As usual when talking about Android-based tablets, we always mention that Samsung is one of the few manufacturers that is still diligently launching new products every year. In 2020, Samsung is back with the successor of its flagship series which is now named the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

Together with the Galaxy Tab S7 +, the Galaxy Tab S7 is Samsung’s foremost duo in the tablet arena, offering the most advanced hardware and features today. If you reflect on its predecessor generation, we expect the Galaxy Tab S7 to be a complete tablet that is ideal for both productivity and entertainment.

Curious as to what sophistication? Come on , just take a look at our review!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 design

At first glance, there are not many changes made by Samsung in designing the Galaxy Tab S7. The exterior DNA is still the same as the previous series which also puts forward an ergonomic and slim body shape. One of the most visible differences is the accent black line (line color according to variant) on the magnetic area to attach the S Pen.

The back of this tablet does not use a glossy finish so it is not easily dirty by finger marks. The position of the rear camera is still the same, parallel to the magnetic lines. While the front is almost entirely dominated by a screen with a bezel thickness that is roughly the same as its predecessor.

We really don’t have much to say about the Galaxy Tab S7 design. There is nothing different about the sensation of operation. Its thin body with a thickness of only 6.3mm and a weight of about 500 grams makes it easy for us to put this tablet in a bag.

Regarding port availability, Samsung still relies on USB Type-C. A fingerprint sensor is also available. Its position is united with the Power button which is next to the volume adjustment button. As far as our experiments, this fingerprint sensor is quite fast and responsive when reading fingerprints.

It should also be noted that Samsung provides a Book Cover Keyboard which is sold separately at a price of IDR 2,299,000. When installed it definitely makes the tablet thicker, but still within a tolerable level. What’s interesting, besides helping to type faster, the keyboard also has a touch pad.

Due to its small size, the typing comfort that is presented cannot be compared with the experience of using a laptop. Even so, the existence of this keyboard really helps us when it comes to completing work on a mobile basis. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has been supported by the Samsung DeX feature.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 display and speaker

Samsung explained that the Galaxy Tab S7 Series comes with a 120Hz screen. Even so, there are differences in terms of panel use and size. If the Galaxy Tab S7 carries 11-inch TFT LTPS, the Galaxy Tab S7 + uses a 12.4-inch Super AMOLED. The panels are different, but you can expect to have a satisfying content experience on the Galaxy Tab S7.

The image that is presented on this screen looks so pleasing to the eye. With WQXGA + resolution aka 2560 x 1600 pixels, content looks sharp. The color display also looks brilliant and the brightness level is very good (up to 500nit). Not only that, the Galaxy Tab S7 screen supports HDR10 + and DCI-P3 Color Range.

For everyday use there is clearly no problem. Browsing, watching videos on Netflix or YouTube, playing games, writing and drawing with the S Pen, and doing office tasks are fun on the screen of the Galaxy Tab S7. Animations and scrolling of pages feel smooth because the refresh rate is 120Hz.

One other plus is that with the size of 11 inches we feel multitasking on the Galaxy Tab S7 feels comfortable. Armed with the enhanced Multi-Active Window feature, you can open and run up to three applications simultaneously such as video calls, monitoring email, and taking notes at once.

Meanwhile, from the audio sector, the presence of 4 speakers in collaboration with AKG which has been supported by Dolby Atmos is able to create a clear, loud, and lively sound.

S Pen and Samsung DeX

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 adopts the Android 10 operating system with the OneUI 2.5 interface. In appearance it is more or less similar to Samsung’s Android tablet in general. If you need an ideal UI to support productivity, you can activate Samsung DeX manually or automatically when connecting the Keyboard Cover.

In our opinion, Samsung DeX on the Galaxy Tab S7 is able to present a user experience like a Windows-based laptop. Not only the appearance, but also some standard functions that you usually find on a PC, for example copying or moving files by dragging and dropping.

Note that the Book Cover Keyboard for Galaxy Tab S7 has been upgraded with the addition of function keys and an intuitive multi-gesture trackpad. You can write, type or sketch comfortably.

While the S Pen on the Galaxy Tab S7 Series has improved over the previous generation, it offers an ultra-low latency of 9ms. With low latency and a screen that is 120Hz, you can enjoy the sensation of writing and drawing like using a real pen with very minimal delay.

Not only that, the S Pen on the Galaxy Tab S7 Series is also supported by a number of powerful features such as saving notes in Word, PowerPoint, or PDF formats. There is also an Audio Bookmark which is useful for recording conversations during meetings while taking notes.

For the record, the S Pen requires power from the battery that is embedded in it. When you place it on the magnetic area on the tablet, the S Pen will automatically charge the electricity. What’s more, the S Pen Galaxy Tab S7 can be used for selfies, controlling presentations, and playing music / movies. Because the connection is based on Bluetooth, the distance can be up to 10 meters.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 performance

The performance sector of the Galaxy Tab S7 is armed with the fastest chipset from Qualcomm at this time, namely Snapdragon 865+, and is accompanied by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The combination that we believe will be very adequate to support various needs ranging from work, photo and video editing, to entertainment such as watching high-resolution movies and playing games.

For additional information, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ is the chipset that some of the latest gaming class mobile devices have recently relied on. This chipset offers a 25 percent higher performance increase, as well as 36 percent higher graphics capability compared to its predecessor series.

One of the tough games we tested was Genshin Impact. Even though by default the Galaxy Tab S7 chooses the Medium graphics setting, when forced to work harder by raising the graphics to the highest setting, the game can still be played quite smoothly. It must be underlined, Genshin Impact requires high-end graphic performance and not all devices are capable of running it at high graphic settings.

In essence, we are very satisfied with the performance presented by the Galaxy Tab S7. Everything feels smooth and there are no distractions like lag. When asked to work hard like gaming, it starts to feel warm, but it doesn’t affect the stability of performance. Multitasking by opening 3 to 4 applications at once was smooth.

A little discussing the camera sector, the Galaxy Tab S7 Series is equipped with two sensors on the back, namely 13 megapixels and 5 megapixels ultrawide. To support needs such as video calls, there is an 8 megapixel camera on the front.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 battery

To support productivity, creativity, and also as a entertainment companion, the Galaxy Tab S7 is equipped with a large battery with a capacity of 8,000 mAh. Samsung claims, the Galaxy Tab S7 can be used to watch videos for up to 15 hours. In fact, the Galaxy Tab S7 battery is quite durable. For a casual style of use that doesn’t constantly demand high hardware performance, this tablet can be on from morning to evening.

Not only a large battery, the Galaxy Tab S7 is supported by 45W Super Fast Charging technology. Even so, it is unfortunate that the 45W charger is not included in the sales package, aka sold separately. In the box, you will only find a 15W charger.


Just like the previous generation, with all its advanced hardware and features, Samsung has again managed to persuade us to crown the Galaxy Tab S7 as one of the best Android tablets in 2020. Its main focus is still the same, namely as a productivity and entertainment support device for users who are always mobile. . Of course, with a series of improvements in several aspects

For those interested, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is sold at IDR 12,999,000. Numbers that may sound expensive to some. Even so, in our opinion, the official price of the Galaxy Tab S7 is commensurate with all the advantages it has.

The advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7:

  • Slim, slim and premium design
  • Wide screen with excellent quality
  • Fast performance
  • Abundant productivity features
  • The S Pen is more powerful with 9ms latency
  • Great audio with 4 AKG speakers
  • Already supports 45W fast charging

Cons of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7:

  • There is no 3.5mm audio jack port
  • 45W charger is not included in the sales package
  • The price of the tablet plus the Book Cover Keyboard is relatively expensive

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is ideal for: The mobile professional. Users looking for a premium tablet for work and play. Creative workers who need tools to express ideas.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is not ideal for: Casual users who don’t really need an array of Galaxy Tab S7 features.


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