Samsung Electronics Indonesia today, Thursday (9/6), launched its newest line of smart TVs for 2022 by carrying the vision of ‘Screens Everwhere, Screens for All’. The new product range comes from various series, from Neo QLED, The Frame, to Super Smart TV+.

“With experience and industry leadership, the 2022 Samsung Smart TV range offers a more personalized experience for enjoying your favorite series and movies, gaming, sports tutorials, video calls, and even managing other smart devices at home,” said Simon Lee, President of SEIN.

What are the excellent features of each introduced series?

Samsung Neo QLED 8K 2022

In the premium line, there is the Samsung Neo QLED 8K which relies on an 8K Neural Quantum Processor with an increase of 20 neural networks and AI to analyze content sources, then upscaling quickly and precisely. According to Samsung, users can enjoy old videos with various native resolutions, into 8K equivalent content.

Even more interesting, the Neo QLED 8K is supported by Quantum Matrix Technology Pro to increase contrast, so that images look more detailed in both dark and bright scenes. This technology is supported by Shape Adaptive Light Control which controls the brightness of the image area with precision without causing blooming, and 14-bit contrast mapping to display colors four times more precisely than the previous year’s model.

Other cool features of this smart TV include EyeComfort Mode which can adjust brightness levels based on ambient light, Object Tracking Sound Pro and True Dolby Atmos to deliver more realistic three-dimensional audio, and MultiView to display content from 4 sources simultaneously.

“Many scenes in my work are shot in a dark or low light setting. With the latest Neo QLED 8K, all details in even the darkest areas can still be distinguished and seen by the viewer’s eye,” said director Timo Tjahjanto.

Not to forget, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K 2022 also has Auto Low Latency Mode Motion Xcelerator Turbo+, as well as Freesync Premium Pro which makes all movements of battle, fighting, until the race feel smoother. Suitable for those who like to play games.

In Indonesia, Neo QLED 8K is available in 2 types, namely QN900B (85 inches) and QN700B (55, 65 and 75 inches). There is also a Neo QLED 4K which is available in 2 types, namely QN90B (55, 65, 98 inches) and QN85B (55 inches).

Samsung The Frame 2022

Next to The Frame series, this year Samsung puts forward a Matte Display screen panel that is anti-reflective, anti-smudge, and fingerprint. Samsung claims, users can enjoy more than 1,600 works of art in a truly museum-like display.

Samsung has also designed the new The Frame to be compatible with Auto-Rotation accessories. This accessory will rotate The Frame from horizontal to vertical (portrait mode) or vice versa, depending on the content you want to display. When used as a smart TV, users can enjoy vertical video content such as Instagram Reels or TikTok.

For those who are interested, The Frame is available in 4 size options, namely 43, 55, 65, to 75 inches.

Samsung Super Smart TV+

The Samsung Super Smart TV+ promises to experience digital TV programs in the best possible resolution, with a clean picture and clear sound. This series is available in a choice of Full HD resolutions up to 4K. Not only digital TV broadcasts, users can enjoy entertainment content from various leading OTT services that are already available on this smart TV. Users can also connect to the Internet with Built-in Wi-Fi and can control the TV with the help of the Bixby voice assistant.

Especially for the 4K type (BU8000), this TV is equipped with the Object Tracking Sound Lite (OTS Lite) feature which will present 3D surround sound and Adaptive Sound. Users can also view content from a PC on a wider TV screen for easier work, and is also supported by integration with Office 365 (cloud).

Samsung Super Smart TV+ comes in 3 types including Crystal UHD BU8000 43 and 50 inches, T4500 32 inches, and T6500 43 inches.


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