In an event titled Unbox & Discover which was held online, Tuesday (2/3), Samsung showed off its latest TV lineup for 2021. Some of these new TVs are equipped with a number of interesting technologies such as Micro LED and Samsung Neo QLED. Like what sophistication?

Samsung Micro LED

The first product they introduced was a TV with Micro LED technology. Previously only present in the form of “The Wall” with a size of up to 292 inches, Micro LED is now available on Samsung TVs aimed at homes with traditional form factor TVs.

Samsung Micro LED TVs are offered in several sizes, ranging from 110 and 99 inches which will be released globally from the end of March 2021, 88 inches which will launch in the fall, and 76 inches which unfortunately do not have an official schedule regarding sales.

Samsung claims that with Micro LED technology, consumers can enjoy a cinematic experience at home in an edge-to-edge display without requiring professional assistance to assemble and install it. This technology is also promised to prevent burn-in and ensure the screen remains clear.

One of the other powerful features of Samsung’s Micro LED TV is 4Vue (Quad View) which is capable of creating a 4-in-1 screen. That means consumers can enjoy various content from 4 different sources, for example watching several sports matches at once or playing games while streaming the guides.

Samsung Neo QLED

Next is the Samsung Neo QLED. With the latest Neo Quantum Processor and Quantum Mini LED technology, this TV is claimed to be able to provide dark blacks, brighter light, and smarter upscaling technology. The size of the Neo QLED itself is only 1/40 times that of conventional LEDs.

Interestingly, this time, Samsung is partnering with Xbox Series X as their Official TV Partner in the United States and Canada. This collaboration aims to deliver optimal gaming performance at 4K resolution with 120 frames per second and a response time of 5.8ms.

Samsung is also partnering with AMD to develop the first TV with Freesync Premium Pro support for both PC and console games to deliver HDR gaming experiences. In addition, Samsung’s new Game Bar feature helps gamers monitor important gaming aspects quickly. From there gamers can also access the Super Ultrawide Gameview which presents an ultra-wide aspect ratio which is usually only available on gaming monitors.

In 2021, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K (QN800A and QN900A) will be available in sizes 65, 75, and 85 inches. Meanwhile the 4K models (QN90A and QN85A) will offer a wider range of options, starting at 50 inches.

Samsung The Frame and The Terrace

From the Lifestyle TV category, Samsung presents the latest generation of The Frame which this time comes with several updates such as the Slim Fit Wall Mount mounting option, as well as the My Shelf accessory that allows users to create customized walls with a personal touch to complement their home screen and décor.

The Frame 2021 also collaborates with NAVA Contemporary and Etsy to present curation of personal art collections from more than 1,400 works of art from various well-known institutions in the world. This latest generation TV also has more storage, 6 GB, to store up to 1,200 photos in UHD quality.

Next up is The Terrace, a weather-resistant outdoor TV with an IP55 rating for enjoying outdoor content. It’s also easy to install and easy to connect to cable TV services and Wi-Fi networks. The Terrace is available in 55 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch Full Sun models.


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