Seagate has launched its newest Ultra Touch HDD in Indonesia. This external backup storage drive is made using 30% post-consumer recycled materials and has 100% recycled packaging.

The Ultra Touch HDD is part of Seagate’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040. It is also part of the company’s commitment to a sustainable, inclusive and ethical data environment.

This eco-friendly hard disk carries a nature-inspired design, available in two colors, namely cloud white and pebble gray . Weighing quite light at 267 grams, the shape is portable and easy to travel with.

Seagate Ultra Touch HDD already comes with USB-C connectivity, which means that it offers a fairly fast data transfer speed. The USB-C port is also a universal port, so you can use a smartphone’s USB-C data cable too.

This device is compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, as well as Chromebooks. It is also equipped with password protection and AES-256 hardware encryption. Users can also control content with a free six-month subscription to the Mylio Photos plan.

Speaking of prices, currently the Seagate Ultra Touch HDD is being sold at special prices, starting from USD $89 for a 2TB capacity,USD$124 for the 4TB model, and up to USD$147,5 for the largest capacity of 5TB. 

The normal price of the Seagate Ultra Touch HDD is USD$107,99 for a 2TB capacity, USD$149,5 for a 4TB, and USD$177 for a 5TB model. Includes Seagate’s three-year limited warranty and Rescue Data Recovery Services to help protect against data loss and cost returns.

Yes, the Seagate Ultra Touch HDD can be a solution for expanding storage, especially if the hard disk on your laptop or desktop is almost full. In addition to expanding storage, if you want to organize your files better, I recently created an article on the PARA file management method that you can try.


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