Samsung and Disney launched The Frame – Disney100 Edition TV . Available in sizes up to 75 inches, this limited edition TV was presented to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary.

Specifications for Samsung The Frame – Disney100 Edition

The Frame – Disney100 Edition is a collaboration that combines Samsung’s technology and Disney’s creativity. The specifications are still the same as the standard version. This TV comes with a 4K OLED panel with Quantum Dot technology. Got a Disney twist there are some updates that come with a Disney vibe.

In the design sector, The Frame – Disney100 Edition comes with an exclusive platinum frame. This color is the signature color of Disney100. Then, for the default remote SolarCell, there are 3 black buttons that resemble Mickey Mouse characters. The remote also has a shortcut button to access the Disney+ streaming platform.

The Disney touch is then visible on the startup screen section starting with the Samsung x Disney100 logo. It is also possible for you to get 100 free artworks from Disney which can be downloaded through the Art Store. Available artwork content ranges from the animated houses of Walt Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and National Geographic. That way, you can display Disney artwork to enhance the room when the TV is not in use.

Price for Samsung The Frame – Disney100 Edition

The Frame – Disney100 Edition is currently available and retails for US$2199.


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