Samsung launched Model Homes, the first social commerce program in Southeast Asia that includes Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Through this program, consumers in Indonesia can enjoy a new shopping experience that is integrated with the Samsung Indonesia Instagram account.

Samsung Model Homes

In a press release received by, Samsung explained that the Model Homes presents five mini rooms with different styles. Each room is based on the current top aesthetic trends, including Eclectic Nostalgic, Dark Academia, Biophilic, Grand Millennial, and Maximalist.

Samsung was inspired by the compact apartment dwellings commonly found in Southeast Asia, and teamed up with popular miniature makers from around the world to create tiny homes. The house will display various products from the Samsung Lifestyle TV and Bespoke lines, such as The Premiere, The Serif and The Sero, as well as Bespoke Refrigerator, Bespoke Microwave, Bespoke Cube Air Purifier, to Bespoke AirDresser .

Through miniature houses, consumers will be invited on a virtual shopping trip. Consumers can also see how Samsung’s latest products can transform a small room into a unique and stylish home.

Samsung also featured a cinematic teaser tour around the miniature rooms, behind-the-scenes stories of the creators, a visual ‘open house’ of each miniature house, a miniature catalog of Samsung products in GIF format, and photos highlighting the main products in each miniature room. There is also a complete shopping guide with product features and a style guide.

“Through ‘Model Homes’, we hope to inspire the most popular aesthetic trends and show how our products are perfect for maximizing space and creating homes that reflect personal style,” said Olivier Bockenmeyer, Head of Corporate Marketing, Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Can be accessed via Instagram Samsung Indonesia

To start this campaign, five miniature rooms will be introduced gradually on Samsung Indonesia Instagram @samsungindonesia . The five studio units will be stacked to form one Model Homes building that is in line with the creative concept.


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