Samsung launched a new feature called Maintenance Mode. This privacy feature is claimed to reduce the anxiety that arises when personal devices are in the hands of other people while being repaired. What are the features like?

Samsung Maintenance Mode

In a press release received by Alomaki, Friday (25/11), Samsung explained that Maintenance Mode allows users to block access to their personal information, such as photos, messages or contact lists.

“Our whole life is on our phones, from credit card information to family photos. With Maintenance Mode, we provide extra assurance that Galaxy users can maintain their privacy, even if they hand over their phone to someone else,” said Seungwon Shin, VP and Head of Security Team Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics.

This feature is suitable for use when repairing Galaxy cellphones . Later Maintenance Mode will create a separate account, so that the technician can operate core functions without being able to access personal information.

After Maintenance Mode is activated, the person entrusted with handling the device will also not be able to retrieve user-installed applications. Data or accounts generated while using Maintenance Mode will be deleted automatically as soon as the owner exits Maintenance Mode.

Technicians can download apps on the Galaxy Store, but they will be deleted automatically along with any data or accounts created as soon as the owner exits Maintenance Mode. This feature can be activated via the ‘Battery and device care’ menu in Settings, then rebooting the smartphone. Immediately after the reboot process, all personal information including their photos, documents and messages will be restricted.

Available on select types of Galaxy

Maintenance Mode is rolling out globally gradually over the next few months on select Galaxy models running One UI 5. The rollout will continue throughout 2023, with availability expanding to more Galaxy devices.


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