In addition to announcing the launch of its newest line of Smart TVs for 2022, Samsung  also inaugurated the presence of The Frestyle, a portable projector with a small size and offering a variety of functions. Interestingly, Samsung claims this projector can display content on various surfaces.

Features of Samsung The Freestyle

According to Samsung, The Freestyle is suitable for watching sports matches, favorite movies or series, even cooking tutorials. This projector can display content up to 100 inches in size on a variety of surfaces, making it ideal for places ranging from living rooms, kitchens, studio apartments, to tents.

The Freestyle has a cradle that rotates 180 degrees. The auto keystone feature functions to correct the angle of the image on a sloping surface so that users will enjoy the image in a rectangular screen that is perpendicular.

There is also an auto leveling feature that will ensure the image remains in a horizontal position even if it is projected from a sloping or uneven surface. The auto focus feature will ensure the image will remain sharp and clear to be seen from various angles.

Fun again, The Freestyle already has certifications for Netflix, YouTube, HBO Max, and so on. Through a feature called Tap View, users can also directly project content on their smartphone. This device has an Ambient Mode feature for projecting a variety of content, including custom designs that turn The Freestyle into posters, artwork, and even mood lamps.

Because it is portable, The Freestyle supports the use of external batteries that can be connected using a USB-C cable. This device is also equipped with a 360-degree omni-directional 5W speaker.

Price of Samsung The Freestyle

In Indonesia, Samsung The Freestyle has been on sale since early March 2022. For those who are interested, the price is USD $1,029.


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