In today’s era, almost all audio device manufacturers are competing to present their best TWS or wireless earphones. But Sennheiser is a little different. This German brand launched the IE 200, an in-ear headphone that still uses a cable.

Features of Sennheiser IE 200

Sennheiser IE 200 is a wired headphone that adopts TrueResponse transducer technology. With this technology, a 7mm ultra-wideband transducer is claimed to be able to provide balanced and realistic audio, as well as a natural frequency response curve that is usually produced by expensive headphones or earphones.

No less interesting, the user is given the option of dual-tunable eartips made of silicone or foam, which can be attached to one of two available positions to get the position that best fits the ear. Of course the selected position will determine the sound heard.

“With true-to-life balanced audio reproduction, users will be able to hear details they would miss in regular headphones,” said Jermo Koehnke, product manager for Sennheiser Audiophile.

The braided cable on these headphones is detachable, aka detachable. The end of the cable offers a 3.5mm jack, while the other end offers an MMCX connector.

Sennheiser IE 200 price

For those interested, the Sennheiser IE 200 goes on sale globally on January 31, 2023 for US$149.95.


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