There are already many lens accessories for smartphones on the market. However, the Shiftcam LensUltra will set a new standard by being the first in the world to sport a fluorite element.

Shiftcam LensUltra specs

Lenses for mirrorless or DSLR cameras with added fluorite elements are nothing new in the world of photography.

Fluorite is a natural crystal element that has three advantages. When attached to a lens, the fluorite element allows for better transmission of light to the sensor. In practice the addition of fluorite allows for increased image sharpness and more accurate color.

So, when it is adopted into lens accessories for your smartphone, it is now possible to get better image captures when using a smartphone.

Shiftcam recorded seven lens models with varying focal ranges in the LensUltra collection. These include 60mm telephoto lens, 75mm macro, 16mm wide angle, 10x macro and 200 degree fisheye. For videography, there are two special lenses prepared, namely the anamorphic 1.33x cinematic wide and 1.55x super wide lenses. In addition, all the lenses in this collection also support the use of special lens filter accessories, namely ND filters and circular polarizers.

All of these lenses can be attached to a smartphone through the addition of the Universal Lens Mount accessory from Shiftcam. So, it can be compatible with almost all smartphones. Another option is to use the Camera Case. But, unfortunately for now the Camera Case accessories are only available for iPhones starting from iPhone 11 to iPhone 14 and Samsung Galayx S23 only.

Shiftcam LensUltra price

The Shiftcam LensUltra is now available for pre-order via the Kickstarter fundraising site . Prices start at US$119. For the price of a set that includes 7 lenses and 2 filters US $850.

First impression

Being the first to carry the fluorite element LensUltra is indeed superior when compared to other smartphone lens accessories. It’s quite reasonable if the selling price is classified as a premium. In our opinion, this lens is worth waiting for, especially for users who like to work with smartphones.


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