Assembling a computer does have its own art. Usually,  gamers or  enthusiasts assemble their computers beautifully and have a certain theme. For those who like Star Wars movies, Seagate has a fast storage media with the theme of war movies with the power of  the Force . The device is a Seagate Lightsaber Collection Special Edition SSD.

Under the name Seagate, of course this Solid State Drive is an officially licensed item for collection by Star Wars fans. Based on the Seagate FireCuda 530 SSD, this device certainly has high performance. However, differences  in firmware will of course make a device have a difference in performance.

This time, Seagate is also working with EK Water Block. They are the ones who designed  the face plate and  heatsink . With  this thick heatsink , of course this SSD will be able to work stably without overheating.

The specifications of the Seagate FireCuda Lightsaber Collection Special Edition SSD that I got are as follows

SpecificationSeagate Lightsaber Collection Special Edition SSD
Capacity2 TB
InterfacePCIe Gen 4 x4
Connector typeNVMe 1.4
Form FactorM.2 2280
ControllerPhison PS5018-E18
NAND memory typeMicron 176L TLC
Endurance2550 TBW
Dimensions80,15 x 25 x 19 mm
Weight47 grams

This SSD is promised to run at a speed of 7,300 MB/s. The faceplate offered is not only Luke Skywalker, but there are 2 others available. Seagate provides a 5 year warranty for this NVMe SSD. In addition, the guarantee provided will also be truncated by the specified TBW ( TeraByte Written ).


This is what can be found in the sales package of the Seagate Lightsaber Collection Special Edition SSD. Can be found 2  other faceplates and a 5v 3 pin ARGB cable.


As a Star Wars fan, holding this storage medium is indeed enough to make you nervous. This SSD design does look cool, even though it looks very thick. The thickness of  the heatsink is also due to the presence of an LED module on top to create a lightsaber effect.

As said above, the Seagate Lightsaber Collection Special Edition SSD comes with 3  detachable  face plates . The face plates bear the names Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Uniquely, behind  the face plate there is also a quote from the Star Wars character.

To power up the lightsaber effect, you’ll need a 5V 3 Pin ARGB connector on your computer’s motherboard. Unfortunately, not all motherboards have these pins. At least, this has happened to me and some of the colleagues I contacted. Seagate has also provided a connecting cable so that the existing LED lights can be lit.

On the SSD side, there is no difference between the Seagate Lightsaber Collection Special Edition SSD and the FireCuda 530 which uses 2 sides to attach the NAND flash. For the controller, this SSD uses the Phison PS5018-E18 with a 12 nm manufacturing process from TSMC. The NAND chip itself uses Micron 176-Layer Triple-Level Cell . And there is a DDR4 RAM module made by Hynix that functions as a cache .

Performance Testing

The NVMe platform with PCIe 4.0 x4 has been around for a long time. I’m still using a laptop that uses an 11th Generation Intel Core i5 processor which already supports PCI express 4.0 and is capable of running an NVMe PCIe Gen 4 x4 SSD at full speed. The operating system I use is the latest Windows 11.

I was quite surprised when testing this one device. On the Seagate FireCuda 530, I was able to run the SSD at max speed. But on the Seagate Lightsaber Collection Special Edition SSD, apparently it can’t reach 7 GB/s. I’ve tried adding a fan to lower the heat down to 38 degrees Celsius, but the result is the same.

Following are the test results from ATTO DiskBench as well as 2 versions of Crystal Disk Mark. Neither test was able to hit the 7GB/s mark. I still don’t know if this is due to the newer version of Windows 11 or indeed  the new firmware of the Seagate Lightsaber Collection Special Edition SSD. Even so, the results of this acquisition are enough to show that the SSD is very fast.

The speed difference of around 300 MB/s for an NVMe SSD may not be felt when using it. This SSD is able to load Windows 11 and several  games very quickly. When testing, the heat that was there was able to stay at around 55-60 °C, cooler than the FireCuda 530 that I tested before.

Performance like this is suitable for  gamers and editors who need high-performance storage. Gamers need games that run free of  lag and slow  loading . For editors, it requires fast performance because  image and video rendering will be helped so that processor performance will be more optimal. This can be done with a cool SSD display.


A new collectible item  with a Star Wars theme is here in Indonesia for fans of the star wars film. This is of course to satisfy gamers  and enthusiasts  who want  a cool desktop setup . This is satisfied by Seagate with the Lightsaber Collection Special Edition SSD.

There is no need to doubt the performance of  this collectible SSD. Performance results above 6 GB/s have ensured that all  games and  rendering will run quickly. This SSD also works with temperatures that are not too hot because of the thick  heatsink used. The TBW guarantee of 2.55 petabytes means that this SSD can be used for a very long time.

The Seagate Lightsaber Collection Special Edition SSD with a capacity of 2 TB is sold at USD $342 and USD $304 at promotional prices. This price is even lower than when the FireCuda 530 was first launched. This price is of course very fitting for an SSD with a large capacity and has a unique design for Star Wars fans. So, may the force be with you .


  • High performance reaches almost 7 GB/s
  • Unique and cool design with a colorful lightsaber
  • 5 year long warranty
  • A sizable TBW with 2550 TBW
  • Heatsink from EKWB which ensures the temperature is maintained


  • The price is still quite expensive
  • Need 5v 3 Pin ARGB connector to power the lightsaber

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