The ecosystem of accessories for iPhone is growing. Sandmarc announced the Tripod Pro Carbon Edition. The first iPhone tripod with carbon fiber material emphasizes compact dimensions and very light weight.

Sandmarc Tripod Pro Carbon Edition features

It only weighs about 1 kg. Slightly lighter than the standard version which weighs 1.19 kg. The design is also concise. When folded the dimensions are only 38 cm long. So, it is very space-saving and easy to carry.

This tripod carries a mount with a clamp system that fits the iPhone. For compatibility, it starts from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 14 series. In addition, users will also find a ball head that can support portrait and landscape shooting. Apart from that, the Tripod Pro Carbon Edition will also be compatible with the use of accessories such as lenses, filters and lights.

Claimed to be an iPhone tripod, the fact is that the Tripod Pro Carbon Edition can still be used for cameras. Even though it is very light you can attach cameras and lenses with a maximum weight of up to about 6 kg. Enough to accommodate compact DSLR and mirrorless cameras with standard lenses. Or, it can also be attached to an action camera like GoPro.

Price for Sandmarc Tripod Pro Carbon Edition

The Tripod Pro Carbon Edition is available and can be pre-ordered for US$300. For the standard version, the Tripod Pro-Edition costs US$199.


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