Samsung announced the launch of Space Tycoon, a playground built into Roblox’s global metaverse platform. There are lots of exciting things to do in this virtual arena, including experiencing Samsung products in a way that has never been done before. Like what?

Samsung Space Tycoon on Roblox

In a press release received by Alomaki, Tuesday (19/7), Samsung explained that in Space Tycoon everyone can create and play games and share experiences using Samsung Electronics products along with alien characters in outer space. Interestingly, Samsung added elements of the ‘tycoon’ business simulation genre.

According to Samsung, this playground was created for Gen Z who want to have an integrated metaverse experience, and allow them to create and enjoy their own Samsung products. Space Tycoon is located on the Samsung Space Station and consists of three play areas, including a Mining Zone for resource procurement, a Shop for purchasing game items, and a Lab for product manufacturing.

By leveraging unearthed resources, gamers can design a variety of Samsung products, from Galaxy smartphones to various TVs and home electronics, and purchase or upgrade game items.

In fact, products that already exist in real life can also be made over. For example, the Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone can turn into a bag or scooter, the Jet Bot vacuum cleaner turns into a hoverboard, or The Sero TV turns into a helicopter.

There are currently more than 20 Samsung products available in the Shop. The color of the items purchased later can change randomly depending on the level reached, and new product sets will be updated regularly.

Start playing!

For those who are interested in entering the Samsung Space Tycoon virtual playground on Roblox, just click on the following link.


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