially when playing games.

The AMOLED screen panel of the Galaxy A32 is indeed a feast for the eyes. The display on the screen looks sharp at Full HD + resolution with brilliant colors. It is sufficient to accommodate various needs from gaming, surfing the web to enjoying multimedia content.

The screen panel is also very bright with a brightness level of up to 800 nits. So, the screen can still be seen clearly even under very hot sun lighting conditions. One added value of the screen is that it has been reinforced with a protective layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Samsung Galaxy A32 features

Previously, we mentioned that the Galaxy A32 screen now supports 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz touch response. There are other features that we find on the display panel. This feature is a fingerprint biometric sensor that is embedded directly on the screen. When we tried the fingerprint sensor, this finger felt a little less responsive and sometimes failed to unlock the screen. However, the fingerprint sensor can still be relied on as security.

This smartphone is even more attractive with the NFC and Samsung Pay features. In addition, there is also support for the fast recharge feature to shorten the charging of the large capacity battery.

Samsung Galaxy A32 camera

To take pictures and record videos, the Galaxy A32 carries a 64 megapixel main camera, an 8 megapixel ultra-wide ultra wide camera with a 123 degree capture angle, a 5 megapixel depth sensor and a 5 megapixel macro camera with a focus distance of 3-5 cm.

samsung (1) samsung (2) samsung (3)

From our tests the results of the main camera photos are quite satisfying. The level of sharpness, detail and color is good in bright lighting conditions. The image capture from his ultra-wide camera is also decent, although the white balance control is somewhat less consistent. The results of the photos can sometimes look a little bluish.

Ultra wide

ultrawide (1) ultrawide (2) ultrawide (3) ultrawide (4)

In the night test, the main camera or wide-angle camera is not ideal for shooting in low light conditions, even though the night mode is available. The photos look less sharp and the noise is quite annoying.

night (1) night (2)

On the Galaxy A32 we also found a portrait feature to produce a bokeh effect behind the subject. The results of the Galaxy A32 portrait photos are very good with a bokeh effect that looks neat behind the subject. Options for changing the intensity of the bokeh and the bokeh effect are also available for more interesting photo results.

51128972811_9bdf39c5a7_o 51129010402_554be3eb43_o

For those who like selfies, there is a 20 megapixel camera on the front complete with portrait mode. The results of the front camera photos are very good. Portrait mode is also very mandatory thumbs up. Suitable for users who like selfies.


Then what about the video recording capabilities? The Samsung Galaxy A32 only supports video recording at Full HD 1080p 30 fps resolution. Its video recording ability is not as good as its ability to take pictures. Samsung also hasn’t equipped it with a stabilization feature to stabilize shooting when the camera is invited to move. The video results are as follows.

video samsung alomaki

Samsung Galaxy A32 performance

Entering the middle class of the Galaxy A32 is powered by the MediaTek Helio G80 chipset. For the model we tested, the following comes with 6GB of RAM and a large internal memory of 128GB. The performance of the Samsung Galaxy A32 is not the fastest. But, as long as we use the Galaxy A32, the performance feels fast for everyday use. The performance of the Samsung Galaxy A32 can also be relied on for gaming. In the PUBG Mobile test, we were able to play comfortably in ultra smooth graphics settings. For the results of the Galaxy A32 benchmark as follows.

Samsung Galaxy A32 battery

For energy intake, the Galaxy A32 carries a battery with a capacity of 5000mAh. It is quite large and the battery can accompany you all day long. The battery benchmark results are as follows.

This battery also supports fast charging 15W fast battery. When we tried the battery from 25 percent to 100 percent the battery could be charged in about 1.5 hours. It’s not the fastest in its class, but it’s good enough to shorten battery charging time.


It cannot be denied that the competition for the middle class smartphone segment in the 3 million class is indeed very tight. With selling prices starting at USD $247.62, the Galaxy A32 includes a smartphone with complete contemporary features for everyday needs. Moreover, this smartphone is also balanced with a large 5000mAh battery and a camera that is sufficient to exist on social media. If you don’t think too much about performance and a limited budget, the Galaxy A32 with a series of features it carries is still a must to consider.

The advantages of the Samsung Galaxy A32
+ The body is slim and comfortable to hold
+ Unmarket design
+ AMOLED screen with 90 Hz refresh rate
+ The camera is very adequate for taking pictures
+ Internal memory and large RAM
+ Long battery life

Weaknesses of the Samsung Galaxy A32
– Video mode does not yet support 4K and stabilization features
– The camera is not good at night
– The fingerprint sensor is less responsive
– The chipset is less attractive in its class

Samsung Galaxy A32 Suitable for:

Student / student: Complete features and friendly prices, this smartphone can be chosen for students with limited funds.

Mobile game fans: Reliable performance for gaming. The 90Hz screen support and 180Hz touch response also make gaming more optimal.

Housewives: Its minimalist design, friendly prices and a wide selection of colors will easily captivate housewives.

Online merchants: With large RAM and internal memory and fast performance, this smartphone can be relied on for online merchants.

Netflix fans: The large and charming AMOLED screen is ideal for watching your favorite movies on Netflix.


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